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gym anxiety reddit

so man it’s a little bit dark I feel like it’s better by the way if I look like it’s cousin I do know I’m Thomas hey I wanted to come in here to talk about my top tips like my personal top tips forgetting the courage to start going to the gym and I got a lot of questions and saying how they just don’t know where to start and I wanted to give my advice of how I limited like anxiety go into the gym all these top tips are all things they’re not too dependent on external variables so they’re all mainly within your control I’ll talk about that when I get to the ones that on – the first one it’s easy to tell someone just go to the gym boy what people forget to say is go but with a plan watch youtube videos that’s that’s how I learn i watch youtube videos learn the cues that you needed for certain exercises without a plan that’s when you feel like you look stupid if you’re doing the right thing you’re not gonna look stupid if you went and you went on the leg press and someone came and asked you something you said like you don’t look stupid you’ll do like your training legs the only reason you look stupid if you haven’t done your research I’m not talking about spending months like I literally just mean girls if you want to Train hamstrings and boys if you want to Train chest watch a video of someone that has a lot of use that you’ve maybe heard about from your friends family and just nail what they’re saying if they give you cues for example overhead shoulder press if they’re telling you bring your shoulders down as you press up to engage your shoulders do it like just follow what they say and as long as you have a plan and you’re not dawdling around the gym looking for something to do you will not look stupid like I can tell you now you will not look stupid and it gives you that inner confidence as well you’ve watched the video you know how they did it you know how you want to do it just go and do it but you can ask people for help but that personally didn’t help me because I was like shy if you’re not as shy as me what can go up to someone that works there and ask them like hi I’m doing quads could you just show me the right form for squats or something like that if you’ve said you want to do squats that already shows that you’re more in the know than a lot of beginners my second point is go light leave your ego at the door if you’re a beginner it’s a lot more impressive to do the proper form than to go heavy a lot of people don’t see that you’ll turn up to the gym and you’ll think right I want to do barbell rows and I’ll probably pick what some lock down the other end is doing and you’re a beginner like that’s not gonna be a light enough weight for you to do the right form start with light weight perfect the form and build or for me if I was to see someone doing the right form with a lower way it’s so much more impressive than someone like wing and round this heavy weight and not doing the right form like wonder and what they’re doing if you see someone executing it properly it is just more impressive your ego leave it at the it’s not gonna help you progress it’s not gonna help you feel any more comfortable in yourself if you’re doing the right motions you’re gonna feel a lot more comfortable if you put 20s on each side the first time you have a squad you’re gonna have that weight and struggle in and that’s when you’re gonna feel uncomfortable in securing yourself that’s when the anxiety of other people judging you is gonna start taking over and you’re not gonna be able to perform the rest of your session as good as you could a third thing is I think it’s more important than a lot of people first think is the clothes that you wear at the gym and I’m saying clothes you were at the gym rather than gym clothes because who’s to say that a t-shirt and some random-ass leggings on gym clothes like I often take a normal t-shirt like crop it put it like off the shoulder so it’s like that and that’s just what I feel comfortable and go in clothes that you feel comfortable and not that have gym wear written over the label if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a gym shark tight vest top hope you don’t like no one’s no one’s actually judging what you’re wearing as much as you might think they are if you’re comfortable you’re walking in you’re looking more confident because you’re feeling more confident and that’s what matters it’s not actually what you’re wearing it’s what I cringe the vibes are that you’re giving off if you’re giving off confident vibes people aren’t gonna that you like do you know what they’re doing that thing will leave them to it just whatever you’re comfortable in and do your session as long as you feel comfortable it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing just maybe don’t go in like don’t go in a massive windbreaker or salt well if you feel comfortable then you’re gonna perform better you’re gonna have more confidence in yourself and you’re just genuinely gonna look better in the gym that simple a fourth one and a big one for me was getting a playlist ready this could mean go on Spotify and type in it gym play lift get whatever songs hype you or play that would get you ready to Train like songs that make you feel good if throwing it back to Destiny’s Child is what gets you height do it McFly if that gets you like do it ac/dc if that that’s what gets you high then put it on like it’s you you’re the one listen to it no one else gives a if it gets you looking and feeling more confident then it’s gonna reduce your anxiety about being a beginner and going to the gym and it’ll just get you a night mood some of the worst sessions I’ve had actually are ones where my earphones of either broken or simply cuz that’s why I get my energy from that’s where I get my motivation from like obviously I get it from within myself but that’s just like the cherry on the cake you know I mean anyway block everyone out and just vibe with it basically it’s cringe but it’s so true so like I said before they’re the ones that you can control yourself and they’re the ones that I but I sort of relied on because like I said in my previous video if you watch that and I don’t like being dependent on other people I like being able to feel secure and I like keeping myself accountable so they’re the ones that work for me but I know that a lot of people out there need a bit more so for those people I’d recommend going with a friend like having someone else there so that you know what if you do look awkward as at least you’re looking or could have together do not I mean like you’re together do not I mean like you’re not on your own it’s great that’s good is that so you’re not on your own so you can just like laugh about it and it’s just it does just reduce our anxiety and stress doesn’t it like being with someone it’s just company at the end of the day and also find out the busy times and go when it’s quieter so the the perception you have of people judging you is lowered by the fact that there’s less people to judge you I found personally that go in it busy times were actually better for me because a I almost got like you almost get lost in the crowd be it’s busy so there’s more people for you to feel like you want to perform better if that makes sense not on a bad way of oh I need to perfect this thing if I do it I’m just gonna look like into it’s just a little bit of motivation for me anyway I know that a lot of people would benefit from it being a quieter time and that’s why I’m saying like if that’s what helps you do that there’s other things like start with a PT like I said everyone’s different and some people that would totally you not only 100% benefit them and just push them to the next level it’s all up to you what you think would work for you and basically all these things that I’m saying now all these top tips all they’re trying to do is just reduce your anxiety about the gym as much as humanly possible you want to feel comfortable you want to prioritize form and at the end of the day you just want get the best out of your workout okay so to summarize my main forms just go but I have a plan don’t just go and hope for the best go with a plan to would be go for a lightweight and leave your ego at the door as much as you think lifting heavy matters it just doesn’t – those that have been living for a while beginners doing heavy weight means absolutely nothing if anything it’s just kind of seen as self detrimental so just start like affect your form and build up three wear clothes you’re comfortable in whether that’s a t-shirt and shorts or a sports bra and leggings it’s up to you if you feel comfortable then it just gives you a better environment overall to feel less anxious and to be able to perform there and for that boss-ass playlists ready I can’t stress enough how much music will influence your session and then another two we find a friend and go a less busy time so I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope it helped some people out if you’ve got any questions feel free to message me on Instagram comment down below and subscribe again do all that stuff that you do any to you and I will see in the next one I’m gonna go eat I need

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