How To Run Script Over Ssh Tutorial. Ios Apple Shortcuts

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How To Run Script Over Ssh Tutorial. Ios Apple Shortcuts Video

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How To Run Script Over Ssh Tutorial. Ios Apple Shortcuts Video Transcript

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hi guys welcome back to another Apple shortcuts tutorial and today I’m going to show you how to use the run script over SSH tool in Apple shortcuts this is a really useful tool that will allow you to execute commands and scripts on a remote computer over the Internet in this tutorial I’ll show you how to build a shortcut using the run script over SSH to use your iPhone to execute a command or run a command or script on your Mac firstly what is SSH well SSH stands for secure shell and it’s an internet protocol that allows you to securely transmit encrypted messages or data or scripts over the internet from one device to another SSH is a very common protocol used widely throughout the technology industry and it can be used to run any form of scripts that you like so in this tutorial we’ll be doing a very simple script of opening a a Safari web browser on your Mac remotely using your iPhone so firstly let’s have a look at the scripts that are going to run so on your Mac open up terminal now once you got terminal open you can write the following command which is open – a safari and then a web address so we’ll do YouTube first now when you press ENTER what does do is it will open up in the Safari browser and that is just a very basic simple script that we can execute using terminal so let’s try another script we’re going to open up a different website so again the same script open – a safari and then it’s time we’ll open up Google and what we can do once press enter is that we’ll open up Google in Safari so that’s an a little tutorial on how to run a basic script on a Mac now what we’re gonna do is run these scripts remotely using our iPhone to do this we need to have remote login switched on on our Mac so open up System Preferences and then click on sharing and make sure that the remote login box is checked now you loosen just make a note of the SSH for your Mac so that will follow the format of your username at IP address so make a note of that and now we will need this information later on when we’re building the script in Apple shortcuts so once you made a note of your username and IP address now we need to actually build the shortcut so open shortcuts on your iPhone and choose the run script over SSH tool now we just need to fill in the details so for the host we simply just input the IP address that we got from our Mac for the port leave it as default 22 for the user that’s just the username that we got earlier from the from your Mac that’s the old GUI your login for your Mac and the password is the password that you use to log in to your back so fill in those details into the run script over SSH tool so once you’ve filled in these details we can actually now input the script that we’re going to use that we want to execute on our Mac so let’s just we’re going to use the same script that we looked at earlier so open – a safari and then we want to open up in YouTube so type in the YouTube URL we want to done that and we’re finished it’s as easy as that that’s all we have to do we just fill in the details when we write our simple script and we’ve now finished the shortcut so we can just kind of just go ahead and rename our shortcut I’m just going to rename it SSH example to show you how it works and once you’ve renamed it we can then go ahead and test it out so if you open up the shortcuts out but I’m gonna press the SSH example that we just created and what it will send a command over the internet from my phone to my mic to open Safari which it has done here and that’s it that’s the end of this tutorial as you see it was really easy to create a script in Apple shortcuts and then you can just input your custom script or whatever you want to send over the internet and you can send it straight to your Mac very easily this has a lot of really useful examples and use cases for anything where you want to do something remotely over the internet you can be in another country and you could still send a command over the Internet to your Mac so it has a lot of uses not only does this work on Mac it also works for Windows as well so if you want me to do a tutorial on how to use run script over SSH to control a Windows computer let me know in the comments and I will make a tutorial video on how to do this in Windows as well let me know down in the comments what you’re using this script for I’ll be interested to know and also if you want me to make any tutorials specific tutorials on certain features and Apple shortcuts or you want to know how to use something up or shortcuts comment down below and I will make a tutorial showing you how to use that specific feature in Apple shortcuts and or if you want me to make a shortcut for you you don’t know how you want something you’ve got an idea but you don’t how to make it comment down below and I will do do it do it Oriole on how you can build that shortcut so thanks for watching guys subscribe share I like and I’ll see you in the next video

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