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hey folks this is John the prepper here coming at you from southeastern Pennsylvania wanted to start a video series you know I’m an experienced prepper and I’ve been at this for a really long time but obviously there are a lot of new people getting into the preparedness world every week so I just wanted to start with a quick intro video and talk with you about how to start prepping so the first thing that I recommend is to learn a lot don’t buy a lot okay equipment is great and I am a equipment junkie I’ve cut tons of stuff but before I started buying stuff I really started learning and that’s really the key in my mind to prepping is making sure you actually know what you’re prepping for what should you have what skills should you learn what should you know things like CPR learning how to use a ham radio how to start a fire things like that those are the skills that you can learn usually at no cost or very very low cost on you know watching videos like this or or youtube or reading articles there’s a lot of good information out there just make sure you know you know who you’re listening to or who you’re reading about that’s writing that information out there make sure they actually have some experience so my point is you don’t need to go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff you can certainly start prepping with getting into the right mindset and making sure that you have some of those skills down have a plan have a written plan make a list those are the things you’re gonna hear as you start this process down the road of becoming a prepper or being prepared so you know it’s not always the huge huge things read through a couple of my articles on my website here and you’ll see that it’s not always the huge things that you need to be prepared for there are a lot of small things that will change your life you’ll see some of those if you read through some of the articles on my website here John the proper comm so you know take it for what it’s worth you didn’t pay anything for this video hopefully so you know take it for what it’s worth but my my advice for new Preppers would be to are prepping by being prepared having the information that you need have a plan make sure that your spouse is on board your kids are on board it’s got to be a real true collaborative effort to make sure that everything goes smoothly and definitely read through a couple of the articles on this page I’m an experienced prepper and we recently this year had a couple of different instances where the preparedness skills that I’ve learned came into play and really made a difference but there’s always room for improvement and I never stop learning and that’s why I created this video and each week I’ll be publishing a new video about how to prep so thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit my blog John the prepper comm

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