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ship captain crew odds

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ship captain crew odds

hello and welcome to how to play ship captain and crew presented by gathered together this video will cover how to play the dice game ship captain and crew the video start with the general concepts and then cover the gameplay the game is played with two or more players to play you will need 5 dice and something to bet with the object of the game is to roll a ship captain crew and highest cargo the ship is represented by the six the captain by the 5 the crew by the 4 and the remaining 2 dice are known as the cargo each player gets up to 3 rolls on a turn you must have a ship before I captain and a captain before a crew before the first player rolls each player must make an ante each player puts in a chip and player 1 will roll first player ones first roll has a ship and a captain with the six and five but is missing the crew player 1 sets aside the six and five and rerolls the other three dice the second role is still missing the four for crew the three dice will be rolled four player ones third and final roll this rule gives player one his crew with the for the remaining two dice are combined for a total of seven the seven represents player ones cargo play moves to player two player two’s first roll has a six for the ship although player two has a four for crew it cannot be kept a five for captain is needed before a four for crew can be kept player two rerolls for dice this row gives player to the five for captain player two rolls three dice on his last roll before four crew is not rolled and player two has a score of zero for this round player three rolls next the first roll gives player three the six for ship and the five for captain the next roll gives player three the floor for crew and a total of eight for the cargo the eight cargo is one more than player one seven for cargo although player three could roll one more time he decides to stop rolling and take the eight player four rolls next the first row gives player for the ship captain and crew with a cargo of six the cargo is less than player threes 8 for cargo so player four will roll the two cargo dice again this roll gives player for a cargo of nine to beat player threes eight cargo player four wins the round and collects the antes each player will ante again for the next round and player two will roll first in this round if two or more players tie for the most cargo each time player will get another turn the player with the higher cargo on the additional turn wins the ante that wraps up how to play ship captain and crew if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up and get more game tutorials by subscribing to our channel gather together games thanks for watching

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