How To Remove Tonsil Stones You Can’t See

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How To Remove Tonsil Stones You Can’t See Video

How To Remove Tonsil Stones You Can’t See Video Transcript

wait okay me now spread it go till you
feel yeah do it again wait hold it
you hold the Fox let me just cough it up
oh I’m just gonna cough it out home wait
I see how big it is put on see album
pushed oh oh don’t miss it a lot yeah
scared do it wouldn’t you be scared
no do admit you’d be scared admit it
let’s see how much we get I’m scared
just just you should have to have both
it’s not gonna fuck it’s not gonna kill

how to remove tonsil stones you can't see

wait turn towards me a little bit when
you do it yeah yeah oh my god
I saw more oh my god
that is so fuckin sick you know I just
need to try to drop through it’s hard
because I’m trying to cough it up
look just like there’s lines on my phone
on my camera look look oh it’s a lot
more their weight on like brown lines
yeah why I don’t know that looks like a
briar you got your really day on a grill
I sell more okay a new video oh look
it’s not doing that Brown thing anymore
oh oh you I put your finger next to as

how to remove tonsil stones you can't see

comparison over here a nickel okay is it
absolute I sell more that is just gross
okay I take it boy wait horn one I get
in position wait I have to get the
flashlight right am I to get this ready
and I think I might throw up don’t throw
hold on wait William I don’t want to
open wait let me just see you can’t see
it anymore it’s just tucked in oh yeah
you can
that’s a tiny one but when you open it
when you open up the tonsil pocket
uh-huh okay well open up the tonsil
pocket why are you being all nice day in
video and the real issue just shut up
well like I get ready good angle
all right
oh my god okay put them all next to each
other that was just a little oh my
fucking god
you sure know how many more oh my god is
that the most conscious as ever

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