How To Record, Edit, Upload & Post Videos! The Pink Rabbits Club!

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How To Record, Edit, Upload & Post Videos! The Pink Rabbits Club! Video

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How To Record, Edit, Upload & Post Videos! The Pink Rabbits Club! Video Transcript

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hey guys it Dana Belvoir Castle here and today I decided I wanted to do a how-to video because some of our first ever videos were actually how to so this actually was an idea C made but she is one of my friends and club members so yeah alright go ahead and click that link to the corner see your channel she has uploaded V’s but she told me that she might try it and she I thought I’d try to teach her how in this video so let’s get going I guess by the way for the recorder kind of this I’m just going to be talking about how to record specifically on than what I use because I don’t know how to really use any other words so yeah so we’ll be teaching you a few different stages so we have recording uh saving editing uploading and then editing again and publishing so those are six steps that we have at least for my recorder of course as I said before maybe I’ll do a future video if I never change and I am a quarter but yeah so let’s get going also this is a 6,000 views special video guys look at this 6000 views thank you so much just yesterday we hit 5,000 and now we’re hitting 6000 hey waitress oh my gosh it’s so crazy but anyway is I use iSpring free km8 it’s a free camera software it’s pretty easy to use um you can like choose to have it me or not that’s what I’m using to record this right now so on the screen you can’t see it but there’s like a red thing here um basically how to use everything f9 is how you stop how you pause the camera escape is how you stop the camera f10 is how you restart the video and yeah it’s pretty pretty simple so we’re not going to do that we’re not going to press escape but let’s just say hypothetically I pressed escape what would happen then it would go to your home screen like this um and it would have like a gray like icon in the middle of the screen saying loading preview now sometimes it takes a long time for it and sometimes it take a shorter time um if the videos about like 30 like 20 minutes or more it will take a long time for that preview to load but if it’s a like under maybe 10 minutes it will take a pretty short time so then it will come up with a screen like showing I’m trying to like it’s it shows the video so like it has a pop-up of the video and then you can go to save video uploaded to YouTube or edit now if you want to edit it you got a press edit so basically here you can um edit the sound trim stuff cut things out you know do all that stuff um and then when you’re done you press save it has like a folder kind of picture it would be up here in the corner somewhere around here and then you would just pray press save and then it would bring you back to the screen you were in before I can’t really show you how to edit it because I would have to actually go out of the video but um you know if you were actually trying to do this maybe you could like go onto star stable and I could walk you through it anyways after that you could either upload it it upload it straight to YouTube or you could save the video I suggest saving the video this is what I do because if you get hacked or some how your videos get taken down they’re saved in the files meaning you can read upload them so save the video name it and all and then it will say to the files then once it’s done saving exit out of the files and the recording screen then go to YouTube make sure you’re signed in for this – because I’m signing so then what you want to do is press upload this little button right here then it will come up with this screen here and then you press it says select files and then you just click on this little button go to the file you saved it in double click it or click it and press open and then the video will be opened here I’m gonna get like a kind of reference video I’m not gonna upload it for real but I’ll show you oh this is how you do on a computer by the way here we go so I just am uploading some random video I made but never uploaded it will then come up with this screen and this will be completely blank like this and this will be completely like but I set it in settings so it will just come up with that title you know automatically but then what you do is you just write down the title of your video make sure it’s not clickbait or anything because then YouTube could do something to you so let’s just put in a random title like not actually uploading or whatever just enter your title here there we go then that you would write whatever description you want to just well just do hashtag fun video whatever you could do you want to do it doesn’t matter then you want to do tags no tags are important because if someone searches in the search bar there’s big chance that your video could come up because the tag is like using that um so you will just want to put it whatever tag is related to your video it it could be anything like you know music or songs or so animals blog literally whatever the video has to do with so then over here there’s premiere which you can have it premiere if you want here is where you can pick if you want it private or whatever you could add it to playlists in here you can select thumbnails you can use one of these that they said or you can use vid photos from your thing and you could add translations if you could speak other languages you can also add whatever category the video is in here if I don’t know it’s not doing it but the category for mine is set to gaming because star stable then you can enter whichever title it is just like whatever game you’re using like you can do minecraft you can do literally any game that there is and then you can also change the video language and all this crazy stuff but we’re not gonna do that just because you know so then what you want to do after this if it doesn’t need any editing is just going straight up to YouTube you can just press publish and it’ll be out or you can press this button which says YouTube studio which before you used to say creator studio but YouTube uploaded it so then it will make another tab and say this and then I’ll go right back when it’s finished loading oh and by the way we’re on uploading stage I forgot to say that so yeah the recording was a little bit later ago and now we’re on uploading I also let you guys know in the comments timestamps if you have certain trouble you need help with um youtube does have their own youtube channel where you can go you know see they post a lot of copyright free songs and things like that so yeah oh and you do have the option to go to the old studio which is what I do because I don’t know how to use this new version of the YouTube studio so I personally like using the old version I’ll show you in a second this version is the new updated edition of YouTube here I’m showing you right now as you can see on the screen it’s you know a studio or you can click this to go back to the classic which personally I like better but yeah so either way go to videos um so here we can see our video that we made this is the classic edition here so if you go to here as you can see this is our video if this is here it’s just the license that you have then you can pick whatever thing you need to edit so enhancements here is where you can blur stuff you can trim and that’s basically it and sometimes it takes a while for it to you know here is where you can add music which now I don’t even know how to use the music as well I mean I know how to add it but I really don’t know too much on how I’m actually the one who needs tips on this stuff so yeah you can add whatever song you want you can pick John Rah’s or moves or durations it’s very helpful that need to do end screen and animations which do not try to do those because they’re outdated and our discontinued n screens are only for videos that are 60 at least like 10 minutes long I believe it has to be long enough and then here’s a cards where you can add polls links donations channels and video or later here you can add subtitles you can add any language you want and yeah so basically that’s all the uploading stage so then all you have to do after you’re done editing it is press publish and then just go from there so I hope this helps out a little bit we went through the stages pretty quickly so I hope you guys enjoy this video if you have any more questions please feel free to ask them I will help you with any questions that you have and yeah make sure you like this video if it was helpful and yeah thanks for watching baby rabbit

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