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how to train your dragon the hidden world trailer

thanks for watching and don’t forget to click the link below in order to find out more flew over the century in the hotel as big as life vacation oh you can eat buffet full-service spa yeah so impressive it’s like a hotel on the water okay thank you oh no Bobby’s gonna puke Susan you take Jerry to be your husband what’s the difference between Episcopalian and Lutheran Episcopalians don’t eat fish that’s that’s what’s Harry that’s not a religion they’re all fanatics I don’t know you you may kiss the bride please tell me what’s going on here our group of friends has been playing the same game of tag for 30 years what for the entire month of May every year we play tag you never know when someone’s gonna pop up congratulations buddy you’re in doing great Anna our buddy Gary he’s the best that ever played and how he wants to retire never been tagged just saying who’s it touched it super-nice your watches I don’t know how to do that I don’t wear watch time is a construct this game is giving us a reason to be in each other’s life I think your dad would’ve really wanted you guys connected it’s not about trying to get away from each other it’s actually about having a reason to be around each other so how long you been sober on I’m not sober I’m high right now I’m just here to tag my friend he thinks he’s caught me off guard oh my god I’ve caught him off guard hazel coffee what kind of bitch drinks hazelnut you do you know what makes a real hero it’s not the costumes the gadgets the cool powers it’s having your own movie and that has always been my dream what are you doing just giving the people what the wall it’s not about Wonder Woman it’s about us the Teen Titan no one wants to see us fool Wonder Woman inspires people and we do not yes Wonder Woman is great but I love Wonder Woman narrator guy just do your thing and the creators of Teen Titans go it’s about courage it’s about action it’s the superhero movie to end all superhero movies we wasn’t a fort that was just air leaving my butt which is a fart Teen Titans goes to the movies because if Aquaman can get a movie anyone care you threat in this with Hungarian buttons we will just delete each other Tojo things when you talk with each other side they won’t sell Japan down you look is all about in there are you fighting the undercount Monica Joan Bush fishy what’s up Suki pclob Akira Japan you know we’re supporting the pasta days doctor Shirokov did you tell me did you just did you just miss a much for seein all their pictures it just tickles each case that you just educate you know SEO news day to do baby cares maybe just two baby girls do decals are you two seconds behind us every day’s a grind see on the next go-round vigor easy this woman approached me out of nowhere I’m sorry if we met she wants me to find a passenger carrying some kind of bag someone on this train does not belong all you have to do is find that you might cool yeah they’re watching you what the hell this won’t leave the train find the bag and don’t get caught I do memories others you still have a job to do don’t make me hurt someone you loved you have no idea we up against who are you what do you know there’s a witness it was a deeper the wrong kind of people if I identified someone MS Ryan’s gonna kill them look what you did Michael she’s trying to shut me up you’re out of time – this I’m not gonna let them hurt you you have made your choice I know after straight now no Harvey hooya protector we have to protect face your fears there’s a whole display before you in the dark you should know you’re beautiful just the way both tell your destiny and some change to fear the ends respect just can’t fight them what love is always there even if you can’t see we should have stories that invite everyone into it everyone should be able to see themselves I tried you have faith in who you are you you’ve been to so many places was it lights miserable you’re either sunburned sleep-deprived or seasick and after a few days there’s that loosen ations why do you do it it’s a fear it’s intense fish you I’m doing from the horizon you must be a sailor – I take it I don’t know that I would consider myself a sailor oh come on no you’re wrong she wants a car oh yeah any time you think you might unhand him how would you like to sail with his head into California verse four thousand miles is insane I’m staying with me Hurricane Raymond has been upgraded to a category 5 sure you’re worried I love you I’m gonna die out here you down philosophy Tony Almeida then I just go something she knows your bajo to you by another pontiff yourself dr. Anita containment yes Donita – ami de tweede among them and so on – under me hope your little polish you catch something judge is one god Sullivan charge for one give us religion Kim Jong is upon casualties of real majority support okay no Monica no name young middle between the moon chessani’s near caper shop No your mother Alma Naruto Koga – Theo Kim Jong shi Tong’s your tea tree in Alameda my father always told me survival is never certain and when there are no more leaders to follow you must become one you can you describe its form No start from the beginning what do you think I do when you’re away you think I’m out in the garden pining looking at the sky I gotta leave a day early your husband’s here let me see him he was extremely ill you have to tell me why why is what he was doing it was his decision to go in it’s something they termed the shimmer they’ve sent in drums in terms of people but nothing comes back but something has you’re a biologist who served in the military if I knew what happened I did save his life the boundary is getting bigger it’s expanding we’re talking four cities States you need to know what’s inside it’s beautiful check this out it’s like they’re stuck in a continuous mutation are they insane they’re know sharks uptake like that not possible you can’t cross great different spaces for us no soldiers on the last expedition they went crazy or something here tell them something’s come through the fence or the fence we have to go back I can’t go back we can camp here tonight it’s destroying everything it’s not destroying it’s making something new you so how long have you been at man again no uh I just sort of happened strikes like bad guys like you I seem to mess it up almost every time maybe you just need someone watch your back like a partner dr. PIM I actually heard what happened to you do open up the quantum rebels that’s when his crazy could be goals too like walks through walls to stuff Stoli otech now supposed to take over the world or whatever fool to believe that in your hour of need you would turn the house out fee because we robbed you do you remember that’s us feeling chest you’ve got this deal and man and the wasp teaming up follow my lead she seems more intense you go low I’ll go high I have wings why would I go low hey what’d I miss we were just tiny I was partners with Hank on a project called Goliath how big did you get my record 21 feet you 65 feet 65 if you two are finished comparing sizes 65 I have seen gods fly I’ve seen men build weapons that I couldn’t even imagine I’ve seen aliens drop from the sky yeah but I have never seen anything like this how much more we are home my son it is your time you get to decide what kind of things you are going to be don’t freeze about yeah you just ride it now cuz we own cuz we oh yeah I waited my entire life for this the world’s gonna start over burn it all what happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world fuck you Oh Rob I used to hold that girl in the palm of my hand Sheila’s becoming a woman dad it’s just a toothbrush Julie left her laptop open booster bar kids she’s gonna get rosy kiss and then touch an eggplant I think she needs pads plan our daughters is some kind of sex pack we’re gonna stop I’m fully planning on getting down tonight wherever the wind sails our ships your ship is going into my Harbor what would Vin Diesel do fast and furious is completely unrealistic Walker’s didn’t you tablet are you aware that olivia is in love with your boyfriend she’s not we stopped Canella pee damn Miguel Olivia let’s get this party started tight Carter truth what are your intentions with our suite Olivia I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here I could tell Olivia was an easy target I brought you all up here cuz I’m ok with strangers dying if it means I get to live what the hell games real okay what have you go what have you do it’ll find you okay something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico oh come on serious I’m seeing things truth all right there dear I know it sounds insane just a little this fine young lady here dared me to show you my business Carter said tell the truth or you die do the dare or you die refused to play you know what screw this you die we’re not playing the game it’s playing us so what do we do only choose truth wait I’m sorry touch me again and I’ll break that hand truth that’s not how this works only game decides break Olivia’s hand you have to do it look as pissed as I am at you right now there’s no way I’m gonna break your hand you don’t really have a choice God just do it this game is too smart half the people in this photo are now dead we need to find what started all this how do we get out of this game alive you can’t tell the ends of all the players are dead baby returns next dare me to choose which one of you to kill truth or dare my beautiful friends I would like to introduce you to Christian Grey Oh No we started this book club to stimulate our minds from what I hear this book is quite stimulating that’s not mine I’ve never seen that before honestly this is nasty have you ever been spanked whoa this book has got me in a total tizzy communicators are you thinking about tying me up what nothing is just if our each were meant to have sex God wouldn’t do what he does to our body you speak for yourself well that was not God that was dr. nazaria you just need to put yourself out here judge – yes these tips do you need anything else you’re on man of your dreams it’s just a click away no I don’t I’m fine thank you yep slim Arthur Miley what’s it been 40 years since when do you eat ice cream I got a brain freeze here give that to a professionai god it’s the first day so put on something sexy you just be comfortable that’s too comfortable right hey I love my friends everybody remembers their first kiss how about I tell you about my best kiss maybe that hasn’t happened yet I never thought I’d be back here again is it as good as you remember maybe better mom you need to be a little bit realistic there’s a man out there who makes me feel things that I didn’t think we’re so positive this than you’re thinking maybe things with us will go bust but that’s why and I’m not through living Minds just yet I can’t believe you put viagra in my dear need you to step out of the vehicle I don’t think that’s a good idea of sir okay enjoy your night you too thank you I know this is not how you wanted to spend your weekend but guess what me neither she was supposed to see her boyfriend ever he’s not my boyfriend then why did he make you a playlist there was sex all oh my god shut up mom a whole playlist you go up here why are you selling it that’s what you do when someone passes away check it out fully automated security systems windows have retractable shields this place is a fortress here some people get paranoid in their old age what were you trying to hide dad I just want to say again how sorry I was to hear about your father just let me make it through the weekend and come home mom I swear to God if your eyes I want you to listen you are a woman below at the mercy of strangers what do you want we want something in the house to protect maket know exactly what I say or you and your kids will not survive this night yo she’s gone find her she took out the lights she’s smart but we have her kids now she’s desperate I’m just a mom you have no clue what I’m capable of she’s in the house this isn’t gonna work you’re done and try again I live with a guy and you notice we broke into the wrong house 2% lower drag coefficients five percent increase downforce one point two percent higher top speed ready for what’s coming more horsepower more of everything you’ll never be the racer you once were you can’t turn back the clock kid you can wind it up again okay so I’m gonna pick you up after school today whoa you forgot to think they have many times we know who you are you do will move from nowhere with no one do you remember what kind of things she was forgetting oh I do like a party lumber what should happen if you forget about me silly old fair oh never forget about you p-promise Ava when I’m a hundred time we should be working this weekend Robin but I promised my wife and daughter I’d take them away this weekend all hands on deck you won’t be coming to the cottage well it can’t be helped your life is happening now right in front of you what to do what to do what to do what to do indeed Pooh Christopher Robin no the tree I remember was in the countryside not here in London there’s no opening I suppose it’s where it needs to be that’s a silly explanation why thank you who why are you here oh yes I need your help I’ve lost all of my friends let’s get to the bottom of this look up who here I come it would appear that I am stuck have you do Staton honey I have not just eaten I wonder which way I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been don’t you that’s the way I do it hello your Christopher Robin it’s you hey let’s gonna see if we can find piglet I’ve already stayed far too long hello everyone so nice to see you all again wash thank you silly old bear I was wrong about work I was wrong about everything and I’ve got to get back to my family farewell Christopher Robin I would have liked it to go on for a while longer perhaps it’s our turn to save Christopher you must bring Matalin wait you’re the bear of my father’s drawings yes do you know where he is I did I just saw the most preposterous impossible look at him piglet if anyone wants to clap now is the time to do it I don’t remember being cheery people say nothing is impossible but I do nothing every day nope ooh that’s not never mind right we’ve been dating for over a year now and I think it’s about time I met my beautiful girlfriend what about us taking an adventure ease like Queens Singapore Holland’s wedding know anything about them every time I bring them up to change the subject maybe his parents are poor and he has to send them money take a bags and get you checked in to Frisco can’t afford this so your family is rich we’re comfortable that is exactly what a super rich person would say 1.2 minutes yeah they’re just the biggest developers in all of Singapore these people aren’t just rich they’re crazy wick you really should have told me that you know like the Prince William of Asia that’s ridiculous much more of a hurry mum this is Rachel truth she just thinks you’re some like unrefined banana there’s a few fingers no on the outside or white on the inside I chose to raise a family me for me it was a privilege but for you you may think it’s old-fashioned now if you want it to be happy I know you’re not what Nick needs just like trying to play games chicken with me thinking I’m gonna swerve like a chicken but you can’t were you gonna roll up and be like bok-bok bitch okay maybe isn’t looking down as aggressive I met a girl I fell in love and I want to marry her your Nicholas young you’re untouchable but Rachel’s not if you prepped Rachel to face the walls I really admire you takes guts coming all the way over here phasing expanding I know this much you will never be enough it’s about time someone stood up to Aunt Eleanor well you not me Oh God Chicago I was over here ever since I can remember my family has been my whole life Rachel Rachel if Nick chose me he would those his family and if he chose his family he might spend the rest of his life resent him you you dad you got an ass you got nastier hey guys we got a big surprise it’s even better this year no more back and forth that Christmas is not doing the back of nope I just said the hip but together Christmas like a normal family has a Christmas hello grandpa Kurt my daddy’s gonna stop at everything you do your father hasn’t met the new of all dusty I mean who wouldn’t be impressed with you there dear God he’s gonna come up we’re dusty but he’s beautiful why don’t you bring the car around I’m not the driver from brass stepdad my dad’s coming too sweater he wears a red sweater so I can see him in a crowd so this code dad’s think you got to ask another man’s permission to see your own kid everything is rock-solid between me and bread or in fact best friends really bad thank you stop it oh good cuz we’re boys here’s the game plan you wanna be that one that she tells you about all of her problems with the guys she’s actually dating it’s called the friendzone don’t go no the worst advice anyone could give you you want to be like Brad and be in the friend zone you want to be like dad and get the end zone oh gosh it’s piercing eyes like a velociraptor don’t you see what he’s up to he/she would be a harpy – no I’m not harboring anything I just want to find the perfect together Christmas tree you don’t think I can operate a chainsaw don’t you want to spend the harness the one true real dad got all the way up here just to get back in it yep they opening up the heart of brass all the heart was wide open and it’s Fleet Week this is getting good boys you throw that we are no longer Co dad’s you got a pump fake that thing all night you’re gonna take a shot Brad huh he’s never played sports ever what what maybe it’s stuck to his hand have I told you I love you yes dad you told me like a billion times honey you please come down here done something’s happened you can’t go in there I love my family I fail to protect them I’m sorry doctor Kersey nothing yet so there’s nothing that I can do is that what you’re saying can I have faith out faith work out for them if a man really wants to protect horses he has to do it for himself the men who did it are out there I’m gonna hunt them down one by one train set at the dock foreclosed I’ll get chilly right yeah well my wife you’re not gonna kill me no Jackie’s you got a cartons from crossfire yeah he said Mexican ink will be in the lake you are gonna be alright I promise you’re not calm somebody has to do it everybody’s watching this viral video is this dude right quit taking the law into his own hands is it wrong you’re cocked locked and ready to rock I’ll say someone took my wife everyone involved is going to pay you look much better getting out socializing mmm not so much well whatever you’re doing keep it up okay I will you bang 211 in progress suspects are armed and they have taken hostages all units stand down you want to yeah the hell are you gonna get out of this you know this says GT collect dealing with different animal here boys right now Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve only Bank has never been robbed that’s why we’re gonna Rob it gangbangers these are not the National Bank Hollywood jobs look good in a gal you know these guys we solve all these cases this is the crew it’s been visit do we look like the types who arrest you we just shoot you’re addicted to heists sooner or later we’ll meet their fix and the Federal Reserve billions of dollars are taken out of circulation if we can break in and steal those old bills before they’re destroyed we got our hands on money on the case in the joint from the inside going big thank you notice means means I am a member of a gang although we have badges you’re not the bad guys we are Friday make sure he knows it’s all I’m gonna let you know now better wear your best buy moves you should understand we advise suspects wearing body armor head shots only on my signal let’s go I got enough it’s okay I bring my cuffs anyway you yeah yours restoring the console is your soul tatemiya victims ID my vote on dinner time do you need inhale could you get a person touching you hallelujah whoosh panda curtain legal Yahoo sorry creatinine surrender nada para yo Maria Luis Armando Kenya okay mam ajam target Allison be blue errotica Canada mazuma John Romano problem you said not to lock pushy meaningful Yodas hot sugar Costa so people go you know what if Jenna kids are you time to go hunting bit early it does work great great great great great great great great great great great great ancestors oh it’s pointy they Rock the Stone Age from the award winning tribe that brought you chicken run sliced bread that’s the best thing since well it’s time to take our Valley what strange magic is this you’re pretty brave Kaiba and stupid I can help early man what on earth’s got imputes the burner saw it’s an amazing song just kind of happened took about ten minutes I guess part you didn’t write this song in ten minutes took a lifetime how’d you do this you know I’ve never told anybody in my story when I was 11 years old life was tough he’s gone she don’t want me no more she would want you neither and I’ve always loved music and I found some songs but I just held on to they gave me hope let’s see me that can’t be his real voice cuz I needed it dad I can do this no you can and you’re gonna blink your eyes and you’re gonna realize that life has gotten you nowhere because you chase some stupid dream leaving I want you to know that I pray for you all the time and I hope that you find whatever it is that you’re looking for out there what are you running from my dad been right about let that pain become your inspiration add some stuff I need to sort out and I deal with it the only way I know how and that’s to write a song hungry set the table what is this I wanna make things right you and me I wrote this song from my dad are you shopping for a gift kind of browsing for me so sizing is a little limited here in the store but you could probably find your size online I have a crazy idea let’s be honest for a minute no matter how many times we hear it’s what’s on the inside that matters women know deep down it’s what’s on the outside that the whole world judges okay I’m just like dealing with low self-esteem I want to punch you right in your dumb face right now do you have every rib that I have I’ve been on all of these sites no one even looks at the profile they only care about the picture and I’m sick of it I always wondered what it feels like to be just undeniably pretty okay you hit your head pretty hard yes pause sick sick pain I see you over there I know you don’t recognize me that’s me it’s me that’s really clever that’s forward what’s your number give me your phone let me give you my number are you still talking to me chicken out now some iowa’s you this would be quite a large promotion for you what are you a goal is exactly I get it and yes modeling is an option for me it’s not who I am Wow things have really changed for me they just have all the confidence in the world I think a lot of people can pleasing this thing that really makes them awesome and you’re not like that J hit it you should be using mediation Bo you may wanna try a peek of what’s to come I don’t know if you know sneak peek moans you’re completely did you wash your hands with soap did you dry them I did so are we going to talk about it what the elephant in the room what elephant moms new job to make some wrong things right help me bring supers back into the sunlight to change people’s perceptions about superheroes and Elastigirl is our best play I’ll watch the kids no problem not the way you’re supposed to do it dad they want us to do little no that way why would they change math honey everything’s great he’s in excellent health that is freaky you know it’s crazy right to help my family I gotta leave it to fix the law I gotta break it got two kids can have that choice thank you young man combustion imminent what does that mean it means fire Robert the screen Slager interrupt this program for important announcer and my debt with I’ll be there ASAP this house was my family’s house something led me back here somebody has to go and find them you know be careful trust me these hauntings can be terrifying things the japanese archipelago’ 20 years in the future canine saturation has reached epidemic proportions an outbreak of dog flu ripped through the city of Mecca sake mayor Kobayashi issues emergency orders calling for a hasty quarantine trash island becomes an exiled colony the Isle of Dogs I don’t think I can stomach any more of this garbage nobody’s giving up around here and don’t you forget it ever your Rex your king your Duke your boss I’m chief we’re a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs Atari Kobayashi you heroically hijacked a junior turboprop XJ 750 and flew it to the islands because of your dog darn it I’ve got a crush on you we get the idea you were looking for your lost dog spots does anybody know sparks if he’s alive may very well be living even at this moment as a captive prisoner somebody is up to something will you help him the little pilot why should I because he’s a 12 year old boy dogs love those we’ll find him wherever he is if he’s alive we’ll find your dog it’s gonna be a fight where somebody spoke his language Wow to the north a long rickety causeway over noxious sludge marsh leading to a radioactive landfill polluted by toxic chemical garbage that’s our destination right get ready to jump I found something you gotta check this out you please forward games anymore yo what’s this Jumanji pick a character and you’re that person in the game Bethenny you weren’t it all spend my life staring at a TV screen it’s my hair when stress to me oh my god we’re in different people’s body Stephanie don’t look at it I’m an overweight middle-aged man I think we become the avatars which are welcome to to lungi this is a video game which means reach after lives let’s go I’m out watch your step in here I hate this game everybody else got a good stuff weakness Hey yes cake is my weakness what is that I think it means you carry my weapon – give them to me when I tell you to don’t let this new body get your butt wolf think it’s a staring contest who’s good at staring and not blinking – I’m amazing at it I like can’t even with this place we got a joke get on my back oh no I’ll carry you come on I would rather die get on my gosh no I’m going down biggest bomb cake cake isn’t that your weakness something happening to me you’re mocking my shaking I’m not still black yes okay everything is fine it’s all good oh my god your brother just got out of prison I want you to be careful around him I want to make sure you know you’re important to me welcome home man I know I owe you guys some money I just want you can all I’m not dodging you let him go the hell is that thing somebody’s gotta be looking for this thing you need to call someone can’t do that fine easiest somewhere dangerous people are coming after us I know I’m not a good guy but it’s been pretty incredible speed brothers for the first time he’s gonna figure it out eventually I hope you’re ready for that get away from my brother maybe keep that thing on the first mode yeah you ask me one animal doesn’t a while as his own business as well he doesn’t do it to man I think Mark Twain said that I think you didn’t but since you said it I guess we’re covered everyone’s a comedian sarcastic you I don’t regret staying at home and being your mom but I regret not getting my degree that’s why somebody’s mom just enrolled in college I’m referring to myself I’ll see you around the quad nobody says that mom well bring it back I think those guys just checked you out I’m just looking at my smock it tends to catch the light mom your college girl now then we gotta make some changes no we don’t know where that’s been oh gosh what are you 20 in the stacks they’re slugs no shut up Frey I’m older I’m wiser this essentially on Google asked me anything turn off your boo Google you’re scaring me I think my google scared Jack last night oh my god but in a good way I like when you intentionally go through a haunted house how was the party aces who’s wearing the woman’s sweater Andy’s drunk yeah we’re good parents my name’s Simon I’m just like you I have a normal family amazing friends a lot of my life is great except I have one huge ass secret hey have you seen the new post about the closeted gay kid at school who do you think it is your blue just like you nobody knows I’m gay the assignment it’s nice to know there’s another guy at school with the same secret when did you first realize you’re blue it was a bunch of little things like my first girlfriend back wasn’t my proudest moment all right look at your computer someone leaked your emails on the school blog I’m sorry Simon I can’t do this anymore I’m supposed to be the one that decides win how that’s supposed to be my thing I think I’m destined to care so much about one person it nearly kills me you to feel you holding your breath you are still human you’re blue I might not know your name or what you look like I want to find you I’m done living in a world but I don’t get to be Who I am did you date me because she think I look like the guy I actually broke up with you because you don’t look like a guy okay thanks welcome it is painful for us to see so many children starving building these houses for them have Justin create a country that we always dreamed about that day I decide that I don’t care how Pablo makes his money only how he uses it illegal cocaine is coming into our country at alarming levels one kilo is worth seven thousand dollars here in Colombia in the United States is worth a hundred fifty thousand welcome Jesus Jeffrey they don’t fear the judges in Colombia they’ve killed them I saw your interview with mr. Escobar what can you tell me about it you will give in Brazilian personal then I’ll have to fire my makeup girl I’ll take you with him when he goes down you know that don’t you bob has been selected that is great this man is an insult to every Colombian you have money power what more do you want respect you’re headed straight for suicide story it won’t be anyone here how do we know you are really Pablo Escobar I will prove it to you by blowing up your station hey what do you think would that be enough you’re marked for life help us change for what now listen to me your way to be a killjoy I’ve seen things part of what I was with you for you will be afraid that I would give the police Dunsey really just say no thanks for coming here today this isn’t the actual show if you notice the cameras are pointing at nothing and some critics have said that – but I’m just here to kind of talk to you of warm up the audience a little bit of foreplay sorry I’ll back up analysis for harassment reasons you know the government said recently well a lot of people said that we’re cutting back spending we’re cutting back spending but uh NASA I actually spent 28 million dollars to develop a fountain pen that would write upside down in space in zero-gravity the russians solved the same problem with five cent pencil very easy hf sat down zero gravity after two cases of vodka still writing three years we spent from the breakout and now we want to break back in I get shotgun I could try you can save your friends or you can save us all do you want to live in a world where everybody feels cozy validates all the time what do you want to live in a world that works we fight new Wars the old options military diplomacy they don’t always succeed sometimes you need a third option that’s overwatch according to the government we do not exist for ghosts we are very real and we get things done they’re gonna help on this one fun 9 pounds of radioactive isotope is missing it’s enough to make 6 major cities uninhabitable he knows exactly where it is what do you want I want out of the country this one’s it for espionage we’re talking about a corrupt low-level cop so you’re sitting here indicates it’s not so low-level be careful or you make careful do you have men wandering our embassy and I trust you put me on the plane to the US and I’ll give you everything there’s no wash operation the goal is deliver that package to here mile 22 this is the drive guys me by what about to go through the bikes done like cuz I can’t cheat I would contact major contact requesting hand of God got it take it how many miles out are we Wow our angel can only stay on the ground ten minutes they miss that window they are dead keep coming to me to tell us all that the game today I’ll play fast for squeeze frame on the pistol your chaos I think I might be worse I am killer who looks like a hero you feeling calm Alice not even a little are you I’m totally cold that’s because you’re mentally unstable thank you there cannot be peace without first a great suffering the greater the suffering the greater the peace then you always fear is coming it’s coming and the blood will be on your hand and prayed to go that it wasn’t true Solomon Lane escaped in Paris and now the world is at risk this is the CIA’s mission you use a scalpel I prefer a hammer this is a bad idea is it of a good one honestly he’s not just some observer he’s an assassin I trust anybody outside in this room you go rogue he’s been authorized to hunt you down and kill you that’s the job no hard feelings which rate Benji turn left what are you waiting for I’m jumping out a window oh sorry good luck when clock stops if the man who’s everyone I ever cared about you don’t understand what you’re in often you need to walk away make me because we are maybe we need to reconsider that accept it either you’ve lost this one was done this time what’s done is done when we say it’s done show time oh my god monster costume party my family will love it you will transform this one into a vampire are we the only ones wearing costumes you will be first to know oh great and now it’s gonna be raining I am Vettel who Johnny Depp take it we’re gonna find the witch I thought make a change us back only we happy they are there will become again you know this one now Debbie Ocean convicted felon her brother Danny ocean more convicted felon she was present on the night of the incident oh so oh you want to hit a jewelry store not exactly a diamond mine yes exactly right or what the met three half weeks and that would be hosting its annual ball and we are going to rob it sixteen point five million dollars in each of your bank accounts five weeks from now that’s a lot they’ve got every inch of this place covered this is most sophisticated security in the world how long did it take you to figure all this out five years eight months and 12 days why do you need to do this cause that’s what I’m gonna okay everybody let’s get started here we go counting down three came on she said dear God that was exactly Silvio’s is we prepared for this we will not be the prime suspects weeks every time you have to start from somebody wait what’d you do I turn it on you have no interest in what I have to say unless it confirms what you think you already know my job was simple save the country I loved from being destroyed is your job any different I have a lead on the great enemy of our people Adolf Eichmann the architect of the final solution the trail went cold in 46 latest intelligence suggests when Osiris this guy convinced rabbis to load the trains themselves and not by force if it is him we need an elite crew I’m not joining your hit squad I would happily put a bullet in between his eyes but that’s not what we’re doing here this is strictly catch and extract Eichmann will stand trial here in Israel think what it means finally publicly holding to account the man who organized our slaughter our memory reaches back through recorded history the book of memory is still an eyes open and you here now are the hand that holds the pen if you succeed for the first time in our history we will judge our executioner we will warn off any who may wish to follow his example if you fail he escapes justice perhaps forever I beg you do not fail mr. Lieberman civilian Alejandra let’s go I came to see what yeah Chico Chema surely what walked a mother talking career phenomena can be either modicum the society which is equal totally invited you’re right you I’m gonna be delivering pizzas and cleaning carpets for the rest of my life you’re very attractive for a carpet cleaning lady although you may be could do something with your hair yeah no that’s not it it’s her face yeah weird it’s about three I bet you haven’t worked a single day in your entire self absorbed light rich people they get away with everything I don’t even know my own name amnesia in our little town that’s him I have an idea that is poetic in its justice I’m here to pick up my husband join my wife for better worse baby yepp what do we do for a living I’m pretty sure I’ve never worked construction I might be more suited for light out of his work I’ll go easier what why does he only do your chores he’s not babysitting cuz you think he’s a pervert of course not that’s a pervert nothing and can I have one I’m gonna try a little harder maybe I’ll surprise myself he has paid his debt I have tortured him long enough you’re telling a ditch-digger he’s a billionaire pretty sure he’s gonna be okay with it I like having your dad around we want to keep him guys are good together

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