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hello my seastar squad exile here and welcome to masa underworld so today we are going to be showing you how to piss off an engine app so y’all know what engine that’s so that that big dinosaur fire guy that it is basically looks like a cotton candy breathing fire so today I’m going to show you how to piss him off by that I mean basically how what’s like basically like what’s kind of best to deal with him because there is plenty and I mean plenty of reasons why you do not want to deal with this guy so if you guys are good with that please the like and subscribe if you enjoy this video and also comment down below so right now I am switching to my stuff and I realized that I ran out of shock traps now the shock traps is what I usually use to deal with monsters but so don’t have any other depend on my pitfall and I don’t really know what pitfall does so no I just have to kind of go in blind hoping and praying that this trap works so the Mary’s another hunting edge enesta to get an edge in death plate to build a certain chest piece it’s because this chest piece have certain buffs and stuff and as does more and has more armor than my other chest piece I’m currently wearing right now I also wanted for other reasons yeah that so I take my first stage that take my easy rations and I go out into this wild wilderness to hunt down the fire-breathing cotton candy so where I usually do is I usually make sure I always take a bit of ret pit with me because I really do use the ceramics to my advantage so conveniently he is already right there so I decided to irritate him a bit by pecking them with a few of my balls showing him that hey I got bigger balls than you and to come Chase me so just kept shooting at him until he got angry at me and then in where I set up the play my plan was to throw that in a poison cup to poison them and then do a little bit of extra damage with the scatter nuts yes bust get her my nuts all over him but in this clip I don’t typically do that because I got too scared and I different off so of course I usually typically use for this guy is bow because that means I never have to get close to him because to be honest do you want to get close to a fire-breathing calling candy no no you wouldn’t so now I just waited for him to look and then I flashbang them this is so I can spam my dragon peers just spam it into his puny little body so usually I typically try to aim for him to point in the middle of me for that reason because when he’s facing you when his ass is facing you you’re appears to do a lot more damage because it’s going through his whole freaking body but at this point I don’t care all that cares about just getting that extra damage and there’s the other reason why I love bow is because you could charge up your shot while running it because then again you don’t want to get hit by the fire-breathing cotton candy so basically right now I’m just just pecking them damage and then I tried to make him bait him into my steel balls of rain say they again Pelt him and I know him some even more they just kicked my power co because he’s an asshole I got offended by that and also this ball has electricity on it so like you know I kind of shock them a little bit in the face because heck who doesn’t want to shock this guy in the face we’re kicking your palico snowflake I’m so sorry so this party is a sport pups we can lose sight of me and you guys guess what I use next dragon Pearce coming coming hop right into his butthole that was some tasty damage right there and I just do it again just for good measure and now he’s angry at me because he just got two arrows up his ass so then he tries to chop down on me which I did not really appreciate it like bro don’t do this then I did it again spore puffs that’s why I love this class because he get a spore puff and his dragon pierce him in the butthole like BAM in the butthole again and at this time he wasn’t playing with my tricks he just smacked me straight out and then just give me a good old kick I’m like fuck you so I just put him like okay well fuck you too and I just just kept them spamming damage to his face but at this point he runs all from like get dead ass back over here a boy I need my edge and half plate so I could build this armor for my reasons and the stats and of course I made a pile coat look cute yes I have the Christmas bell all right I want a babe and his freakin skull and let him hear a bit of music so now I’m giving chase swinging on the vines like Tarzan or any other movie that is a jungle and a child and the fines so this point I see the big boss a rock and I just had to take cover so he doesn’t automatically spot me and chase me and I just do a poop at slam fallen rocks so then you guys guess what I do next I’ll he’s stud you guessed it or do you can that’s why you want him to face you into a line its foot in order for you you strike up here so that goes like with any weapon as like that charge Pierce type thing like president for example pierced arm row on your heavy gun on your bow gun or like the heavy bow gun wyvern snipe yeah you want you want them you want either there but to be facing you or your face so right there just in a ration to get a bit more stamina because while you have your bow drawn and you’re drawing an arrow it’ll actually take away stamina people don’t usually notice this and that’s why sometimes he just end up having no stamina didn’t get effed so now I realize that my pet set down a little trap it’s a it’s like a fast trap also this is turf war going on and this took this porch over got though to look at that she just got slab to the ground john cena style i like seriously you did not stand a chance against the fire-breathing cotton candy all right fire-breathing kind of candy always wins so now he’s stunned and he’s like well I’m just going to scream at you and I’m just gonna walk away because I am now ashamed of myself so back to the trap my pet lays down traps because I didn’t use the vigorous wasp no I use the I forgot the name of Bill that I was relate to the book trappers and that means basically a sec another flashbang so I do call of duty style way from look at me incoming flash blowing and then there we go and then this is why I love flash bangs more dragon piercing yes I will spam dragon piercing at this dude anytime he is stunned anytime I can I can do it he gets jagged pierced into his asshole so now he’s really getting mad and now he’s gonna start breathing fire at some point and that white stuff it’s material so it’s like hmm US will grab it well they chose to interrupt say no I don’t want you to gut get that you keep piercing me in my ass and I’m like nah just gotta take it anyways so that I was just really tired he’s scared tired for first of all to Bogota she’s stunning him in the frickin face and I’m using a toe bucket that she bowed to stood him in the face so I guess he gets up both double-whammy so I guess I missed um another material right over there unless it’s another red pit but a public Adachi just walks by he’s like I’m not even gonna try to fight you bro like alright just got body slams like John Cena so I’m just gonna walk over here and eat something so this point I follow the edge in half and I’m like alright come here bro like come here come here yep did you just shove that right into his butthole man I know I like serving stuff up the monsters butthole that’s how you really get the mad real fast and he jumps down and he’s like know what I’m done I’m done playing games I am going to fuck you over and I’m like uh okay 1v1 me mate so that’s all of it so then I just BAM son of the sport puffs so shotgun just sit in there and just wait and that this put actually messed up with my jaggon peers because I was a dumbass so I just sit right here and just right in the neck that and yeah I did not really like that so he was like how dare you do that so then I just roll around and I just see a got my health booster selected if you don’t know what health booster does I’m about to show you what it does and very quickly this is a voiceover so I kind of forget what’s going on just so you guys know so they go incoming flash blowing but I missed it so stupid so I was like know what slam that down so I could get a hear healing ball of mist in my face so I mean if he does decide to burn me and send me back to hell wife rightfully belong I can negate that effect by a little bit healing aura so so this is good for players that are stationary and like to stay in just one place so basically if you are really mobile class don’t use alt booster keep ditches dark just don’t use it keep using a ghillie suit man okay good this is beginner level so like this is a new account so I only got like the thing for air ghillie suit in the health booster so if you’re a beginner and you’re very mobile keep your dang ghillie suit bro because this health boosters can be really useful escorting around here hardly ever going to stay in that one spot but if your beau class like me you can do it so then that’s just basic engine ask footage right here I just be shooting him trying to aim at his weak spots and then he gets really mad so I was like nope nope nope nope nope nope because I stamina was low so I had to run that he was getting really mad so I just kept on running around till I was a safe enough distance away until he was focused on my poor poor palico snowflake I swear snowflake takes a lot of abuse and still loves me I’m surprised so then I just wait for him to do his Hadouken and expended up for do-si-do kid but now we do this little that and hit and there’s a Duke in you go see what that is it’s that’s the Hadouken so I was like ah crap crap crap crap crap so I took out the fire and I decided to run like a little bitch I ran I seriously ran away so I could provide some help to decide know what screw it I’m just gonna run completely away from this guy I’m just gonna keep on I was like oh wait this step okay Petrus well screw it I’m gonna jump down so it’s like ah yes I am finally safe and now I could drink my health but then I realized I’m not safe so I was like oh crap because that that part really did scare me it scared me so bad I was like he really wants me dead he really wants to kill me cuz I did not know that he can actually jump down to come get you I thought I could just stay there and just heal up but no appeals like so good he sued him for that booty then I realized that my pet said the cage set up is that a hundred percent so I was like oh I need to run back run around it to get that flash boy so I ran around turn the flash point and I just got prepped up call of duty style and just waited wait in the corner and incoming flash point so I could stun him and then drag him pierce into his face and again he doesn’t really like it he just stands there stunned like I wonder where that’s coming from so my god he’s just walking away now he’s a little bit irritated that he keeps are getting stunned by flash Pauling’s so it was like no I screw it I’m just gonna walk away so I was like oh no I’m gonna come after you I’m not walking away from this you you’ve got to love the flash blanks mate you’re going to love it this is what true Call of Duty gameplay is like you just sit in the corner with flash bangs and you just throw that every time someone comes by back that’s what I do it’s very effective alright so now I just looked up thick at that oh it’s gonna be a rock but then I realize that oh I already threw rock in his face earlier so then all right spam more arrows and a sensitive spot same I am typically aim for the gills it’s on its back and head and because you know they’re they’re obvious weak spots but also his neck so at this point I’m just waiting for him to do us a Dukan like that so you know cuz if he does cuz like if you’re low on health if you basically got if he basically took any damage from this guy and he follows up with a Hadouken you’re screwed I certainly do not have that footage where I got Hadouken to oblivion after he stunned me yeah let’s just say the ps4 recording didn’t go that long so now he is limping and now he’s hurt so I’m like oh great now I get huge my traps now at this part of the fight it’s very important if he still has as the gills out or or sometimes he won’t even have his heels ow it also does this he’ll go to where the turbo kodachi usually stays to rest and he’ll just stand there like that so that side like oh my head back down it because if you’re not trying to capture up then yeah I could just go up there and just continue fighting the crap out of them but I want to capture him and this is kind of a sneaky way to capture patience is key here it because your place when you get impatient could be like know what screw it and you go run up there and just beat the crap out of them but I want to make sure that I do not waste my traps because usually I carry a football and a handle it electric if I kind of miss up on the traps and four tranq bombs to fight like you know again mess up on the track and the two drinks didn’t do enough so then I wait until he’s more damaged so this play I was getting really impatient I was like ah he’s not hurrying up so I was about to climb up and then boom Riley was do it he starts slipping again to his home so I was like ah cool so glad I waited so now you basically follow him it’s best for you to say it that back cuz when he clocked cuz like the thing that you climb up to get to his home is right where he sleeps so that’s why you should usually um stay back a little bit like I love like what I’m doing I’m just waiting until he jumps up there like that and I just wait until he’s like give him a bit of time to sit down and rest down so I don’t accidentally startle him and he starts fighting me at this point I climb up shabluka chiba-chiba doop now this particular moment is hard because you can’t place your traps on the weird grass stuff I know it’s really annoying so I was like ah he’d be even lay near or near the edges so I was like ah this age right here where its foot is odd those could be like the shock trap shocked to wake him up then for tranq bombs right I placed on the trap it does a little thingy and I was like oh he’s obviously on the trap but that did not work so I was like all right failed that was a failure but then I realize this wait it’s a pitfall this is I mean he have to step on it so I decide to wake him up with a good old dragon Pierce cutter you can an English freaking flies to the other direction I was like what the heck happened to you bro all I did was a Duke and you and you were like ah so now I wanna run over here like do it mate do it challenge me I dare you and then stupid self took it so I was like hahaha then I spoke Bob them to death and then boom there you go you just captured your monster now with the shock shop it’s a bit different chakra shop actually shocks him and thank you to take bumps but either track either Chapel works is this shock it’ll most likely get him when he’s sleeping and you don’t have to wait for him to step on it because you know it just automatically activates but with the pitfall you have to actually wake him up and let him step on it in order for it to work so why was it excited I was it disappeared I was waiting to get my armor plates but no I didn’t get no place because I realized there’s a 5% chance of you getting them so that’s how you capture the flaming cut a candy guys hopefully you guys have enjoyed and I’ll see you guys in the next Monster Hunter video there he is without a tail praise that fate I’ll probably sleep angry

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