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what’s up my beautiful people is
Courtney and today I have my first ever
social experiment now these videos are
my all-time favorite to watch but I’ve
never done one so I’m really excited and
I think this one is going to be a pretty
entertaining this video hopped up in my
recommended feed and it was from the
whatever YouTube channel which I’m going
to link down below and their video and
it was a guy asking a thousand girls on
tinder if they wanted to have sex and
and my experience that was a typical
thing for guys to do on tinder I had so
many questions like that and just like

how to unlock tinder social

inappropriate things and I started to
think about double standards and I
started to think of what the response
would be if a girl did this to guys on
tinder so that’s what we’re doing today
we’re going to see what the response is
now I think I should throw this out
there even though it’s not really
anybody’s business but I just thought I
would do a little disclaimer that yes
kandi knows I’m doing this video we’ve
talked about it we made sure it was okay
I matched with people outside of our
hometown so that way we hopefully don’t
run into anybody we know but if we do

how to unlock tinder social

know them they’ll probably know this is
for a YouTube video and also if you guys
want to see Andy to this video him and I
could have a little competition and he
will make a video just like this for you
guys so give that video a like if you
would like to see him do it
okay so here is my tinder profile these
are the old pictures that I had on there
so these are like two years old or so so
Hank let me honest and skip the small
talk once to have sex select copy and
we’re going to do that for every person
I don’t keep scratching on me I don’t
know what I got myself into I’m going to

how to unlock tinder social

be 30 by the time this is done here’s
the deal I spend the last about two
hours messing with people and sending
them the message and I don’t even think
I’m halfway done so it’s taking forever
so I have a lot of matches a lot of
messages so I’m going to tell you up how
many I actually have I don’t think it’s
going to be a thousand but we’re going
to see the results now because that took
quite a while but what if I like the
small talk single ladies go find this
guy on tinder he’s a keeper
ha sure are you fake lol hey are you a
real person and not a spambot lol

how to unlock tinder social

serious this is his girlfriend sorry you
can’t we can though tenders you see we
count that as a no I like your style
I might have to say yes that but can you
prove you’re the same gorgeous girl in
these photos at least someone took a
lesson out of the catfish handbook well
yeah let’s go out first and get some
food and drink what’s your number
do any of you want food and drinks I’ll
give them your number I’m at work now
though is that a deal-breaker no I like
jobless men are you a real person yes
yes I’m a real person
yes but not sure this is legitimate
let’s XO I know you’re real sure where
do you live I’m game shoot me your
number if you were a real profile then
yep well I’m me sure well that’s quite
the opening I’m quite the closer if you
are real
sure we can sure lol yes when and where
haha down sounds good wow you sure
didn’t know how to charm a gentleman I
like it it was subtle at first but I
think I’ve caught on to what you’re
saying it was it really that begs why
why not
haha not easy why do you seem so much
like a bot I think being a robot would
be pretty cool can’t really argue with
that you mean I don’t even have to offer
to cook you dinner first I think that’s
more third date material you will bot
sure sounds good
hello there well that’s a different
initial message there’s no way you are
real though I’m starting to question
enough I’m from outer space that was
really straightforward but okay you’ve
caught my attention Courtney and I’d say
the answer is probably yes now the
question is are you a real person are
you a robot
no depends are you going to make me go
online kind of confused
beep-boop yes miss robot beat boot beat
sounds good yes let’s do it yes
absolutely but I’m at work and don’t get
off till tomorrow morning
are you serious it’s almost V day where
are you from sure if this isn’t a fake
profile why not you’re only 2,500 miles
away I mean yeah you’re really hot but I
was hoping to get to know you first
you’re a decent guy man you’re a decent
guy sure what’s your sign
so is that a no if I’m in Aries you’re
too far sure when and where I would
still like to have a coffee though I’m
not a fan of coffee what site you got
for me
your fake your and uh yeah I don’t see
why not what’s your number
yep yes why I like small talk lol what
sure why not
math bluntly honest deserves an honest
response I prefer to know who I’m
talking to and see where at least but
ultimately yeah sure yeah but earlier
you were like 2,000 miles away I own a
rocket duh yes no come over yeah I’m
down you’re not a bot are you yeah baby
I’m going to be honest and skip the
small talk and answer yes oh well if
you’re going to make a fake account at
least make some pics match lol maybe get
your eyes checked you don’t even know me
I could be a serial killer but yes
actually I do but I like cereal hey when
you want to meet hi there lol what
neighborhood do women yep yes well
that’s hard to believe
why sure yeah if you were real I like
your style yeah uh I’d rather have sex
than small talk any day no yeah sure
well you are straightforward
I love the bluntness yeah Wow no thanks
I’m sure you’re just a robot
I didn’t even match you how did you
message me sorry I was at work but no
thank you
what’s in it for me alright guys this
social experiment was way harder than I
was expecting and extremely hard to keep
track of everything it’ll leave the
totals up over here at the results of
this and how many people I actually was
able to send the message to my guess is
that the most number of people are going
to think this was a bot or a fake or a
scam which i think is kind of weird
I don’t know how many people have
actually run into a lot on pender if you
have let me know in the comments down
below because I’d be really interested
to hear your story I don’t think like
BOTS could send messages or I don’t
really know anyways a lot of people
thought this was fake whereas I think
it’s a guide to this they would be more
likely to believe it which i think is
weird so many people wanted me to
prove that I was meat I think this kind
of goes to show that not that many girls
are on tinder asking these types of
questions whereas there’s a lot more
guys doing that so I don’t know let me
know if you guys like this social
experiment let me know if you would like
to see Andy take on this social
experiment and that was time for me to
go delete my gender thank you so much
for watching if you missed my last
videos you get click over to the side of
me to check them out let me know if you
want to see more social experiments and
what you want to see in the comments
below and I will talk to you very soon

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