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hey guys what’s up this is my gross
you’re watching my youtube channel and
that’s slash rockin guitar
lessons 1 and you can check out my
website coming in june of 2012 and
that’s rockin guitar lessons dot-com
that’s rockin ro ckin so anyways I’ve
been doing some lessons on tuning we’ve
covered tuning in standard tuning a 440
and i’ve also covered a house step-down
which is a which is called tuning flat
that we’ve covered double flat which is
tuning a whole step down and I figured
you know what since we keep going let’s
take it down another notch guys what I’m

how to tune a guitar half step down

using for this is my free guitar
downloaded tuner app but if you go to
your local music store you can pick
these up mmm not the cell phone but you
know it’s set up just like a real guitar
tuner guys so they have the needle on
them and then they have the alphabetical
num lettering up there at the top that’s
the musical alphabet so what I’m doing
today and you won’t find this as much
you know with with bands and guitar
players but I’m gonna show you because
it is out there guys we’re gonna do
triple flat on our tuning and let me
show you something on the tuner here

how to tune a guitar half step down

alright e is standard we’re not doing
that if we’re going triple flat we got
to go D sharp D C sharp that’s gonna be
our first note triple flat
so let me sound that and I’m already
tuned to a whole step flat because I
used that in my previous lesson that I
just did
and let’s see I just lost it guys give
me a second oh no I didn’t see sharp
okay so let me hit the sound I’m a whole
step down so I’m not when you see me
turn on the tuning key maybe like man
you didn’t have to go very far that’s
because I’m already a whole step down

how to tune a guitar half step down

watch I’ll watch how long it takes me to
go 1/2 step
got it okay so we have a c-sharp our
next string I want you to think of
string names if you don’t know the
string names you need to have those
memorized EA D G B e low E being the top
high E be in the bottom so if we’re
going three musical notes back from a
that will put us at f-sharp
so the a string is now becoming an
f-sharp triple flat tuning here oh that
okay pretty low huh okay the next one

how to tune a guitar half step down

what’s the next string called it goes e
a D if we’re going back three from D
that’s gonna put us at B okay so I’m
gonna sound the beat
got it the next string down e a d g so
let’s go over here on the tuner and I’m
going to go three back from that G I’ll
go F sharp F and E now I have it
highlighted on e so the G is becoming an
e alright here we go
excuse the dust on the Parker here on my
guitar sound
Zone in on that make sure it’s good
oh okay so we did e a d g we did the top

how to tune a guitar half step down

four string string six five four three
we’re going to string two which is the B
string so let me pull up the beyond my
handy dandy tuner and we need to go back
to 3c right now it’s out of B we’re
gonna go a sharp a and let’s see what we
have hiding around the corner G sharp
okay I’m gonna sit hit the sound watch
got it so now the last one is he let me
find that got the e we have to go three
back okay just like when we did the the
low E it’s the same concept we’re just
octaves up on our guitar now but it’s
still the same true pitch so we’re going
D sharp D c-sharp I have C sharp
highlighted keep in mind you can use the
needle on the tuner if you’re having
trouble doing this by ear
there’s our sound and I just snapped it
but I landed it so normally I would redo
the video after that but I just go all
the way through the strings and it just
snapped right at the end so that’s kind
of cool I think it’s kind of cool that
it broke in a video that I’m gonna keep
because we’re gonna do some lessons
about maintenance see how I Segway that
changing your strings that time
you know I haven’t changed these for a
while man and when you don’t change your
strings that’s the type of thing that
happens but I did land it you guys heard
it it stopped like a little bit sharp
and then I just like fixed it and I
tricked you guys and I want over here to
the fifth fret on the B string and I
picked that and made sure that it landed
there so you guys wouldn’t know so now
nobody knows you know just me so that’s
kind of cool anyways my name is Mike
gross and you are watching my channel
hopefully learning from it learning out
of buss strings and tune that’s pretty
cool huh slash rockin guitar
lessons one and be watching from my
website and that is rocking guitar
lessons com coming in June of 2012 and
if you haven’t subscribed to this
channel go for it man I have uploads
coming constantly in more free lessons
for you guys so you have nothing to lose
no obligation or nothing like that so go
subscribe you want to see the string I
broke just so you know for sure can you
tell where the string go oh it’s down
here check it out see that so it really
did break but I’m curious to watch this
back and see you know what it looked
like and sometimes it hurts to guys
peace out man
go subscribe we’ll talk to you soon
signing out

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