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hey today we’re gonna look at how to ski powder the first thing you should have in mind yes like what kind of ski gear are you on today I’m skiing of Scots scrap 115 this is probably not what you’re gonna be skiing but let’s say you’re going on a ski holiday and you hope to rise and powder and you rent carving skis for example that is no fun as you’ll have to lean back too much and it’s not so cool so I’d recommend you maybe rent all-mountain ski this about 100 millimeter in the waist it has a bit of rocker like this when you have a bit of rock it helps the ski to flow it easier so you can have like a normal skiing styles you know as you don’t need to sit back in order to make the skis flipped the easiest way to get started skiing powder is straight after snowfall go skiing if you’re lucky you can find like a slope where it’s been snowing maybe 10 15 centimetres and you can cruise around the powder here and then you can feel how this is different compared to your normal skiing on the slope because the skis can float you know you can go up and down and when you do this you know start thinking about the stance understands when you’re skiing powder it’s pretty much the same as when you’re skiing you know string yourself up sink down into ski boot gentle burn by the waist and I feel some shame pressure something like this hands in the front it’s super important about and then let’s say you’d be skiing with a feet this wide on the slope bring them a little bit closer together and this is because this is less risk once he’s sinking down because if one Singh downs can set off rotation and result in a crash and I always mind the safety don’t just hit out there and you know do a long or feast run it’s like you’re a few kilometers long and then you get back start small sections of powder and then go back to the slope and catch your breath again because it can be really exhausting in the beginning as soon as it’s a little bit deeper it’s a good idea that you find like a mellow pitch where there’s like this much snow you know so you have a little bit of snow you can move up and down it the first thing you can start trying is that you like pump up go down like this almost like jumping but not quite making the skis sink down and pop up sink down and pop up now we’re gonna combine this technique with a turn the up and down move it’s gonna be a little bit slower so you bounce up and down and then you slowly start doing some turns at the photos to decided to turn you like extend your legs a bit helping to rebound off the snow and then you twist the skis on top of the snow pack and down and repeat again it’s gonna make a big difference for you this can be done both you know turning with the skis that the upper board in the ski is eternity at the same time and when you do this you can think of it as a skidded parallel turn focus on keeping a strong core so the upper body turns at the same speed as your skis but it does feel much nicer to be done like a short turn where we keep the upper body rather straight down and then the legs are moving from side to side but this is a little bit tricky to get the beginning so what is important to think about here just like before make sure that you turn on top of the snow pack but the feet and skis are turning independently of the upper body the upper body is pointing more downhill than the skis or my technique here is not quite perfect but you get the point give it a good try I think you’re really gonna enjoy it and it takes a bit of practice and the arms you know you keep them quite far forwards if you had a pole plant it’s gonna be even easier to do and you know a pole plant you basically just do this with your arm because you don’t really want to push it down there and then like push off that’s gonna make you rotate like this and you could possibly spin around and have a crash and it’s important to get the rhythm right when you should pull plants here I’m just finished with this left hand turn a pole plant and finish with a right turn left hand pole plant and then repeat it’s not that tricky but it’s gonna help you a lot with the rhythm and the nice movements doing the palm turns you know so far I’ve showed you basically a flat pitch of pretty decent snow but the terrain is often gonna go up and down and if you turned on top of our little roller then the tails come out of the snow more and easier to turn and it also creates a nice flow that you’ve maybe turn just before the roller and then over there only a turn and then drop in on the other side it really feels good and it makes your terms yeah it makes you turn much easier so this is how you can do shortish turns in powder it’s fun and all it’s good to know for a tree skiing or when it’s really steep but when me and my friends are out skiing or any rad skiers you see on TV they do blasting big turns down big faces cuz it would be really boring to watch a couple of guys do whole plantation short turns in powder a whole ski movie so basically work on your carving technique got a video on that and what is different from carving is that when you’re skiing in powder is that you have to adapt your skiing much quick pending on how the conditions are and for them big swoopy turns instead of like having a bit wider stance for the carve you know feet a little bit closer together and the reason why is that the outside who can sink down if it’s too wide and get pulled back make you spin around and possibly crash it’s shown earlier in this video and you don’t want the car down the steep and what’s happening I’m a bit out of control so I need to put in a speed check the first thing I do it have a bit of angulation like that and then the skis have been turned with the upper body still facing down the hill to be able to let the tail slide out skin a bit so I can reduce the speed thank you for watching Hey honestly I really hope you are gonna try riding powder and that you’re gonna like it I’ll have a playlist here with all our freeride tutorials you can check out the other ones they’ll be out soon you

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