How To Setup Your Sony Fdr-X3000 To Capture The Best Underwater Videos

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How To Setup Your Sony Fdr-X3000 To Capture The Best Underwater Videos Video

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How To Setup Your Sony Fdr-X3000 To Capture The Best Underwater Videos Video Transcript

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hello guys this is the camera that I use to film underwater it is a Sony FDR X 3000 today I’m going to show you how to get to all of the underwater video features that I use I guess to set it up in the way that I set my camera up for recording videos underwater here is a clip of my footage if you’d like to see more of my footage of course you can click up here or maybe it’s over here somewhere you can click somewhere and also check the description box if you would like an underwater camera like this or my entire camera filming setup in general I’ll have links down there they are affiliate links but it’s like it benefits everybody so doesn’t cost you anything extra check it out if you want to stuff I actually use anyways we are going to get to the filming setting the first thing I want to do is turn on your Sony should make an adorable little clipping noise and then I want you go click the menu button we are going to go down to where it shows a picture of the little like wrench I think that’s a wrench and click the record button which is right here and then go down down down down down down down to the next page and there you see a picture of a camera it’s like the sony has little arrows around it that’s for image stabilization scroll down so that you’re on that click the record button and then you go up so that it is on record again now you’ll see that it shows image stabilization is on now go back to your menu and you’ll see right here there is a picture of a camera what you need to do is click the up arrow and now it shows a picture of a film strip which means you are on video mode so if you click this button it will start recording next thing we are going to do is turn on the vibrancy I want you to go to your menu again go down to this video thingy here click the record button we’re going to go here you can change like the way it records I would leave it on this exact thing here it’s 180 thirty P HQ I don’t know what that means but I leave it on there I’ve heard other people say leave it on there I leave it on that setting I’m gonna keep going down you could ignore all the other things for now I don’t really know what they all do here again it shows video stabilizations on dirted err okay right here it says neutral click on that see how you can go either neutral or vivid I suppose it’s vivid not vibrant go down there click record and you are all set up for filming and you can film your videos you can click the main menu to go back and then you can just hit the record button and there you go if you would like to learn how to put the camera in the underwater housing because you do not want to put it just like this in the water that would be very very bad please click this video right here and that will take you to the video showing you how to put your camera and its underwater housing it is super super super simple thanks for watching I hope you have a happy filming session goodbye

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