How To Program Take Downs On A Fusion Stick

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How To Program Take Downs On A Fusion Stick Video

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hello and welcome to the ubo garage today I’m going to show you how to program take down module on your fusion stick light this can be done with a new or existing fusion stick the first thing to know is what a takedown module is it’s an independent steady burning module by default a takedown module is white and it’s typically used as a seam light a takedown module can only come on a single color 400 600 or 800 fusion stick not a 100 or 200 and be sure not to confuse a takedown module with wide flood white flood will make the entire bar turn white the first thing to do is to remove the light from power to program takedowns tie the pattern and power wires together these are red and yellow apply power to those wires and tap the white wire to power three times holding down for one second each time if you did this correctly your Center two modules will now illuminate white to change the position of your takedown wires use the gray and blue wires and tap them to power for 1.5 seconds as I mentioned by default a takedown module is white however if you wanted to set a different color module as a stake down you can do that by doing this method you’ll see here I now have blue modules set as my takedowns and if I continue on the bar will scroll through and give me all possible combinations of setting the bar to take down I’m going to set my to center white modules as my takedowns so once they’re all set remove the white wire from power then remove the yellow and the red I’ll reconnect the bar to power and touch my white wire to power and if I did it correctly my Center to modules are now set as my takedown modules it’s important to note that a teak down module does not flash with the rest of the bar so while the bar is flashing my takedown modules will not flesh I can control them separately make them flash by connecting the green wire to power but this is only a wig wag pattern and it’s a different pattern from the rest of the bar it’s also important to know that takedown modules are not included in a directional pattern so you’ll notice here how my right arrow is skipping over my center two modules so that’s all there is to it if you previously purchase the bar with takedown modules and you want to remove the takedown function follow these steps I just showed you keep in mind a takedown module is just simply a white module so once you remove the takedown function from the bar it will just be a standard white module there’s no need to purchase a new module if you have any other questions feel free to contact us thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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