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How To Obtain Fullness Of Power Part 6 – The Fruit Of The Spirit Video

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all right let’s make our way back in and as you do let’s open up to a passage we looked at it last time in John chapter 14 it’s kind of where we’ll start were in our series about obtaining fullness of power and we’re in the section on the power of the Holy Spirit and tonight we’re going to talk about the fruit of the Spirit but we’re going to begin in John chapter 14 with Jesus announcing and letting his disciples know that he’s going to send another comforter to them a helper the word literally translated would be to call alongside so essentially Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the one you call for help so if you need to call out for help thank God that he sent His Son Jesus into the world so that the Holy Spirit would ever be present with us and we could call upon him for help all the time anytime for any kind of help there’s no kind of help that you would need that he wouldn’t go and you can handle that or oh my goodness that’s above my pay grade I never thought of that or well you made a mess of that I can’t believe you did that shame shame shame on you he comes to help us so John chapter 14 verse 16 and 17 I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him but you know him for he dwells with you and will be in you so there’s some distinctions that are made here the first is that he’s another helper and we talked about this last week that Jesus could only be in one place at one time physically present in one place and so he’s up on the Mount of Transfiguration that means the other nine disciples in the valley with the demon-possessed boy and they can’t cast the demon out and Jesus is here and he’s not there but Jesus said it’s to your advantage that I go away if I don’t go away then the helper won’t come but I’m going to send a helper another helper he’s going to be representing Jesus to us and then the other stinking is the relationship that the disciples of Jesus have with the Holy Spirit that’s different than the world verse 17 says the world cannot receive him and he tells the reason why it’s because they don’t see him or know him they don’t have any knowledge of the Holy Spirit Paul warns in Ephesians chapter 2 about the the world and it says the world is influenced by a spirit but it’s not the Holy Spirit that that when we’re dead in our trespasses and sins we’re moving in the course of the world according to the Prince of the power of the air the spirit that works in the children of disobedience so there is a yielding to a spirit but it’s it’s not the Holy Spirit it’s it’s the the enemy himself and so the world doesn’t receive him the world’s not looking for him the world doesn’t know him but but then Jesus in verse 17 says you know him and then he uses two prepositions to describe their relationship with him in this verse he says he dwells with you that’s the first one with he dwells with you and then the second one and will be in you so when Jesus says verse 17 the Holy Spirit is not in them the Holy Spirit has been with them but the New Covenant hasn’t been established in the Old Covenant we see the Holy Spirit come upon people during certain times and for certain seasons for his purposes we’ll read about how the Holy Spirit came upon King Saul even of all people and they saw prophesied and Saul was considered one of the prophets the Holy Spirit coming upon him for that time period and then we also read that the Lord allowed an evil spirit to come and torment him so the spirit was not continually abiding with him or in him but throughout the Old Covenant the Holy Spirit will come upon people they would have power or be given gifts or abilities to do what God wanted them to do the New Covenant hasn’t begun so the Holy Spirit has been with them but then Jesus says he will be in you and these prepositions are important if I said I went out during the break and I stood by the brownies you’re waiting for more of the story you’re gonna say okay it’s one of the brownies in you well I was with the brownies like well is one of the brownies in you you know right there’s a there’s the the use of prepositions is important so the holy spirits with you but he’s going to be in you before were the followers of Jesus and we’re born again before we’re born of the Spirit we don’t have the spirit living inside of us they did not have the spirit living inside of them that explains and a lot of ways their behavior they’re not born again they’re with Jesus they see the example but they’re operating like someone who’s not born again and not filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t have the spirit the spirits power or the they have the influence of the spirit but on the outside he’s with them but when we accept Christ and this is true for us as well as for them once we accept Christ were born again were born of the Spirit the Spirit of God comes to live inside of us this whole section in John 14 15 16 and even into 17 Jesus is making the emphasis the night before he’s crucified that the the relationship that the disciples are going to have after the death and resurrection of Jesus is going to be very different and that that God is going to come and live inside of them Jesus will be living inside of them the Spirit is going to come and live inside of them that the fullness of all that God is the Trinity will be in them so to accept Christ is to be born again the Spirit is now in us and there’s another preposition that’s used later even after this we’re in Acts chapter 1 before Jesus ascends into heaven he says you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you so with you in you and then another word upon so upon doesn’t mean in it’s a totally different word it means to be surrounded it’s the word that John the Baptist Jesus refers to what John the Baptist said it’s the word that John the Baptist used the baptism of the Spirit he said you i baptize you with water but there stands one among you he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and that’s where that preposition upon comes around because if you’re gonna be baptized into water you’re submerged into the water the water is all around you you’re you’re in the water but it’s a different expression to say that the water is surrounding you so the Holy Spirit will come upon you and this is not for the indwelling of the Spirit because Jesus explains in Acts chapter 1 verse 8 and we’ll talk about this in a in another study in the future not next week probably but maybe next week or the week after jesus said you’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and he’s very specific he says and you will be my witnesses it’s power from the Holy Spirit to be a witness of Jesus it’s not power to act weird during a church service and to say I’m sorry I’m not accountable for my behavior because the Holy Spirit came upon me and that’s why I had to take out those Christmas trees it just during worship I just had to take him out I just don’t know I got all excited about the Lord and I just took them all out it was just kind of you know that song that Randi didn’t sing that verse I felt like dancing you know and so I just went for it and I took them all out like the spirit just made me do it no the spirit didn’t make you do it that’s weird don’t do weird things Paul says to the Corinthians the Spirit of the Prophet is subject to the Prophet you can’t do weird things and then blame it on God you should take responsibility for your weirdness and just say I’m just weird and I was doing a weird thing because I like attention and people let me get away with it and so I do it we want to be careful about that the Holy Spirit does not give that power for us to draw attention or it’s up its power to be the witness of Jesus it’s power so that when someone is experiencing whatever it is that God’s gonna do through you they’re gonna recognize Jesus they’re gonna fall in love with him they’re gonna recognize that he has power they’re gonna recognize that he knows things that nobody could know they’re gonna recognize that they were healed and it was God who healed them not you they were they’re gonna recognize something supernatural one of the gifts of the Spirit coming through your life and they’re going to say I was touched by God you might have been the instrument but they’re gonna be the witnesses towards Jesus not towards us so we’ll talk more about that later but we have the Holy Spirit with you and the Holy Spirit will be in you and then he tells them you know you’ll be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now the Holy Spirit will come upon you there are three different expressions and what I want to talk about tonight really is the the second one we talked about the work of the Spirit in the world and then we started to talk last week about the spirit in the believer primarily expressing ownership and relationship to us that we belong to God we’re his children and where his purchased possession that were his were sealed with the Holy Spirit we have the spirit of adoption in our hearts that cries out Abba Father that work of the Spirit inside of us in the believer to make us know that we know that we belong to God if you didn’t hear last week’s Bible study and maybe you came to church today and you’re not sure that you belong to God we have good news for you the Holy Spirit wants you to be sure that you know that you belong to God God’s given you the spirit and his ministry is to make sure that you know one of his primary ministries is to make sure that you know that you belong to God so pray and ask the Lord to show you that you belong to God now the Holy Spirit being in us and I want to talk tonight about the fruit of the Spirit because the Holy Spirit being in us leads to a transformation of our life and this idea of fruit bearing is very important since we’re already in John 14 let’s look at John chapter 15 in John chapter 15 continuing in the same context and this is the night before Jesus is crucified and these are his last words if you will before his cross to his disciples that are recorded for us in John 15 verse 20 says I am The True Vine and my father is the vine dresser so he’s using an analogy or a metaphor a metaphor that it’s going to be about fruitfulness and about life and about relationships so I’m the vine my father’s the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away that’ll be happening shortly right and all of our vineyards we live in an area where they produce lots and lots of wine and lots and lots of vineyards and so they’ve grown and they’ve harvested them and then they’re kind of all overgrown and then you’re gonna watch the guys are gonna go through these major work crews and they’re gonna just prune all those vines back and what are they doing to the branches cutting them off they born fruit they’re not going to bear fruit and so there’s this pruning process so they always get a bountiful harvest so this is a very normal kind of a thing to you know easy to understand the branches that are not going to bear fruit get pruned away every branch that bears fruit gets pruned or cleanse that it might bear more fruit so they’re gonna clean up the vines they’re gonna take away the ones that won’t bear fruit they’re gonna prune them up so they’re ready to go so the new shoots will come out and they’ll be full of fruit so every branch that bears fruit he prunes it so it bear more fruit he said you’re already pruned or already clean the word prune and cleaner that have the same meaning you’re already clean because of the word which I’ve spoken to you and then he says this first for it makes it very direct abide in me and I in you as a branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me then he says that perfectly straightforward verse five I’m the vine you’re the branches he actually puts to action before the explanation abide in me and I’ll abide in you and you’ll be able to bear fruit without me you can’t do anything you’re the vine and I’m the vine you are the branches so you might think it’s backwards start up I’m the vine you are the branches this is what to do but he actually says what we should do first then he says it very plainly I’m the vine and you’re the branches he who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing essentially repeats himself in the two versus I want you to maintain a vital living connection with me so that my life flows into you and you’re producing the byproduct of my life in you that’s what fruit is fruit is wonderful I grew up as a kid my mom was always into horticulture and oh we would always go to the nursery we always had several fruit trees in our small backyard even though we lived in the city in Southern California we always had fruit trees and there’s nothing like a hot summer day and you’re picking fruit off the tree there’s nothing like picking the lemons off the tree and taking him into the house and turning him into lemonade my grandmother had a much larger piece of property and I think she had something like 24 21 26 something like that orange trees on her property some were sweeter than others and you quickly figured out which ones are the good trees and there is nothing like getting that big ol sack full of oranges and squeezing them and then drinking a gallon of orange juice I don’t know that it’s good for you but when I was a kid man there’s nothing like fruit coming off the tree and the tree because it’s healthy and because it’s alive it just makes fruit it’s not trying to make fruit it just makes fruit it’s just part of the process and that’s the point that Jesus is making the trees aren’t trying they’re not striving you don’t walk around the fruit trees in here I’m going to they’re not yelling at the other fruit trees hey get out of my light come on man you’re you know the trees might Bend towards the light they might do what they do you know they send out their roots they want to get water they want to get nutrients or whatever but it’s just a byproduct of life and Jesus is saying I’m the vine I’m the source of life if you’re not connected to me you don’t have the kind of life that I’m talking about you have to be connected to me but if you maintain the connection with me then my life will flow into you and the results the fruit of my life will come out of you stay connected to me my life flows into you and the result of that will happen in your life you’ll bear fruit in fact he says you’ll bear much fruit it’s always interesting to me once a tree gets going they don’t seem to have a mind for slowing down fruit production right a lot of times if you want to get really nice-sized fruits or you want to have the sugar content a certain way sometimes you have to thin the crop they’ll over produce they’ll break their branches it’s just really interesting analogy abide in me and I in you as a branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine you can’t what Jesus is talking about is not something that you are gonna be able to do this is really really important you might say rich this is a this is something everybody understands people do not understand this striving selfish ambition or drive striving these are things that are very natural for human beings and this does not go away we have the flesh against the spirit we’ll look at a passage in a moment talking about that and talking about fruit related to the spirit and related to the flesh the flesh as long as we’re in these bodies we’re gonna have a tendency to strive and churches are filled with people who are striving they’re striving and the energy of the flesh to produce the fruit that can only come from the life of Jesus there’s a lot of frustration I don’t know why I can’t I’m trying to make this happen in pushing and striving organizing manipulating anger depression in the ministry in serving the Lord in a church life in church in a congregation it shouldn’t be so because fruit is a byproduct of life it just happens if you abide in Jesus you’re gonna have fruit you’re in fact gonna have much fruit in fact if you read on further we’re not going to spend a lot of time on it but Jesus in fact says and my father will be glorified Jesus wants to do so much in our life just as a byproduct of our connection with him that people will recognize it’s God because it’s so much it’s so supernatural and people will have to give God the glory what does Jesus talking about what’s the fruit that’s going to be produced what is it that we won’t be able to do by ourselves well quite simply look at the Ministry of Jesus what was it like they were in all of him he was casting out demons without even trying no ceremony no garlic no cross no mere tactics you know no potions no magical words he would just command them to leave and they would obey Him He healed people people who were sick were delivered people who were troubled found peace people who were in sin decided they don’t want to be in sin anymore and they wanted to walk in the light that’s crazy people who were criminals wanted to obey the law I mean God got a hold of people radically got a hold of people the Word of God was being taught and power even when they his enemies came to try to find fall with him they had to confess and say he’s not teaching like anybody we’ve ever heard teach his words have authority did not like the scribes he spoke and it was powerful the power of the word the power of the Spirit were all present in the life of Jesus Jesus told his disciples in the same chapters we’re looking at chapter 14 verse 12 he says the works that I do you will do also and greater works than these you will do because I go to the Father so you can assume then that everything that you see Jesus doing we should keep we should still see that those things happening in fact we should see even greater things than what Jesus did that’s pretty bold statement from Jesus his ministry was just the beginning his ministry was going to expand exponentially as he poured out his spirit upon all the believers and now at the ministry is radically multiplied into the same kind of ministry we’ll keep happening as what you read about in the Ministry of Jesus that’s going to keep happening only now it’s just gonna multiply by as many believers as there are but when it comes to fruit because the bible does talk about fruit in other places in relationship to the holy spirit – the connection with Jesus I think primarily he’s talking about what we’ll learn more about in other places the fruit of the Spirit fruit is a byproduct of life and the Spirit is the one who brings the new life were born again by the spirit and this new life that’s inside of us the spirit in us is going to produce this new kind of fruit we decide on our part not to bear fruit we decide to abide in Jesus that’s what he commands them to do he doesn’t command them to bear fruit do you notice look at look at verses four or five four and five again abide in me and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me I’m the vine your the branches he who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing what’s radical about that statement is he does not tell them to bear fruit he tells them to abide our decision that we make is I’m going to maintain the vital connection to Jesus and in maintaining the vital connection of Jesus to Jesus the byproduct is fruit you don’t have to go out and try to bear fruit don’t misunderstand the teaching tonight I’m not exhorting you to go out and bear fruit if I exhort you to do something that would be abide in Jesus and watch the fruit come watch and see what God will do it’s this we don’t we don’t believe in a religious system we make the choice to maintain and focus on our relationship with Jesus we make Jesus the focus of our lives we fix our eyes upon Jesus and run our race with endurance we abide in his word we let his word abide in us he’ll say also in this section so the process is fruit is coming but fruits come in as a byproduct there’s no place for striving no place for striving in our relationship with Jesus this is very very important because many of us are natural strivers not all of us so if you’re not be glad but some of us are some of us are natural strivers we strive of we’re we’re striving down the road ten miles before we realize that we were striving we’re just driven and we’re strong and the holy spirit has to work diligently to sort of break us of that till we finally learn how to rest in the Lord have the fruit just come as a byproduct of abiding striving is the way of the flesh that’s what the flesh is all about people strive they strive to be noticed they strive to have notoriety they strive to have dominance they strive to get experiences they strive for whatever it is that their desires are telling them then they put their energy towards that and that’s the way of the flesh but the way of the Spirit is to abide the spirit speaking to us drawing us to Jesus telling us to focus on the Lord telling us to rest in him rest in his finished work trust in the grace of God believe in him weight upon him and fruit will come as we focus on the Lord the fruit will come it will come in your family it will happen in your marriage it will happen to your kids it will happen around you it will happen in the church that you’re a part of a church is going to be healthy when the members of the congregation are abiding in Jesus there will be fruit there won’t be striving it will be beautiful it will be sweet it will be peaceful the fruit of the Spirit will come to us as we abide in Jesus so thankfully we have teaching it also in the New Testament let’s turn to Galatians chapter 5 and that’s where I wanted to get to tonight before we ran out of time and thankfully we still have a lot of time left so that’s good in Galatians chapter 5 to a church that was caught up in striving they were getting they were getting tempted to be trying to relate to God on the basis of their behaviors some people showed up in the congregation and said listen you need to really follow the law if you’re not really following the law then you’re not really following God and then they said well we don’t didn’t even hear about that thing you need to be circumcised you need to follow the law and then they were thinking well I want to do everything God wants us to do and so maybe I should do that and they were troubled and word came to Paul and Paul warned him so if someone comes and brings some other kind of gossip to you that’s not a gospel and they’re gonna add to it he said even if we came back to you and said hey listen we didn’t have it exactly right he said let even us or even if it’s an angel let him be accursed if anybody brings you any other message than the message we brought you that you that you’re saved by grace through faith it’s not of yourself it’s a gift of God it is not the result of works lest anyone should boast and so very natural though for the flesh to want to boast so if okay listen if you really want to have the fruit of the Spirit you need to go to church at least for 40 days you have to have 40 Sundays at 40 like 40 is a big number 40 days of fasting 4 days we need 40 Sundays it’s like a it’s like a 40 of Sunday’s and you get 40 of those together and you have this and have that and then you have that and you reach this level and you have that then we give you a brownie badge or a wolf boy wolf whatever I got kicked out but some of them bear wolf and then we blow or you get you get the rankings and you climb the ladder and you get and then you have that and you get promoted and then that’s the flesh right it’s a flesh competition jockey you’re this I’m that I got this I tied the knots I have something I have like a special star on my best right that’s the flesh so these people their theology was about to get messed up and that was gonna mess up their practice and so Paul speaks to them about their theological challenge and then he talks to them about the effects and their practice he said you don’t want to fall from grace you want to stay in grace because it’s in grace that you get to walk and love if you take away grace you don’t have love listen if there’s a law if all of a sudden there’s marriage police and now with these phones that can watch everything right and marriage police they’re gonna they’ll know what I’m buying now they know everything and they know on my anniversary I didn’t get a proper gift for my wife because a proper gift has to cost more than $100 and I was able to get something on sale and so I I didn’t make the hundred dollar quota and the marriage police show up on my house and they write me a marriage ticket and they say listen you’re gonna you’re you need him you you bought it at the last minute we’re gonna need to see more from you next year you’re gonna need to purchase this at least seven days in advance and it needs to be at least $100 or your fine is gonna go up twice as much listen I know my wife she is she’s not interested in that why cuz that’s not love if someone is gonna hold your hand and make you do it and browbeat you into it that’s not love when you’re in love no one has to tell you to do it right you’re thinking about it when someone’s most important in your life guess what you think about them a lot maybe the problem that you’re not thinking about them right is because you’re not they’re not most maybe the person I’m thinking about is me and so there’s no room in my head to think about anybody else love doesn’t love and law don’t go together you have to have an environment of grace you have to have man’s free will or you can’t have love that’s why the Bible tells men that they’re accountable and that they have a free will and they need to exercise it because there’s love and so Paul’s concerned that they’re gonna they’ve got this theological attack against the grace of God and that that not only gonna mess them up in their relationship with the Lord in in just the basis of their relationship with the Lord but then their practice will be skewed because now you start following the law then you have people that are acting nice to people when they don’t really want to be nice to the people listen if you don’t want to be nice to people at our church don’t be nice to them okay if you’re mean and you’re grouchy just going to be mean and Groucho they’ll know to stay away from you if God’s doing a work in your life and the love of God is being poured out in your heart then be loving do you understand like but what if we have a bunch of people who are unloving but we convince them that they’ll get good snacks if they act like they’re loving that’s called hypocrisy to pretend to be something that you’re not is hypocrisy the Bible says let your love be without hypocrisy what does that mean let your love be without hypocrisy means you really need to actually love the people you really need to actually care about them not just pretend like you care about them but actually truly from your heart care about them now you might say well I don’t I don’t care about them I care I don’t want to think about them had a long day I’m tired I don’t want to talk to somebody about their problems when I asked them how they were doing I didn’t mean how are they doing I meant get out of my way I’m try to get a brownie I don’t want them to start opening up about their problems I have plenty of problems of my own I don’t want to talk to them that’s honest now we can work with something you need to accept the Lord no I’m kidding you’re out you may art you may be have accept the Lord but what’s happening what’s going on with you what’s going on with a person in that place they’re struggling something’s going on in their life they’re having a hard time they need to they need to learn how to give their burdens to the Lord they need to grow spiritually they need to get a victory right that’s we’re not interested in fake Christianity Paul was not interested for these Galatians to have some fake thing legalism will make you a phony in a second you’ll dress like you don’t want to dress you’ll talk with the words that you don’t want to talk you’ll change the way you sound you’ll change your hair you’ll put makeup on or take makeup off grow your hair long or cut it off you’ll do something everything will be happening and and it’s all from this bad theology and so now Paul practically at the end of his letter and this gets back to what we’re talking about with the Spirit being inside of us because the gospel tells us the spirit of God’s living inside of us that came as a free gift of God and that changes everything and that changes our behavior that’s what Jesus said abide in me just abide in me stay connected to me that’s where you put your energy don’t put your energy and striving to make fruit put your energy and abiding in me and we’ll talk about the fruit coming and the choices that we make but Paul says this starting in this section about the Spirit verse 16 chapter 5 of Galatians verse 16 this I say then walk in the spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish so that’s what we were talking about earlier it could just be as simple as that like I don’t want I do want to minister to some but I do want to touch them I do care about people no I don’t I care about myself and the flesh and the spirit are they’re going at it they don’t agree they’re fighting they’re never gonna agree if you’re a new Christian I’ve got some really good news and bad news for you the good news is the battle that you’re in one day will be over between your flesh in this and the spirit that’s the good news the one day there will be a victory your flesh will lose the battle against the spirit and you will have victory here’s the bad news it will happen when you die I kind of thought when I was a new Christian and I think people told me it warned me but I kind of thought like you know because you meet people have been believers for a long time and then they’ve grown and they have they have so much more patience and and and no the flesh is against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh period my flesh will never it’s incorrigible that’s why it’s crucified with Jesus my foot your flesh you have to be resurrected your flesh doesn’t go to heaven the real you your spirit your soul your your you leave this body the body goes back to dust but you go to be with the Lord you get a new body this body doesn’t go to heaven it gets it has to be transformed so the flesh is against the spirit the spirits against the flesh so he tells them in verse 16 to walk in the spirit walk in the spirit we’ll talk about that before we conclude verse 18 if you’re led by the spirit there’s another verb walk in the spirit led by the spirit if you’re led by the spirit you’re not under the law now what does he mean by that let’s go back to the analogy of the marriage police do I need to call the marriage police and say hey I heard you guys are making some new laws for 2019 so how many cards am I supposed to do in 2019 because this last year it was six cards that were sentimental but I heard that it was going up some ladies were lobbying and down in Sacramento and they got it up so what’s the new number it’s gone from six to eight oh man I have to get back on Amazon because I bought the six pack for for 2018 I bought two of them so the laws changed so I need to do a okay and and then what so and then on the birthday what’s the requirement you know if you had a law for how you’re gonna do you need if you need a law then something’s not right right what girl would marry a guy that was following the law I mean trying to like like oh look III I already held the door open for you seven times seven is the perfect number in the Bible and it’s the number of completion and I’ve now completed that task and I will not be no no no no when you’re trying to deceive a girl into marrying you oh it’s all your overboard it’s all theirs like I can’t think about anybody but you you may go first no I want to tell you my feelings then you’re married like ganked I you told you all my feelings when we were dating that was it I’m done if your let listen if you’re led by the spirit you don’t need a lot because the Holy Spirit’s gonna tell you stuff that is not in the law Jesus said you’ve heard it was said you shouldn’t commit murder but I tell you if you’re angry with a person in your heart you’ve murdered them in your heart what’s always pretty gonna tell you about murder you didn’t go I never murdered anybody and the Holy Spirit’s gonna speak to you the second you say that and go you’ve murdered a whole lot of people in your heart in fact you got a few people right now that you’re shish-kabob mean you’ve got a little doll that you’re stabbing with a pin when I hate this person yeah but but I won’t admit it but I’m doing that it’s in my heart if you’re led by the spirit though I don’t need the law the law can only govern the external the law is holy there’s nothing wrong with the law but the problem with the law is that I’m a sinner in my flesh and so God’s given me the spirit so the spirit could be against the flesh so that I won’t be a slave of the flesh and he gave me the cross on my flesh is crucified with Jesus so now I can walk in the spirit I can be led by the spirit and if I’m led by the spirit I don’t need a law book the spirits gonna tell me all kinds of stuff if I’ll listen the works of the flesh notice verse 19 the works of the flesh he doesn’t call it the fruit of the flesh isn’t it interesting the works of the flesh the flesh is at work it’s working and being in the flesh is hard work adultery fornication uncleanness lewdness idolatry sorcery hatred contentions jealousies outbursts of Wrath selfish ambitions dissensions heresies Envy murder drunkenness revelries and the like of which I told you beforehand just as I told you in time past those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God somebody who’s envious somebody who sees what other people haven’t go I don’t have anything I haven’t had a job and I’ve been struggling and I see all these people and they have all this stuff and I don’t have anything that’s a that’s a person completely filled with self-centeredness and they need the Spirit of God to set them free the flesh of the Spirit are battling if the person’s a believer there’s a battle going on in their heart over their identity and over what makes a person happy and what life is really all about they have a problem with idolatry or maybe hatred or contentions there’s a whole list here there it’s very it’s a list that’s full of variety the works of the flesh but look at verse 22 but remember that’s the flesh but now the spirit but verse 22 the fruit of the Spirit not the works of the Spirit we’re going to learn about the gifts of the Spirit after we talk about the baptism of the Spirit the power of the Spirit to be a witness of Jesus there’s gifts of the Spirit but this is the fruit of the Spirit and Jesus talked about us bearing fruit this is the kind of fruit he was talking about the fruit of the Spirit the flesh can make works but the Spirit brings life and the life that the Spirit brings is marked by these traits love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control and again related to the theology of it he said against such there is no law if you have these things in your life the law can’t be against you what law if your person is loving and patient and gentle and kind and self-controlled the law it has nothing to say to them they’re free from the law he says in verse 24 those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires and if we live in the spirit there’s another verb if we live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit there’s a fourth verb for verbs describing the relationship that we have with the spirit walk in the spirit led by the spirit live in the spirit and again walk in the spirit this fruit of the Spirit fruit singular so many people think that the fruit is love and that these other words are expressions of love I’ll leave that to you to decide how you want to think of it they’re all here they’re all important love is the most important love is that which marks God God can be described in one word God is light and there’s another word you can use to describe God God is love you could say everything you need to say about God really and say God is love it’s amazing statement God’s in unconditional love is the standard and the example not man’s love but God’s love and Jesus commanded us to love we can obey that command to love as we abide in him and then the fruit of the Spirit is this love we can make a choice to decide in a situation as we’re abiding in Jesus and the love of God’s in our heart and then I’m in a situation am i choose myself or do I choose to be loving and then the Spirit of God inspiring me giving me that energy and that life that is the life of God that’s inside me now and then I make a decision yeah lord I think this is the way to go I’m led by the spirit and I’m led by the spirit into the loving choice and as I make that decision the ability to love is provided there’s a love that comes that’s supernatural it’s amazing the Holy Spirit fills my heart with that love in fact Paul even says it in Romans the love of God that’s been shed abroad in our hearts poured out in our hearts so here’s a heart that’s dead and God gives us a new heart and the new heart he pours his love into it and so the byproduct of the love of God be important to me my understanding of how much God loves me we love him because he first loved us God’s love coming to or does filling us overflowing out of us and then now we have this fruit how does a Biden and jesus produce that when you’re spending time with Jesus and what Jesus telling you when you’re spending time with him he’s telling you how much he loves you you wake up in the morning you feel ashamed or through the day something’s happened you got in the flesh the flesh was against the spirit the spirit was winning you you are really in the flesh then you apologize and you try to make right and then you’re feeling so guilty you feel so ashamed and what does the Lord tell you he says you’re in timeout I don’t even want to speak to you don’t even try to pray to me has he ever said that to you he never would what does he do with your shame he reminds you that it’s already paid for he reminds you that the blood of Jesus cleanses a person from all sin the blood of Jesus he embraces you with his unconditional love like the woman caught in the act of adultery neither do i condemn you go your way and sin no more it’s not an excuse to keep sinning go your way and sin no more but I’m not here to condemn you I came here to save you and you need to be saved but I came here to save you I didn’t come here to condemn you you get forgiven you he’s our great High Priest when you abide in Jesus you’re constantly being washed over with the love of God and as you abide in Jesus your heart gets filled with love and so then what happens love comes out of us it’s the fruit of the Spirit and then the next word joy this is interesting of all the things that he could say you think of all these others are sort of I mean joy and peace are internal and their benefits to us but but the others you’d think long-suffering kindness goodness you know these are these are outward towards others but this is something inside of us joy the Holy Spirit brings a joy from the outside he brings it in to me as I’m abiding in Jesus the fruit that’s produced as a joy it’s a joy how does that come well listen to a couple of verses Zephaniah 3:17 the Lord your God in your midst the Mighty One will save he will rejoice over you with gladness he will quiet you with his love he will rejoice over you with singing the Holy Spirit ministers to you how much God loves you and that there’s a perspective about God that maybe I haven’t totally grasp about how loving he is and then I realized that the position he’s taken towards me my heart gets filled with joy it gets filled with a joy that I can’t express that’s full of glory the Bible says we rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory and Jesus put it like this in the same section we were looking at in John in John 17 verse 13 he’s praying for them he says I come to you father and that these things I speak in the world that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves the joy that we have it’s not our joy is Jesus’s joy and it’s joy that he’s always had it’s the joy of his obedience that can come in the place of my shame it’s the joy of his righteousness his holiness the pleasure of God the unity and the Father and the Son and the Spirit all the perfect joy that Jesus has is the joy that can come to me though I would have his joy and the Spirit will focus me on what God has done and God’s victory in my life he’ll give me discernment about what’s valuable have you ever had have your badge oh when you’re with somebody and maybe one of your material possessions just took a giant hit and you are just ministered to by the Spirit of God that that thing just really ultimately meant nothing and the person next to you is waiting for you to have a mental breakdown and you go well it’s all gonna burn anyways and they look at you like what is wrong with you I’m not saying you should counsel people like that but if you’re experiencing a victory personally if you’re a personally experiencing the victory have you been standing with somebody when they they don’t understand well it’s you know like you think of Jobe all the Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord anything whose things like that somebody with the right perspective somebody who can see God somebody’s got the joy of the Lord my possessions are not my joy if that’s the case I got I better get hooked up on Christmas because my possessions are getting old and rusted and they’re aging I remember when we got married it was so wonderful getting married because you got all this free stuff for your kitchen and when you’re poor and you’re first married you can return a knife set and go on a date there like five knife sets we got to go on five dates but you know it’s a weird point in your marriage when all of a sudden your spoons are all gone you know you’ve got like how many spoons that we have they’re all gone and then you buy another set and then you’re at a really weird point your marriage when you’re you don’t even have a spoon that matches any other spoon in the drawer or it and you think I think we replace these twice already and then you think we’re old if I was gonna drive joy from my stuff you guys need to pray for me do your possessions bring you joy make you happy for a while you get a new thing you get a parking away from everybody else so no one messes with it it’ll be a piece of junk before long the Spirit will give me discernment about what’s truly valuable peace resting and God’s finished work well the world is looking for peace and they can’t find it they’ve legalized marijuana hoping that will help I don’t mean I don’t mean that I don’t mean that as a joke I mean that dead serious dead serious there’s no peace we better get high getting high is just an escape how do you have peace what are you doing you’re not high no I’m just gonna stay high I’ll just stay high forever I’ll just never not be high oh that’s not peace that’s escaped but but the Spirit will produce a real piece of my life he’ll stir up my heart as I focus on Jesus I’ll have that confidence in the promises of God and the plan of God for my life I’ll surrender my problems to God and I’ll let him handle them I’ll trust him the spirit will be producing that in me patience patience is another word that’s used to describe Godwin God passed by Moses Moses said I want to see your glory and God said you can’t see my glory but what I’ll do is I’ll put you in the cleft of the rock and I’ll cover you and I’ll pass by and as I pass by I’ll declare the name of the Lord and when God declares this name to Moses it’s a really simple statement and one of the words that God uses to describe himself is patient now is that a word that anybody has ever used to describe you periodically when you don’t really want something that bad you be able to be patient but when you really want something and you’re bent on it and you’re in the flesh and the works of the flesh the flesh is never gonna produce patience because the flesh is about self gratification and the self wants gratification now but a surrender to God a surrender to the Lord and a focus on Jesus will produce in us a satisfaction with the will of God and the timing of God God’s got a perfect timing I don’t understand his timing and as I surrender to the Lord and I abide in Jesus the spirit’s telling me he’s gonna come alongside me he’s gonna say it’s okay to wait he’s gonna he’s gonna confirm in my heart have confidence in God he’s gonna say I was never gonna fail you he’s not gonna leave this is not the end this is not your life story and God is patient and the Spirit will make me patient this is a byproduct of focusing on Jesus and then these next two words are very similar in meaning kindness and goodness kindness his first word has an emphasis of generosity God’s been very generous to me and then I’m filled as I know Jesus I’m abiding in Jesus that generous spirit becomes my spirit he fills me with it and so then it overflows out of me this is something that’s very very important because God said he loves a cheerful Giver God wants us to be worked by the spirit on the inside so that our acts of generosity are done with great joy where we’re just releasing what doesn’t belong to us anyways well this all came from the Lord and the Lord is giving me this and I can definitely give you this I can give you my time I could give you my resource I could give you my skills I could I could give you my possessions I could give you the money that I worked hard to earn I could share that with you I’ve got this experience from the spirit that I believe I’ve experienced such a generosity from God that it’s just inside me I have to be generous to other people and the word goodness is a very similar word the goodness of God the grace of God filling my heart by the Holy Spirit and God’s given me that I’ve experienced it from him and it and it’s filling me to overflowing and I want now to do this it’s a byproduct of being with Jesus you know Jesus is so kind and good to us how remember when he told the story about forgiveness you know the one guy owes a bazillion dollars and begs for mercy and the guys master forgives him then he goes out finds a guy who was I’m 10 bucks and he beats him up the guy asked for forgiveness he beats him up and for 10 bucks and has them taken off the debtors prison and then the master comes up finds him and said man I forgave you such a great thing and then you went ahead harass this guy and attack them and put him in jail for for nothing compared to what I forgave you I mean it’s a certain reality there right and it’s true with kindness think of is that that we’ve experienced something from God we literally have experienced it how kind is God to us how kind is God meant to you when you totally didn’t deserve it and he just give you something even more and you think Lord how can you do this for me I should not have this you should be beating me up right now you should not be but God is kind to evil and unthankful people the Bible says Jesus actually said faithfulness who is more faithful than God trust this is the idea of being able to put your faith into I don’t I don’t think this is saying so much that we’re trusting I think as this this quality of becoming trustworthy you see that the spirit energizes me to the plan of God and I become someone who can be trusted because God’s working in me did you have friends before you were saved that you knew you couldn’t trust they were your friends and you couldn’t trust them because they were your friends I mean you knew I’ve spent enough time with them I you can trust them up to this point after this line they can never be trusted but this is a person who’s this the fruit of the Spirit is that when someone’s with you they realize this person’s lying where you can’t trust them I don’t know where it is I’ve never gotten there with them if I told them something they never told anybody they they kept every secret they they they were always faithful they there’s something inside them well how do you get like that it’s a fruit of the Spirit how does the Spirit produce that well how has God in your life is God trustworthy have you been walking anything laughter he’s let me down so many times I I just can’t trust him I asked for stuff he does the opposite my prayer list you know if I want something I actually tried to like do child psychology on him go Lord I don’t want this no he’s never ever failed gentleness this is really a word it could be translated as humility I love my Greek lexicon ik always always seems to deliver in some of these these definitions here’s how they translate this word the quality of not being overly impressed by a sense of one’s self-importance the quality of not being overly impressed by a sense of one’s self-importance yeah that’s from the spirit because what do you have naturally I’m way impressed with my overly inflated view of myself and but the spirit as I’m abiding in Jesus the spirit showing me the greatness of God the wonder of God the majesty of God the holiness of God the goodness of God I’m fixated on it I’m focused on it and I’m just not that impressed with myself right I mean how could I be when God’s speaking to people God’s loving people God’s ministry any people how can I think that I’m anything I’m nothing in humility or gentleness it’s translated as gentleness this is that the character the action of humility my eyes are now off myself and they’re onto somebody else’s condition I’m not really thinking about myself and who made me like that that was the Lord I’m focused on the Lord and I get my eyes off myself when I get my eyes on Jesus and then I’m freed up to not be worried about myself the last word self-control is to show have restraint over your emotions or your impulses or your desires when you’re in the flesh you in the flesh you give yourself permission because you’re emotional this really hurt and so I am going to vent until the fire has burned out till every log and every ember has died down the fire of my emotion has grown up and I am just gonna release the toxins until the fire goes down well that’s the flesh that’s normal right we live in a country where people kill each other because someone cut them off on the road that’s a bad sign that’s a lack of restraint it’s sad the impulses the desires no restraint that’s the flesh and self is the pathway to death jesus said if you try to save your life you’re gonna lose it if you if you are thinking if the whole focus is self and get what I want and have it go my way my emotions listen I’m so emotional about this I can act however I want people are thinking that now that that’s reasonable I was so emotional so this is what I did like that is terrible that’s a horrible way to think that’s the pathway to destruction that’s the way to ruin a situation to try to save your life is to lose it Jesus said if you lose your life for my sake you’ll find it the mize were focused on the Lord and then I can take my frustration my bitterness whatever emotions I have and I go Lord this is totally unfair in the Lord say yeah I know all about unfair let’s talk what else did they do I was betrayed and I felt like I felt like I they were crucifying me oh you felt like that wow that’s heavy man I can relate I mean I felt like I was in a grave I felt like everyone forgot about me I felt like no one was even looking at me like no one even cared about me like I was all alone you mean like in a grave like for three like for three days and three nights like I was in a grave right you see the analogy Jesus Jesus actually experienced everything that we would ever experience is there a counselor that you can talk to that can help you with your burdens as you abide in Jesus then the Spirit comes alongside and the Spirit can say you can restrain yourself you’re gonna let go of that bitterness you don’t carry that around you not to say that the Spirit will focus me on Jesus and he changes my desires and I’m the path of destruction as I’m no longer on it I can be on the path of life I can lose my life that’s produced as a fruit of the Spirit in me and I want to conclude with these these four verbs I won’t talk about them but just to remind you of them look at verse 16 so Paul because the Spirit is the one who produces this in us that Jesus said the spirits in us we abide in him will bear fruit Paul said listen if you walk in the spirit this word translated as walk is the generic word for walking in in Greek and it literally means to walk around it’s the word for walk and it’s the word with the preposition around so this is like if my wife said hey do you want to go shopping and I and I love her and we’ve been married now over thirty years so I just say yes and I know that that means I’m gonna walk around with my wife I like walking around with my wife I just leave off the part shopping because if I was gonna go with you shopping I would say hey you want to go with me I’m gonna go shopping I got to get this and this I can park here it’s the closest entrance go grab the thing get out as fast as possible when my wife says go shopping she means this Greek word we’re gonna walk around we may not buy anything we’re shopping we you know you’re just walking and you’re talking and you’re looking at stuff and then I’ve learned I buy used to take do you need one of those own I don’t need this why are we looking at it I mean she’s looking at something it’s like do you ready how do you want what do you want that oh no I don’t need this I mean I started like I saw something happening to me like why are we looking at it then I’ve accepted it because I like being with her this idea the idea of this word is just as you’re going wherever you go as you’re going you’re just walking with the spirit you’re meandering it’s like meandering you’re meandering with the spirit verse 18 led by the spirit led by the spirit Oh as opposed to led by the flesh as opposed to led by your past as opposed to led by your emotions as opposed to led by your lusts led by the spirit Paul is saying that we can actually have the Holy Spirit be leading and if we’re being led by the spirit we’re not under the law practically always spirit the laws can’t tell you Peter says shall I forgive seven times and Jesus says seventy times seven Peters mind is blown right that’s led by the spirit how many times you hey man the spirit to lead you to infinity times this spirits gonna give you all the forgiveness you need for every single situation led by the spirit then verse 25 if we live in the spirit if we live in the spirit I was so walking around in the spirit led by the spirit now is even larger word in a concept of just living the spirit so if you’re breathing him in as you that’s the atmosphere that you’re in that’s the life the earth the heavens just live in the spirit he’s you’re focused on him and then the last word you’ll notice is also in verse 25 he says let us also walk in the spirit so in English we have two words translated we have walk it’s twice right but in the original language the verse sixteen walk is a different Greek word than the verse twenty-five walk and the word that’s translated in verse 25 as walk has it literally means to be in line with and the idea is to is to walk in line or to walk in step with the idea would be the one word is more generic in the sense of just meander around you’re walking and maybe not even walking with purpose you’re just walking you’re what this is your walk this word is your in step with your in line with this is like being led but you’re walking but you’re walking with the spirit the Spirit says hey come on we’re gonna go and where we’re gonna go just walk with me and now you’re walking somewhere with purpose you’re doing what the spirit wants you to do these four verbs are very important and I think they relate to the fruit this is our part of putting it into practice this the byproduct of life is going to be the fruit it’s there but I need to be led and I need to be living and I need to be walking in line with and any be walking around with and then the love is there and then the spirit can say I want you to come right now this person look at him go get him go give them your love I filled you up with it today you were overflowing you had so much joy today go oh go give it to him give him some of your overflow and then you decide I don’t want to spend this next time on myself I’m gonna carve out this section and they’re gonna have this time and they’re gonna have this overflow of love and I had so much peace and I just read about this promise or you might be in a conversation you don’t even know that it’s happening till the spirit starts to show you in the conversation and they’re explaining something and you’re thinking I just read everything about this this morning in the Bible and now is your chance you’re overflowing with the spirit that fruit is ready to come out our part is to make a choice to abide in Jesus and to walk in the spirit to be led by the spirit to live in the spirit and then to walk to be in step with the spirit so father help us do that Lord we we know that these are things that we can’t do on our own you said it bluntly and directly and you said it more than once you said apart from me you can do nothing and without me you can’t do anything and we we say Amen Lord we know we can’t so we’re asking you Father in the name of your son Jesus to help us to walk in the spirit help us to bear the fruit of the Spirit thank you that the spirit lives inside of us thank you Father that you’ve made our hearts your home that Jesus you come to live inside of us and we have your spirit so help us lord help us to be walking in grace and walking in your love so that we can have the fruit of the Spirit and the love and the joy and the peace and the patience and the kindness and the goodness and the gentleness and the faithfulness and the self-control or do these things in us produce this fruit and us help us to be led by the spirit and to walk in the spirit and to live in the spirit we pray to us in Jesus name Amen

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