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so when you log in first time after you do your history show you’re gonna right here in your profile page okay so you can have the two options here want to start mining straight away okay and another one is too if you want to do a network build and bring your friends and family and then you click put your affiliate program okay for you to do that you need to pay $50 which is the the affiliate business partner package so you pay $50 and then you’ll be able to receive 10% of your directors referral okay I’m gonna read something here you choose I think it’s very important for you to understand when you talk about activate program anyone choosing to participate in the affiliate program must also be enrolled in an active mining contract so it’s not only you to activate your account eyes affiliate but you also need to buy your package okay once your payment is received by a SS my knee and I count to be activated within 48 hours which can be assessed via online back-office okay so all new partner will receive an athlete link to provide the collides who we should roll so you only gonna have your link your hesitation link if you pay if you come as an affiliate okay so when then when you pay a $50 and then you’re gonna receive your back off so setup with the old you know what did the the information there for yourself so and then you also has if your athlete link and then when you started bringing people you’re gonna receive your 10% and direct referral okay so as an affiliate member you only receive 10% of your direct referral and also you’re gonna receive your you’re going to position yourself you’re going to have all the because of the the the slides of my Cheerios support so it is $50 it’s a business that owes you know you can you can pay for that because it’s a great business okay so this is us Affiliate but you also need to have an active mining contract okay so for you to have your contract you for you to start mining you come here start mining today your state-of-the-art mining hardware is already running so just choose your favorite mining plan and get started so you click here to learn more so let’s do it okay so in here you can buy your package you can’t customize your packages if you like if you have a 40 you can is incremental 40 so if you have a fortune if you wanna put another 40 you know and then you can just do whatever money you know you have and then you can buy your package okay but let’s see here in the mining plan you have one two three four five mining plans starting from $40 $400 1200 mm and $4,000 so let’s say we’re gonna start this account with a $40 plan excuse me so you click here and please read the terms and condition okay and then you need to agree select the payment method which add them up we have Bitcoin so you click OK and they read back okay because in here depend on your wallet a transaction fee may be deducted from your transfer in this case you need to add a chip to defeat today amount being st. okay for example if you have if you are sending one BTC and you wanted your wallet to charge 0.0005 BTC the total amount to the most saintly is 11.000 five BTC okay so if you’ll see message value inconsistent please contact the support at a SS my Lincoln okay so if after you understand that to click purchase okay and then success mining successfully constructed okay so now we’re gonna pace okay now you can see that your order is here so close now the system will calculate how much you have to pay for the $40 okay that is your code here so what you do you go you can pay you know you can scan scan this backward from your mobile if your wallet is it let you do it but for example you can copy this you need to do the exact amount for this package okay so you click OK copy at the moment I have some money in coin days so if you have your coinbase and wallet and then you go to account okay and then here you have the sand and has seen so if you were to receive money from any other exchange or wallet you click receive and then you have your code but in this case you’re gonna st. to end up as mine okay so here let’s see the van I’m gonna put the value here okay which is being calculated from the company let’s go back there again and get the code and there now copy the code guys don’t forget that you have a time frame for you to be able to pay for your package for your mining plan so in here thinking here say about two minutes so you make sure that you pay before this this time expired okay all right so I copy the Bitcoin wallet and I go back to my coin base and I’m gonna put a here to let coinbase know that I’m sending the money to this wallet okay my sake that’s confirmed finish with W finish we debit start you 1 haytch start with 1 hash or case everything is done here I’m gonna put here a little note so I know that to where the money goes to the demo yes okay so they charge it a little bit see okay that’s being added to my my my package okay so and then is obviously done here so I’m gonna confirm in here they say yes which coin wallet how much I’m paying okay and that’s the the the Bitcoin address that I’m sending the money and I’m gonna click confirm your transaction is on the way okay yeah you sang to 0.7 which is thirty one pound in my country but it’s $40 do I still know address so if I want to view the details I click here okay and you can see so what’s happening here what I’m gonna do I’m gonna copy this okay and I’m in gonna go to block chain dot info okay because this money need about six to finish for the the to be completed for the transaction to be completed so I’m gonna put this code which coin address here to search you know because you see here he’s not done yet because maybe check about five to denote 20 minutes 30 minutes because they need six confirmation okay so I can keep looking now and then to see how distance that has been done so after is about you five to six confirmation okay and then the money you’ll be there in a SS smiling and then my account will be activated okay so I’m just waiting for that and then after it’s all confirmed that the money is going to aid that less money okay so your package will be activated and then you’re gonna have your on my knee because if you click mining here okay you’re not gonna see any formation only gonna see that the mining package that you need to buy you know but when you are packages activated this is change this is gonna be your money panel where you see your mind your bitch coin economy every day to your wallet okay so that’s the way for you to pay for your package so I click I keep clicking to blockchain for to see how how my money is traveling before arrives in a double my knee so you can see here that’s my the the Bitcoin address that’s I send the money at the moment I’ve done just one transaction okay so here it’s gonna appear when you start confirming the network Bitcoin network start confirming so you’re gonna see our one confirmation to confirmation when it’s about five or six and then they see all the transactions done so the money will arrive in a diverse mining and then your package will be activated so when you go back to your backups and click my knee okay and then your mining punim will be different okay we’ll be with your mining so you can see lies your mining okay that’s that’s the way to do guys so you can invest in $40 $400 1200 you see here they hire your package they’re more money mining power you have okay so their series with you now hope these help you and I’ll see you on the next video

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