How To Manage Your Edges With Dreadlocks.

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How To Manage Your Edges With Dreadlocks. Video

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How To Manage Your Edges With Dreadlocks. Video Transcript

thin dreads

so the two products that I would recommend with our best friend is first it would be just everyday nourishing sheen spray and so you can use this as a finisher once you you know put your locks up so whatever status you’re gonna wear you can go ahead and spray this you’re gonna get a brilliant shine without weighing the hair down the next product that I would recommend would be our rs4 Naturals our hair butter first of all this product smells absolutely amazing please try not to eat it before you put it on but it’s obviously very really it’s really really light and so it’s gonna melt right into the hair and give you that moisturization without wearing your hair down and you can use this on a daily basis as along with so we do have our OS edge control gel which is actually been reformulated with sweet almond oil which is really good because it actually penetrates into the hair sometimes oils can kind of just sit and coat on top of the hair but this one it actually is going to penetrate into your hair so you get the full benefits hydrated and that Prodigal still give you the same benefits at a game so that way you avoid product build-up which could cause it to dry out even more thank you

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