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How To Search Jobs? In Australia. Video

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hello guys so welcome back to my channel and dissolution Gautam and today I’m back with in another video where actually going to tell you about how you can find in job in Australia in this city in this country and I will share my experience that how I did find my job out how hard it was initially but later you will find it easy the thing is that in this country still something like miyajima still exists actually not exactly the nepotism I mean what I mean to say is that suppose that you know is still in this country like your friends is quite very important that if you have got your friends then it’s quite easy for you to get the job for example if in a straw for example let me suppose our KFC stroy in a city city so if someone whom I know who is my relatives if he is working if he or she is working in that store and if that guy reports me in that store then of course it’s of course then I will get that I will get job there very easily but if I don’t have any real friends or if I don’t have anyone whom who is actually working there it’s very hard for me to enter in that place so actually it’s something like the MEP toys them you know it still exists in this country so which I actually don’t like but anyway it’s still a very good country to to get a job and to do it still you know they actually see your skills and talent all right so ladies so let’s just start so for the first thing how you can actually find the job in this country is okay the thing is that the first thing what you can do is just make you resume me a very nice assuming and just stay away to the very source actually that that’s like in first and searching so for that it’s very simple you just make your resumee you know microsoft word pad and you print it and you just deliver eight-way you want to apply for the job that’s like that always comes in the first priority that’s like an additional way of finding the job I’m still that is on the top in Jesus in case of searching jobs okay the second thing is in Australia the online searching jobs are quite famous for example you can find you a job on see on indeed even on the gum tree jobs actually lots of people they they actually do rely on this application I mean these job applications or you can say whatever you can say I mean it’s like an online way of finding your jobs actually even me I mean I find my almost every jobs through gum tree applications actually it’s it’s like an you know okay let me tell you about the gum tree application it’s kind of normal application it’s like an you know the the local marketing and the companies like a locomotive a actually people put their advertisement on it and we can go and go in that application and we can just search it and you know if someone is looking for someone if someone is looking for employed then you can just message him you can call him if there’s some something like email then you can just mail you resume me or you can just mail a message and that’s how you do apply the job you know it’s for online okay okay well the third thing is that you can actually go to the social medias until there are lots of companies who actually post there you know I mean the vacancies for the jobs English social media platform like faithful tumbler they still a lot more platform otherwise you can okay after the social medias you can actually you know I mean you can go to the bookstore and get a newspapers where actually you know a lots of company they put there but I’ve been there to get the employees so after after Gumtree and saying indeed you know after this all online online searching jobs I will actually recommend you to get the newspaper and and I’m sure that you will find something in the newspaper though because I have seen lots of newspaper where actually a lot of job vacancies are always there so of course there’s still a lot of chance I mean and the thing is that I dread when I’m asleep I actually not afraid because sometimes what I have found is that in while doing the online searching for the jobs in the windows in those online application there are lots of fraud and scam advertised many know which actually is very bad a lots of students a lots of immigrant people they actually get you know I mean they just go sleep inside and they just I mean it’s very bad actually you know when you get struck in those type of scam or something like that quick fuse so anyway whenever you do apply in India online jobs you know especially just be careful while doing that because I had because I have not gone through those situation but there are lots of my friends who have been actually gone through that condition for example actually this is a real example I’m going to tell you about that the thing is that there was one posting Gumtree jobs what kind of guy he was looking for some cleaners and house house cleaners and then what happened there was some of my friend I mean we were not so close I mean she just like my like my friend actually applying that job and she did and she got replied from that I mean from that guy who actually caused that at what Iran and then and then the guy he just called her for the trial and I mean one day he took trial to date he took trial to digital I mean it’s something like you know the guy he was just using hard work is using her time but after three four day he didn’t pay her any money I mean it’s it’s quite illegal in this place you know I mean you just can’t call someone for the free trial again I mean you can have someone for the trial not more than two hours so but that guy was actually using her hard work using hard time almost three four days and later he just he didn’t call her I’m gonna get you like used I don’t use her so in this way you can you know got struck in this type of freak news so always be careful whenever you do apply jobs online okay and the third one as I told you you can go to the bookstore you can get the newspaper and from the newspaper you can find the jobs and you can go to the social medias and you can follow the company they actually do post some of the job vacancies on those social media platform but anyway just be careful anyway you reapply no it might be even the scam or something like wait or the fake advertisement act alright guys so that was something which I actually share with you I mean that was my four son experience when I was new here I mean so that’s it I mean I just showing you some of the way how you can find a job so anyway hopefully best of luck guys I hope I wish that he will show fine your job your dream job I mean best of luck guys so anyway if you guys like this video then please do like share and subscribe and please

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