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how to see george nelson

it can stand for a variety of aims or ambitions what has a greater impact on style is how an artist stands in relationship to his or her intention this may sound complicated but it’s not how someone holds the brush will determine a lot intention does matter but the impulse guiding the hand often differs is even of a different type from that described in the wall text call it pragmatism as frank O’Hara wrote with characteristic ebullience in person ISM a manifesto it’s just common sense if you’re going to buy a pair of pants you want them to be tight enough so everyone will want to go to bed with you there’s nothing metaphysical about it artists have long been involved with all manner of ideas but really big ideas are few and far between George Balanchine whose choreography bristled with ideas about modernity musicality tempo fashion abstraction faith the new woman etc didn’t much like to talk about any of them he famously told his biographer to imagine that he was writing the story of a racehorse the ideas came out in his style in our own era average-sized ideas that is to say most ideas are easy Frank again they’re just ideas often what passes for an idea is on closer inspection really propaganda someone wants something wants to promote something the hard part is finding a form the most convincing works tends to be those in which the thinking is inseparable from the doing the big idea people will always be among us but are more often to be found talking to credulous collectors or to themselves nothing wrong with big ideas but they aren’t especially relevant to figuring out how something works or doesn’t I doubt if anyone ever loved a painting because of the ideas it supposedly contains though there are plenty of examples of the reverse and being able to explain a work of art to spin a narrative around it does not make it good good intentions don’t help much either would that it were so easy the late sculptor Ken price put it best nothing I can say is going to improve how it looks sometimes what we call an idea is really more of an enthusiasm the passing intellectual whether artists are curious they pursue all kinds of obscure knowledge some like to do research and art seems like as good a place as any to show off one’s interests the ideas with staying power are those that intersect with an artist’s inclination for form causing it to deepen and expand like a paper flower that blooms when you put it in water the right idea one that is in productive sync with one’s talents can unlock a whole worldview if that idea is also part of a sensibility that is forming and spreading in the larger culture or a zeitgeist a multiplier effect comes into play and the art will resonate strongly with the viewing public we will feel that it expresses us a desire to feel that synchronicity has led some artists as well as critics to seek out the big idea in advance in practice achieving that resonance is virtually impossible to map out ahead of time too many factors are involved I am by temperament a little wary of art that to directly tries to express its cultural moment besides what is left once that moment has passed most art that projects a sense of vitality responds to indeed is part of the situation cultural historical intellectual in which the artist finds herself it could hardly be otherwise but the correspondence is seldom one-to-one art that shows up an already ratified position or illustrates today’s headlines is likely to have a brief shelf life if good art illustrates anything at all it’s likely to be a story you didn’t even know needed telling what is art anyway do we need to know can’t we just be satisfied with John Baldessari stick tum’ art is anything an artist does and let it go at that it’s a little broad the essays in this collection start with the premise that art is something someone made art in things was the architect Charles voice EES credo for the Arts and Crafts movement around the turn of the last century and it still has a nice ring to it because art even what’s known as conceptual art is also a thing someone

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