How To: Refill Rv Propane Tanks (Rv Cat Daddy)

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How To: Refill Rv Propane Tanks (Rv Cat Daddy) Video

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How To: Refill Rv Propane Tanks (Rv Cat Daddy) Video Transcript

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Heather and I woke up this morning at 7:30 realizing we ran out of propane hence the hats and bathrobe situation I’ve got going on so Heather’s off at work my task this morning is since we’re at 53 degrees in the RV it’s currently 34 degrees outside we are in the beginning month of October so it’s definitely getting colder I’ve got to figure out how to detach the propane covers for the RV ours has two two typical and figure out if it’s cheaper to take it to like tractor supply which is nearby and have them refill it or if I just can swap these out out of convenience at Home Depot new I doing this so we’ll figure it out here we are at the front of the RV bad morning when I can’t have coffee so this is just instant mix cabbage french vanilla cappuccino so I needed something to get me going before I do all this stuff what I found is basically and then you can see you need just a small bunny for holding this together holding them in place you’ve got so for our RV we have a regulator here you can choose your supply back and forth then just like any propane tank you can do it on or screw close so I’ve got the heat off inside everything’s turned off so now I’m just going to close these up both of these are now closed then we can disconnect right here anywhere you get propane you can swap out at Home Depot I don’t know if these sizes I’m going to Tractor Supply Co I’ve never been they have about almost a five-star rating from what I’ve seen in refused and take the right there to the center ask an attendant they’ll fill it up right for you and then you’re on the way it’s cheaper to do it then refill anyways because if there is remaining propane in your tank you don’t lose that you still gain it so they fill it up right for you to pick up and get out of here one thing I forgot to mention ours has sort of has a handle so you can take off this bar that’s latching it down this retaining rod within your basically its downward pressure holding your tanks in place so once you get this off all right now we can get these filled up and make Heather happy again so she’s not freezing in the morning all the cats are just baggage old bundled together you we’re back let’s go get our tank which is now conveniently behind door let’s see right by true let’s see if I can sneak this out of here what you’re gonna do is basically reverse order get these back on that’s all set then most importantly it’s already kicking in turn our fireplace on that’s it that’s all you have to do for propane first time I’ve done it so you guys have any questions post it in the comments below all right again if you have a story about the coldest time you’ve been camping at an RV whether it’s for the weekend or you’ve been doing this for a while what’s the coldest experience you’ve had when you’ve lost propane or it just ran out so let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you guys next time

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