How To Set Up Mpvi Pro And Pro Link For Analog Signal

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How To Set Up Mpvi Pro And Pro Link For Analog Signal Video

hp tuners mpvi pro

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hp tuners mpvi pro

everybody its brayer at the tuning school and today we’ll be talking about the much anticipated and long-awaited HP tuners pro link and pro feature set the features and how to use it since HP tuners release of these new MP VI 2 units they have lacked the ability to record an external analog input into the V cm scanner and what that means is typically you can’t record your wideband in the scanner now the solution to this point has been to use AEM x-series wide bands that are equipped with CANbus because these wide bands are equipped with cam bus it goes directly into the unit here giving you the ability to record that air/fuel ratio up wide open throttle the downside to using these units is it excludes any vehicle that is not equipped with can bus so anything from 1998 to 2006 to 2007 is excluded and using that wideband all of those issues are now gone away because HP tuners has released their pro league system but if you want to find out more information about how to use a standard unit with that x-series wideband you can check out the video above or check out the link in the description with the new release of the HB Turner’s Pro feature set and the pro link cable that you see here you can now record up to 2 analog inputs in one canvas input in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to wire it the analog input and set it up in the scanner as well as transforming the signal if you want more information on how to wire a can bus input check out this video above or the link in the description to begin recording analog inputs you’re going to need to wire your wideband output to either the blue analog wire or the red analog wire to the pro link cable then you’re gonna wire the signal ground or sensor ground to the black ground wire on the pro link cable at this point you can now plug the parlez cable into the side of the HP tuners units itself the daytona sensors wide bands that we commonly use the analog AFR output is the fourth wire from the top of the unit you will connect that wire to one of the analog wires in the pronet cable like you see here we’re using analog one which is a blue wire next the signal ground needs to be wired to the black wire like you see here and it shares the same as the normal signal ground that goes from the unit to the power source he would mine while this process applies directly to de Daytona sensors white bands it is generic in the sense that you could use it with any other wideband as long as has that five hole AFR output it’s going to work very similarly you just have to figure out what wire colors and what points on the unit you’re going to need to connect you now that your wideband is connected to the HP tuners ProLiant cable you’re gonna want to go into the V cm scanner set up the wideband and transform its signal now keep in mind to this point if you have yet to purchase the pro feature set for your standard unit this will not work you’ll need to do that first and we’re gonna talk about that at the end of the video but other than that you will also have to make sure that your V cm scanner is the latest version of the v CM scanner the way that you would do that is with your V cm scanner open you’re gonna go to the top of the screen where it says help and then you’re going to go to about at this point the software will actually check for an update all on its own and as you can see mine says there’s no updates found that means I’m on the latest version if you have an update available there’ll be a button here for you to push it will automatically update your software now that we’ve verified that were on the latest version of the v CM suite and the HP tuners units connected to the car while it’s connected to our laptop with the pro link cable connected we can now go to our channels list and set up this wideband do this we’re gonna right click anywhere in the channels list we’re gonna select add channels from here we’re gonna go to the external input section so we are using the MPI – so that’s only want to select after we select the MPI – folder we’re gonna select the Prolink subfolder and then you’re gonna select whichever input you happen to be wired into for the pro link cable now I’m using the blue wire today so that means we’re gonna be on input 1 if you’re using the red wire you’re gonna be on input – so you’re gonna double click to add this to your channels list and at this point we can close the channel selector pop-up window down we now need to transform this signal so it doesn’t just display a no voltage it actually shows us an air-fuel ratio so the way that we’re gonna do that is we’re gonna right-click on that channel and we’re gonna select transform now once we’re in this transform selector window we have to locate the wideband that we’re using so we’re gonna go to the oxygen sensor section and expand the air/fuel ratio folder now you want to find the wideband that you are using now in some cases like with our Daytona censors unit that we have here it’s not actually in the list of predefined wide bands from HP tuners when that is the case the easiest thing to do is to click the wideband at the top of the screen which is the AM 4110 and you want to click it one time once you click that once you can click the copy to user-defined icon that you see here at this point you want to reference your wide bands instructions to figure out what the actual function is so the function is going to tell you what air/fuel ratio of the wideband reads at 0 volts and what air/fuel ratio of the Y Bement reads at 5 volts HB tuners needs to know the zero volts setting so I know from experience with using these wide bands a lot that the function is zero point five four three and ten point three so now that we’ve got that in there we can go ahead and click OK at this point you can start scanning and what you will notice is that our Y vent is reading it says 19 right now because the vehicle is not running the sensor is essentially in free air we’re gonna fire the vehicle up this wideband would work perfectly fine having air fuel ratio record inside the channels list like I’ve showed you here has many benefits the biggest one probably is the fact that you can utilize our course material to create an AF our air graph this graph helps you to dial in the wide open throttle feelings very quickly and effectively now that we’ve shown you how to actually set it up inside the scanner let’s talk about how to purchase these products and what you’ll need to purchase if you’re an existing MP VI – owner you want to upgrade to the pro feature set for 249 dollars now this set is a digital upgrade it’s going to take this unit from a standard unit to a pro unit it requires no physical hardware modification whatsoever it’s just simply something that HP tuners switches in the background there’s many features that come with this pro feature set things like standalone data logging which will be available in the future as well as an expander hub that allow you to do more than just the two analog inputs and many more options but the most important thing is when they do that pro feature set upgrade it allows this cable to work with this unit now if you buy the pro feature set for $249 it comes with the pro link cable that you see here if you would like multiple pearling cables that can be purchased at an additional $34 charge so that you have those option if you already have these units now don’t have an NPI to unit yet what you want to do is purchase a pro unit right out of the gate and that’s gonna run you five hundred and forty nine dollars now all these products that you see here including the wide bands can be purchased on our website the two nice cool calm or you can reach out to our sales staff for more information by emailing them at info at the two new school comm I hope everybody enjoyed this video and that it gets you excited about utilizing all the potential of these brand new MP VI two units for more high performance tuning knowledge make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel and don’t forget to stay tuned hey guys hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button also check out our other videos and if you’re interested in any tuning products check out our website you

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