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hey everyone this is angie from i plan
this map thanks for joining me i just
want to give you a quick video tutorial
on how to print with a double-sided or
duplex printer sometimes it helps to
have a visual to get it all set up you
want to be sure before you print your
printables that you have downloaded
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you can also go
to web site get dot slash
reader go ahead and download that now if
you haven’t done that and then come back
and join us so I can show you how to
finish printing now that you have the
program open you want to go ahead and

how to print double sided on mac word

open the file that you want to print
I’ve gone ahead and done that I’m going
to print my pocket TN week on one page
in the classic version I do have a
duplex printer which means I can print
double side it’ll collate it
automatically which is really a time
saver for me as I didn’t make a lot of
printables go ahead and come back up to
file scroll down to print you can also
use the print icon but I’m just going to
do this version from tutorial that will
bring up your a print dialog box be sure
that you’ve got correct printer selected
if you’re like me you probably have one

how to print double sided on mac word

more than one printer and sometimes I
also print directly to a PDF so I have
to oftentimes manually change this to
the correct printer now that we’ve got
that selected if I’m just printing a
black-and-white print I actually had
select print and grayscale just to save
on my ink you don’t have to do that it’s
optional come over here to the left two
pages to print I’m going to print the
entire file but if you’ve never done
this before or if you’re unsure click on
pages right here and select pages one
through four I know it says spread here
but you can actually just click and

how to print double sided on mac word

delete it in both one through four
we’ll do the same thing now we’re going
to go under page sizing and handling
sometimes your dialog box will have
already selected fit you do not want to
select it it will actually shrink the
actual size of your printable that
brings us to select actual size you can
also custom scale to 100% but that’s not
very necessary except if you’re manually
resizing it which I don’t recommend
unless you have experience doing this so
now you’re selected actual size I’m
going to come down here and this is how
it should look when you first open the

how to print double sided on mac word

print dialog box print I want to select
print on both sides of paper because
this is in a landscape format or a
horizontal format be sure that you
select select flip on short edge if it
was a portrait orientation or vertical
orientation you would flip on long edge
but so far none of my printers
printables have been designed in
portrait orientation that brings me to
select orientation I select it manually
you can select Auto
but I have noticed some people have
print errors when they do this and not
realize it’s actually in the wrong

how to print double sided on mac word

direction so I go ahead and and manually
select landscape now you can go ahead
and hit print this will go ahead and and
print just the odd pages again this is
for duplex printing if you don’t have a
duplex printer please follow my next
tutorial and we’ll go over that I have
gone ahead and printed the odd sized
pages now my you see down here my
printer is actually blinking and it’s
telling me to do something so I’m going
to actually this is the dialog box that
or you may have something similar not
necessarily exactly what I have it’s
going to prompt me to go ahead and print
the backside
I’m going to pull the stack out of the
paper train just like this graphic shows
this is the exit paper tray and then I’m
going to keep it the same direction as
it came out and keep it face up exactly
as it came out of the printer and put it
back in the loading paper train just as
this graphic shows you now I’m going to
hit start printing then you’re ready to
go ahead and assemble your booklets if
you need any extra help please feel free
to contact me through your through my
Etsy shop you there should be a little
area to contact me in your receipt or
feel free to leave me a comment here
thank you so much have a great day

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