How To Replace Rear Window Regulator 01-07 Volvo V70

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How To Replace Rear Window Regulator 01-07 Volvo V70 Video

volvo xc90 window regulator replacement

How To Replace Rear Window Regulator 01-07 Volvo V70 Video Transcript

2004 volvo xc90 rear window regulator replacement

hi I’m Mike the 1a auto we’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years hey everyone sue here from 1a auto and today on our three Volvo v70 I’m gonna show you how to install a window regulator in the back passenger door if you need this part or any other part for your car click on the link below and head on over to 1a auto calm these clips are a push pin you just push in the center it’s the first stage and then you can just pop it out that’s what it looks like to reinstall it you push that pin in out all the way like that then you could put it in and flatten it out so we’re gonna take all the pins all the way around and hold the panel on there’s two on the inner side of the panel so don’t don’t forget those there’s two on the bottom and then the two on the side we’re gonna take this plastic cover off and underneath it should be a mounting screw of some sort I just use a pocket screwdriver because you’ve got to get something real thin in there and then I’ll use the body tool to pop that out as you can see it’s a Torx bit head on that mounting screw and this is a t25 I’m just gonna back that right out now we can just grab the panel we’re gonna raise it up off of the top window ledge and the lock button you can push down help just lift it up like that so to pop this cable off this two clips right here one on the top one on the bottom just gonna kind of spread those and pull out at the same time it comes right off then we have the connector for the main switch for the back window sorry not the main switch from the back switch see that tab right there push down on that pull that out now we have the panel I’m gonna take off the insulation and it has glue from the factory as you can see it’s like up foam glue so we’re just gonna peel that back try not to break the actual insulation I switched over to a razor blade trying to stop any tears unwanted tears we’re gonna take the window switch out of the back passenger door panel and you have these little four tabs as one here when they are two on the other side I just take a pocket screwdriver push it aside and try to sneak out back let’s do the back first that might be wiser because I can’t see back there thank God so I’m going to connect the window switch without the panel so that I can operate the window I’ve got to bring it down so I can dismount where the two mounting bolts go to the glass and there are the two mounting rivets one here and one there we’re gonna take a drill bit and we’re going to drill the center of the rivets and that way they’ll pop right out and then we’ll support the glass with some tape now we’re going to the rivets have a little bit of metal still stuck in the regulator so glass should not fall down on you so now we can pop it out of that and raise up the glass seems pretty tight but don’t let that fool you I’m gonna use some painters tape we have two other points of rivets that we have to drill up we have one here and then one down there on the bottom of the rail this one holds the motor so the bracket goes there and it goes without saying the drill bit you want to do the goal is to cut out the center of it you can see that broke free so I’ll just take a cold chisel and snap that down so make sure you don’t pick a drill bit that’s too small because you want to cut the flat surface same with the bottom see if we went all the way through yep so now I just have that ten millimeter nut inside ten millimeter socket shall I say so before I pry the regulator with motor out I’m gonna disconnect the electrical motor and that’s a tab right there I’m gonna use it a little pocket screwdriver push down on that and you pull back on the harness now we can grab the rail II here we have our brand new regulator with motor mounted from 1a auto and here we have the manufacturer when we just took out of our oh three Volvo v70 and is the rear driver’s rear passenger door window regulator there right identical in everything mounting brackets color brackets and the electrical outlet same shape if you need this pot or any other part for your car click on the link below and head on over to 1a auto calm I’m gonna place the new regulator in the window in the door we have a stud on the top that’s gonna go through this hole right there let’s see if we can get it through now I can let it hang I’m gonna plug the electrical connector in just push it till it clicks and I’m gonna put the mounting nut on the top just just snug it so that I can hold it in place while I read it the rest of it in that’s a 10 millimeter socket just hand snug that here we have a window regulator rivet gun it’s a extra large sized rivet gun for the heavy duty rivets that go in some american-made cars so it comes with everything you see here it’s got the oversize rivet gun it has five attachments for different sized by owners of rivets and it gives you the size on the side has a catch bin for the actual nail type leftovers when they pop out instead of falling on the floor that’s a plus it comes with the wrench comes with some lock bolts and nuts so if you need this tool or any other tools click on the link below and head on over to one a Auto comm so now we’re gonna grab our rivet gun from 1a auto and I’m going to install the rivet right into the tool like that find my mounting Oh line them up see that’s lined up for the motor bracket and I’m going to install the rivet make sure it goes right through the both brackets and then compress and when you use a rivet gun when you open the arms again bring it back down on to the pin and it snaps off and on this particular gun it’s awesome when I open it up the danger part the nail part that some people leave on the ground next thing you know you got a flat tire goes right into this catch pin that’s nice so now we’re gonna grab on another rivet open the arms load it and go to the bottom part here bring my arm in here I might have to move the bracket back and forth to line up the hole pushing the force into the door I squeeze the arms when I bring it open push back into the door squeeze the arms and then hold it upright and the pitfalls in there now that regulator is nice and tight I can tighten the top nut our switch is still mounted so now I can put the key on and I’m gonna lower the regulator down so that I can get my rivet gun in and rivet the glass to the regulator I want to get it lined up so that I know I can get my rivet gun at this pin in the one in the back also I think that’s pretty good location right there so now I’m going to undo my tape and slide my winner down now with the tape removed I’m gonna grab my glass firmly and I’m gonna slide it down and I want it to stay straight in the runners I don’t want it to fall at an angle you can see the old rivets are right there that’s perfect that’s what I wanted too lined up in that way now with the glass down I can expose the old rivets that are still stuck in the glass so I’m gonna take a smaller drill bit and I’m gonna try to drill those rivets right out so I can reinstall the glass so we got that one by drilling it to a dick size up and going through the center of it so I’m going to do the same thing to this side now that we’ve finished punching out our drilling out the rest of the rivet that was left behind I’ve got my new rivets lined up in straight out nice now with all our rivets in place I’m gonna check out the motor one more time make sure the window goes up sits in place and goes down nice and smoothly and we’re going to disconnect the switch so we can put it back in the panel so you’re gonna make sure that you’re got the switch facing the correct way you’re gonna line up the mounting tabs and push it up in the stepping right into place I’m gonna carefully guide this back through the bracket here get it to fall into place wants to fall into place naturally it just seems to automatically stick back to that adhesive that white foam so now we’re going to reinstall the inner handle cable it’s got this plastic piece that just lines right up perfectly flat square and just snap it in now we can connect the electrical connector that’s for the window switch I’m gonna put the latch the lock down all the way see if I can guide my cable back into the plastic put that into the hole and you’ll see that ridgeline up here put your panel right into that Ridgeline nice and firm and then push down I confirm that my mounting hole lines up and it does and all my six pins line up I’m gonna put the pins in first that is to make sure that divot piece is extended out not in show you how to do these all the way around got it into place with that pin out and then you push the pin in until it’s flush like that do that to all six of them that’s the last pin and now we’re ready to install the mounting bolt it’s located in the handle so it’s a t25 pain that right out and put the plastic protective cover on you know two plastic guides see how it sits so it goes down in that way snaps right into place thanks for watching visit us at one arrow comm for quality auto parts fast and free shipping and the best customer service in the industry

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