How To Set Husqvarna Fast Idle

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How To Set Husqvarna Fast Idle Video

husqvarna chainsaw wont idle

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I’m Roger welcome back to the tractor tech Channel I want to talk about the test auto on a husk corn a chainsaw and show you how it works festival is useful if your chainsaw is flooded or you use the best Idol after your choking us all it starts for a second and it dies you probably want to put it on fast i within this all’s been set in a few minutes and you got to restart it when he gets bad stock put the saw one fast totle pull out on the choke then push it back in once you touch the throttle the saw will come off a stop I hope this tip helps you get your sauce started easier thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and consider subscribing to my channel for more videos like this if you already subscribed please ring the bell so you’d be the first to know about my new videos

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