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hi there my name is Maria I’m a makeup artist and green Beauty Expert and today I want to show you how to reuse your airless pumps okay so a lot of what the green cosmetic products come in a lot of different types of packaging and it’s not just important to look at the ingredients that you’re putting on your skin it’s also important to look at what the these ingredients and what the product comes into so I have a few different pumps here that I’m gonna show you how you can actually reuse them you need to wash them clean them out and then refill them with another product I am gonna be traveling with some of these so I want to show you how you can actually just cut back on recycling because it’s some it’s not gonna help us anymore right at the beginning of 2018 China stopped buying our paper and plastic and a lot of the products that we are using come in a cardboard box or they can also you know they come in a box or of course they come in a pump or they come in some other kind of packaging jar of course glass is a little bit better but in this case I want to focus mostly on the airless pump or Kapus a lot of green products come in these so there are some some products that come in airless pumps that are not reusable or refillable so again you need to be a little bit more conscious of that and just be a smarter consumer and a smarter buyer in the future you know there are a lot of different options out there so you just have to choose wisely so for example if your product comes in a pump like this you’re gonna have to remove the the cap and then you’re actually gonna have to take this top pump and actually I don’t know beheaded I guess I did that with mine and in the end when I remove the packaging it looks like this but most most of us consumers are not going to sit there and kind of like dissect this airless pump so the top pump has to come off the sticker has to come off and after that happens you’re gonna see that when this comes out that there’s actually a metal spring this is the reason why some of these are not recyclable there’s just so much going on there right so you’re gonna have to take that up our to remove the spring which is of course metal and then you’re gonna be left with something like this okay plus the white part at the top which I’ve kind of misplaced and I can’t find now so the next part to show you is that there is a little almost like a little elevator level inside so this is what pushes your product up okay so when you’re using an airless pump there is no there’s no tube in here this is just the suction and just the pressure that’s pushing the product up so I’ll show you in another product if you remove the cap there’s nothing connecting there’s no little tube that goes inside okay so you can actually take it and then take I don’t know an implement you can use your toothbrush I’m using a makeup brush and you can actually push this back down did you hear that now this is open to be refilled however in this type of airless pump this top part that I chopped off cannot be reattached so this is you know well kind of useless but at least you know that you can recycle it alright so take it with the lid remove the spring stick it in recycling alright now the other type of airless pump are these little airless pumps here which are actually refillable so I’m going to show you how to do this with one of these because both of these just ran out on me today you can see on the clear one here right that there is there is a spring inside so you if you are gonna be recycling yet you need to remove the spring okay in my case I know I want to reuse it and this is a big deal you need to start reusing some of this packaging and this actually make perfect containers for travel I mean you know the other types of pumps even though they closed this type of pumps they kind of make me nervous because I always think that they’re gonna come open in my suitcase and that’s also a lot of product to travel with however these little guys once they screw on and then you put on the lid they are perfect hand cream body lotion conditioner you can do whatever you want with this so I have one here from my tinted moisturizer so I’m gonna remove sorry here we go and this is the same idea of that empty vacuum that I showed you before okay so all my product has been pushed up here to the top this is done you know maybe I could save a little bit more product from the top here and same with this face cream alright so yeah you can go in there use a cotton swab remove the product but what I wanna show you is that you need to take something that’s really thin I’m gonna use again a brush and you could remove the label because you’re not gonna refill it with the same product in this case sorry alright and I’m gonna take this you see how it’s empty here you’re gonna see that moving down there you go so I’m gonna take this oh and I have some cream here do not waste that oh so nice alright now this can be washed I’m gonna put it in my dishwasher same with this one with the foundation I’m gonna put it in my dishwasher and wash it out that’s actually really great for sanitizing it as well and then I’m gonna tonight when it’s all dry make sure it’s completely dry there should be no water in there okay same with your lid you know use a little Bowl put a bit of soap in there soaked it up use this remove you know make sure your make sure your cream is still not in there get rid of all this product and then you can actually go and refill it with whatever you want you screw it back on voila it has a little lid perfect okay remember Canada used to ship all their stuff off to China all the recycling so we are in trouble now that they’re not going to be buying that from us okay so the other advice that I wanted to give you is that when you’re looking to buy product you know think of think of refilling things we have a lovely shop here in Toronto now called Echo anymore it’s a toward an 18-10 and they do refills for a bunch of things body products shampoo conditioner even makeup so taking some of your jars and just go refill them okay your whole family doesn’t need a you know five different shower gels just go get something mild something nice something mild like citrus works really great for the whole family and just refill it cut back on what’s at your table I find that’s a big area over plastics okay or if you have a lotion that’s been running out I just recently refilled my graded body lotion I took everything off I washed it I dried it and then you just take it back and refill it with graded lotion all right it’s fantastic way of cutting back and then when you’re looking in the future you know we have you know the holidays are coming and the new year is coming you’re gonna be you know maybe making some changes and you know obviously you can actually just cut back on some things for example the these little pigments here by living libations these are labeled as lip shimmers but they can actually be so much more they can be a blush they can be a highlighter they can be a lip balm so start cutting back on your product that’s my second piece of advice so reuse and then cut back on some of your makeup products yeah and then just you know lick the glass packaging a lot of this green skin care stuff has beautiful packaging reuse it cut back the recycling is not gonna save us so I’m not gonna have me reuse cut back on another letter maybe I’ll just give you two for today alright and yeah and just try to minimize your overall consumption of plastic like for your family all right so these are my tips for today if you have any questions um you know let me know drop me a line here and you know go go check out and see what your product comes into alright if these good things can be reused for travel just keep them you can even throw something like this in your purse and have some hand cream on the go and not be worried about things opening up and leaking okay so thank you so much for watching I hope my tips were helpful and if you have any other suggestions or ideas of course I’d love to hear them ok thanks for watching everyone I see you next time

glass airless pump dispenser

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