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smart speaker is the next popular smart home device and we’ve seen more of them designed with a battery so they’re more portable the charging system usually consists of a USB charging port can be USB micro-b or type-c the input power can charge the battery and can also provide power to system through a power management IC when the input power is not present the battery will provide power to the system the battery ranges from 1 to 4 s usually the more powerful the speakers are the higher battery cell count and voltage you want to use to alleviate the current through the pass some design considerations the adapter if you want to design for a 5 volt USB and a 2 S battery a boost Charter is needed if you want to design a Type C PD charging system you will need to consider a buck boost charter since the v bus voltage can vary from 5 volts to 20 volt the V in DPM and the input current optimization features are important for USB since sometimes the adapter can be weak or the power cord can be long so there is a lot of voltage drop along the line V in DPM an IC o—- are there to make sure that the charging system doesn’t crash the power source the next design consideration and also a very good feature is the instant on when you have a depleted battery you want a smart speaker to play music right away when you plug in the adapter the power path or the battery fats between the system and the battery will help in this case a side benefit of the power path is that you can cut off the trickle charge current once the battery is full thus it makes the battery life longer the speakers are unique in that the need to cope with the transient loads the low RL of the battery fat is important to minimize the IR drop higher battery cell count is also helpful to give more voltage leeway for sudden load increase some power management IC s have the on demand boost function where the digital processor forces a sudden loud sound or a bass sound and it boosts the power rails beforehand to prepare for the corresponding load increase popular chargers in smart speakers are the multi cell buck boost chartered the BQ 25 seven one three and the boost charger BQ twenty five eight eight to be q28 d610 and BQ 27 two to zero are the popular gauges

what does a smart speaker do

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