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hi guys good morning afternoon good night 3 a.m. in the morning while you’re scrolling through Instagram or YouTube today I’m going to show you how to take knee and effective textbook notes I know all of us are really stressed right now because of finals and chess and exams coming up but you just gotta remember to de-stress all the time and today I’m just here to give you a really relaxed video how to take notes for like normal homework or just studying you do on your own so yeah let’s get right to it so right here I’m just writing in my title with my micron 0.5 I like this one because it’s not too bold it’s not too thick it doesn’t get on the way of writing but it isn’t good enough that I don’t see it I like having a bold title so I can immediately see what the notes are on usually I write my titles to be the names of the chapters I’m going over or the topic you want a bold title because if you ever go back to look at your notes before a test or a quiz you’re gonna get lost if you don’t find them easily um you can also use like some kind of colored pen or like after my title I always put like a streak of mild liner because it gives it that little pop of color and it helps me find my notes easier when I’m like flipping through my notes or my binder and like I just want to look at the edge it’s just right there and I always color code my chapter notes because it’s so much easier to find them when they’re color coded like you have no idea how helpful this is I’ve seen a lot of other city tutors and study grammars do this and let me tell you it’s really really helpful don’t ignore tips like these because they’re gonna save your life one day so for the actual body of my notes I use the pilot pen in the side 0.5 in black ink I’ve heard that if you use blue ink pens it helps you memorize things a lot faster and easier I don’t know if this is true but if you want to like try that out if you can tell me how it went in the comments below I kind of want to know – um I actually wasn’t thinking about that what about these pens if I was I would have probably bought blue pen blue pens just to see how it worked but if you want to try that out go ahead I’m really curious about how it goes I know I’ve been really specific about the pens and markers I use but by no means doesn’t mean that you have to use these materials I think that’s starting out with lower class materials I guess is a bit better because then when you get to like more expensive brands you already know how to let her you know how you you know how you want your notes to look you know you’ve established your writing style and I feel like you’re a lot more experienced if you actually use the lower brands first and then upgrade a little by little I mean that’s what I did I started off with Crayola markers Noah’s aren’t markers and transient markers before I even had my old liners or pens um pilot pens I think it’s a great learning experience you have if you don’t start up with the expensive things right away and I encourage you to do it so by no means doesn’t mean that I you have to start out with the expensive things the actual content of my notes is still a lot even after i summarized it in my notes it usually what I do is that I read a whole section or paragraph and then write down a bit of the information that I think is very important in that paragraph or section and then after that if there is any bolded words at all ll write down those words too and the definition because I always think hey if it’s bolded it must be important and you might see I might see it later on in the textbook and if there’s any extra information on that word or topic or term I will also write it down and summarize it a bit because I know that having extra information on things is always very helpful when coming back to look at your notes because you’ve liked red like chapter 50 and you need a term or word or information you’ve read in like chapter 30 so you wouldn’t be tired of hearing this and you’ve heard it from so many people but draw diagrams especially if you’re taking a textbook notes where you know your textbook offers diagrams of a lot of things copy down those diagrams so you don’t have to go back to the textbook time and time again just till I get that one diagram suggests it might be kind of obvious but if you start earlier in the video I kind of stopped writing rub it all I was talking because I was moving stuff around um the purpose for that was that I didn’t really read the text in my textbook always have always always always have your textbook either next to you or directly in front of you so you can see what you’re actually reading because if you don’t you might skip a word or you might skip a whole line or you might even skip a whole paragraph it happens so always keep your textbook somewhere where you can clearly read it and if you can’t keep a device nearby but don’t go on it like just keep it there so you can look up information if you need to do so but other than that don’t get distracted the rest of the video will just be kind of like a study with me kind of thing these are the tips I have for you I’ll probably make another video related to this someday in the future just inky’s like I find out new tips or anything like that if you would like to see more continent of mine subscribe if you want to see a certain type of video leave it crusted down in the comments below give a thumbs up if you like this video or give me feedback in the comments to see what I could do better um and you guys if it’s 3 a.m. where you live go to sleep man you probably have school tomorrow just go to sleep and for those of you who aren’t just waking up and watching this video for inspiration you’re gonna do great ok you’re gonna have a great day it’s gonna be a great day and for those of you who are in the afternoon I know you have homework I know you have homework so get to it man bye guys see you next video

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