How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free In 5 Easy Steps Video

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free In 5 Easy Steps Video Transcript

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you want the freedom that an online business offers but you’re currently broke or you just don’t have the money to start you’re definitely motivated you’re determined you’re just caught up in an unfortunate situation well listen we’ve all been there my name is Eric Ellis jr. and I’ve got your back when I first started I was broke too and I was able to go from homeless to living the laptop lifestyle in less than twelve months so I’m more than qualified to cover this subject in this video I’ll be covering how to get started with affiliate marketing for absolutely free even if you’re dead broke and before we get into the concert if you want to know my number one recommendation to make money online go ahead and click the first link in the description and if you like videos about entrepreneurship in online marketing make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit that notifications bit what’s going on guys Eric Ellis jr. here and as stated I wanted to go ahead and cover how to get start if you are dead broke or how to get started in affiliate marketing in general for absolutely free right so I’m gonna get it gonna get it right into the content now I’m gonna go in and cover this in five practical steps that you can implement into your your business right right after you finish watching this video and the most important step is number five so make sure you watch this video to the very end to get access to T number one step right so what are the five steps step number one is you’re gonna go ahead and need an affiliate marketing niche right before you even get started for free or know where you want to start right you need to know your niche what is the space or the category or the genre that you’re gonna go ahead and find it for that marketers in affiliate marketing offers in so what I would highly recommend is health wealth and romance the reason why is because there’s their very broad there’s a lot of people in those niches and you’re always going to have a lot of data and a lot of people that you can get your affiliate products in front of which is gonna be very profitable for you so that way we can get you from that broke or not having any money to finally getting one step closer to living that laptop lifestyle right so funny your niche health wealth aromas that’s what I’d highly recommend step number two is we need to go ahead and find a profitable affiliate marketing offer now where are we gonna go ahead and find that offer I would highly recommend clickbank com now there are some affiliate offers that you can invest into that you can actually generate a lot of income from however you’re dead broker you want to get started for free right we’re gonna want to look for offers that we can promote for free and with those profits maybe eventually reinvest right with Clickbank it’s an affiliate network that you can literally find hundreds if not thousands of affiliate offers especially in those three evergreen niches so if you want to figure out where to go what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go ahead and create a Clickbank account once you create a Clickbank account you’re gonna go ahead and log in once you log in you’re gonna go to the marketplace once you go to the marketplace you’re then going to go ahead and search through the categories right on the on the left-hand side with those categories you’re gonna go ahead and look at the health and fitness niche the e-business and emarketing which would be the wealth niche and then the self-help niche where you can find subcategories which is the romance right so depending on which niche you you looked at you’re gonna go in and search for a specific offer now once you go ahead and look through the offers what I’d highly recommend if you’re a complete beginner is searching for the gravity school right so if you look by the offers there’s gonna be a little section in that states gravity right and what the gravity is assembly the amount of affiliates who have generated an income with that affiliate offer within the last within the last week or two right so if other people are making money with it right then you should be able to make money with it now once you find that offer what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to go ahead and use a link shortener which comes to step number three I’ll recommend going to something like bitly comm and once you go to Billy comm you’re literally going to create your link with Clickbank and it gives you this long ugly link that you definitely don’t want to use right once you go to clickbank you’re gonna go ahead and get that long link and you’re gonna go ahead and shorten it and make it more digestible for people something more clickable you could say so that way people would actually want to click on your affiliate marketing links right so you’re gonna go to Billy com shorten your link now step number four is very important right this is where the money is made we need to figure out how to get people to those affiliate offers right how can we get people in front of it who are more likely to buy now what we’re going to do is we’re going to get targeted traffic in front of our affiliate links simply with two ways right and it’s basically SEO marketing SEO content marketing search engine optimization now what does that mean simply we’re going to be creating content around specific keywords that people are searching for to solve a specific problem that our affiliate product sauce let me give you an example right and there’s two ways that I would highly recommend doing this right number one is a YouTube channel which is absolutely free and if you are scared of videos and you’re scared of creating content like this then the second step it’s not free may cost you under $100 very low cost but I’m giving you the free option the free option is youtube but if you don’t want to create content around YouTube then you can create a blog with those blogs which you can do the same YouTube and the blogs a wordpress blog you can start creating content around these specific keywords let me give you three different examples number one if I was in promoting products within the wealth niche what are some things that people are trying to figure out right a keyword that I can make content around is how to make money online right that’s a keyword now when people search for this keyword depending on how good your content is and your watch time whether it’s on your blog the more people stay on your blog right the more Google’s got algorithm is going to say oh this is a really good luv they’re gonna go ahead and keep it and then they’re gonna start ranking your content with YouTube the more you keep people on that YouTube platform the better your content people are gonna watch all the way through your content is gonna start ranking right now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna leverage this content and we’re going to give that person value but then write our contents gonna go ahead and give them some tips to help them get one step closer to that desired result whether if they want to make money online obviously they’re searching how to make money online you can give them information but then our product that we’re gonna be recommending right that link that bitly link that we’re gonna be recommending is going to allow us to promote that product right we’re gonna go ahead and give people value it’s like what Gary Vee says Jab Jab Jab right hook we’re gonna be jabbing and then that right hook is gonna be that product recommendation listen you want to make money online these are some routes if you want quicker results check this out boom you’re gonna recommend your product and those are people who are more likely to buy because it’s search engine optimization people are already searching to solve this problem just like you’re watching this video and you want to go and learn about affiliate marketing if I was to go ahead and recommend a product about affiliate marketing that would get you one step closer to crushing it and getting your desired results you’d be all over it right because people want things quicker another example is with weight loss how to lose weight is a keyword and we’re going to create either a YouTube video or we’re gonna create a a blog post around that keyword now obviously you’re not gonna use that exact keyword you kind of want to switch it up a little bit but we’re gonna make that content we’re gonna start ranking our content and then we’re gonna make product recommendations throughout that content number 3 romance is how to flirt with the opposite sex or something like that right and believe it or not people people will search that how to how to talk to women or something right this keyword these are keywords that people are searching how to get a girlfriend how to get a girlfriend how to flirt these keywords that you can create blog posting around or youtube videos around and then eventually recommend a product that can get that person to their once and then their desires much quicker which will put cash in your pocket so that’s the first option right is search engine optimization marketing and number two is product reviews so what we can do is we can actually just start reviewing the affiliate products right give our take on it and if we like it we give it a positive review and then we recommend it so we can create a blog post of a review and we can create a YouTube video creating a review now if you don’t like the product then what you can do is you can go ahead and say listen I don’t like this product here’s the reasons why however you’re obviously looking at lose weight or you’re obviously looking to make money check this out then you can go ahead and make a product recommendation to something you’re promoting as an affiliate so it’s a win-win whether you like the product or you don’t like the product do the review if you like it recommend it get a commission if you don’t like it then go ahead and recommend something else get a commission now because you’re giving your honest opinion whether you like it or whether you’re not there already on the fence they’re looking to buy so those are very prospective buyers people who are looking to make a purchase which is going to increase your overall your overall earning potential right people are gonna be like literally it’s gonna increase your conversions people are literally ready to buy then in there right so that’s a great method and last but not least step number five I knew I knew step number four it took a little bit longer but step number five is actually the most important out of all of them right if we if we don’t want to stay broke and and we don’t want to continue to do this free right because free takes a while guys I’m gonna be honest with you this takes a while it takes effort this takes consistent energy this takes time but what we can do is we can reinvest step number five reinvest your Commission’s and your revenue and your income back into your business now what are some of the first things that you guys should invest in – number one a sales funnel software click photos if you guys do have a little bit of money there should be a link somewhere down in the description where it says sales funnels you guys can get access to that software right it’s gonna help you automate your sales process so instead of doing those little bitty links it’ll automate your sales process and it’ll allow you to capture leads next you’re gonna need an autoresponder you can find that down below right with an autoresponder you’re going to be able to remarket to your prospects the fortune is in the follow-up and last but not least once you set up these systems right then you want to start reinvesting that money back into paid traffic Facebook Ads Google Ads the list goes on I can continue to do a talk about traffic generation but at the end of the day if we’re talking about free traffic the best traffic is search engine optimization because it’s an evergreen traffic you might create one piece of content that will be generating you passive income for years to come meaning how long are people going to be searching how to make money a lot for years you might you might have created a video in 2015 is 2018 and that video still ranked right that’s the power of search engine optimization mark right so with that being said that is how you creates an affiliate marketing business if you’re dead broke for free no money no cost whatsoever if you like that video be sure to like comment and share and also be sure to smash the subscribers button and notifications about a join wolves nation lastly if you’re tired of working on out of five you want to be your own boss you want to travel the world create a life by design or even just the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want make sure to check out my number one recommendation to make money online by clicking the first link in the description and I want to thank you for spending your valuable time with me I know you could be spinning it somewhere else so thank you and until next time your friend and mentor Eric Geller’s jr. checking out

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