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– I spend an enormous amount of time planning, scripting, setting up, shooting, editing, and posting my videos. And, that’s just for YouTube. It’s easy to post some links on your video, and a few social media networks but you can get 10 times the exposure by simply repurposing your already existing content. Here’s 11 ways to do that. – One, transcripts. – A transcript of your video or podcast is easy at $1 a minute with Rev and, they do all the work. Now, take the transcript and simply post it on your blog or website. You can also submit it to other websites, who use it as a guest host post. Okay, that’s actually two tips in one. – Two, clips and mashups. – Take your already awesome video or a podcast, or a number of them, and turn them into quick tips and mashups. These can be informative, funny, or whatever. Funny and helpful are the best. Oh, you’re still here. Walks into a bar. To remember the right socks. (shouting) – I get paid a million pretend bucks – Three, memes. – A meme is a humorous image, video, or a text that is spread on the Internet. They’re fun, memorable, and easy to share. You can build these easily in Canva, Photoshop, or apps like Bitmoji, which will turn you into a cartoon character. – Four, spinoffs. – Maybe you had a video or a podcast that touched on a subject not part of the show. Or, you realize there is a topic that takes much deeper coverage. Spinoffs allow you to create more great content, add to your original content, which can be back referenced to, and you further establish yourself as an authority and expert. Of course, you can use all the previous tips of transcribing them, making more clips, including these in your next mashup and submitting these to guest posts. – Five, case studies. – You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do a case study and people love these things since they are trustworthy. You’re doing what you are probably already do. Presenting story from start to finish, providing solutions and helping others. These should be written, while with plenty of graphics, don’t forget to provide the actual study stats. You can also use these in a layer tip on infographics. – Six, free stuff. – Maybe you have an email list, maybe you don’t but realize it is your best marketing tool ever since these people gave you their names. The easiest way to keep your email list hot or to build a new one is to give away free stuff. You’re trading your stuff for their email address and most people are okay with that because they are opting in and getting something in return. These can be downloadable items, a lecture from an online course you are developing, you name it, that will depend on your audience. You can reward new subscribers with something free but really, most people jump at the chance to get something free for their email. It shows you trust them so, they trust you. – Seven, infographics. – People love infographics, these funny cute or intricate graphic pathways. If you take your video or a podcast and condense it into its main points, you can use that to entice people to watch or listen to your video or podcast. They are fun to make and is another way to repurpose your already created content and post it to your blog and social media channels. – Eight, live Q and A. – You can host live sessions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. After your original podcast or video post, you host a live show and it keeps your viewers and listeners engaged and talking with you. What else can I do to look and sound more natural on camera? – Well think about how people talk. They don’t talk in one long fast rapid fire sentence, there are pauses. – You’ll also get a ton of valuable feedback on future shows straight from the people that watch and share them. – Nine, republish to LinkedIn, Medium and Reddit. Take those videos and podcasts and don’t forget those transcripts and repost them to LinkedIn, Medium and Reddit. – Ten, guest posts. – This is not jut repurposing, but extra value added. You take your video or podcast and write a post around that and submit it to high authority or high traffic web sites. It further builds you as an authority through them and the back links to your content can help you create a SEO juggernaut starring you. – Eleven, email series. – Add some real value to the people who gave you their email addresses. Create a series of emails for each video or podcast you’re creating. Another successful method of gaining new followers is to offer a series of email trainings that take place over time, such as the next few weeks. You spend a lot of time creating podcasts and videos and repurposing that content, as mentioned, is easily done and will help you reach a larger audience, boost your SEO, position you as an expert authority, reinforce your message with repetition, increase your return on investment for each piece you create, save you loads of time. So, make as much new content as you can for each new podcast or video and spread it far and wide across the web, expanding your base and getting the most out your valuable time and money. And don’t forget, there are even more creative content style ideas out there. If you have any, leave them in the comments below. I hope that helps. Thanks for watching.

repurpose podcast content

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