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right Donna yeah what do you want me to
do it’s my tooth out right show me do a
little wobble and how we going to do it
we’re going to tie a shame we going to
this bit of fret yeah Torito and then
we’re going to tie a bit string to the
thread and then we have a bit of string
to the cat and then we’re going to get a
cat the run away and then hopefully it’s
going to pull your tooth baguette all
right okay right so here we have street
and follow it tight to the Fred and the
fret open up this all the way it exposes
his tooth we are now going to type with
a cat yeah yay all right let’s get the

how to pull teeth

all right time to the cat taught you to
do they come out
of the ceiling right up you ready
there’s the cat I’m going to get the
cats and run this deal ya you deal ready
right look up again can you come out Wow
where is it is that it came out yeah get
out oh and there is the tooth I’ve ever
look at your mouth man I’ve been open
that better yeah if not dying ability
the cap pulled it out i’m tyler

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