How To Use: Giant + Miner // Clash Royale Advanced Archetype Guide + Theory

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How To Use: Giant + Miner // Clash Royale Advanced Archetype Guide + Theory Video

How To Use: Giant + Miner // Clash Royale Advanced Archetype Guide + Theory Video Transcript

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I don’t know for how long but essentially my comments and I’ll just giant minor a giant minor giant minor all right I get it you’ll love giant minor and so do I giant minor is the epitome of a deck to not have a hard counter the fact that it has two wing conditions that pair so well to become semi winged conditions is crucial to always having a chance in every matchup the greatest thing about this archetype is that you have the choice to place control or two players beat down minor allows for quick chip damaging attacks whilst the beefy giant allows for those large monster pushes to build up onto your opponent’s site if your opponent has a really good answer to your giant pushes then you can very simply play mine on to the tower to get your damage in if your opponent has a really good answer to your ship e-minor pushes then you can very simply change your game line up against me the giant beatdown deck the great synergy here is that most often decks won’t be running a counter to buff giant and to minor as they’re very different yet versatile one condition you shouldn’t fear with just playing with seven cards against the Packer the best game plan is to never play the giant unless your opponent plays a packer in the back of something then you can push and hopefully take a tower down in one medium sized push your ideal situation when playing is beatdown it’s not a giant support for a load of high DPS units that have just defend it then you put your minor on to the tower to start chipping what this does is allow the minor to be tactful by the Giant and then it allows the – a tank for those supporting units that the giant was tanking for previously it’s almost like a free layered push and can be very complex and difficult for your opponent to stop especially if you had an elixir lead prior to committing your minor gameplan is very similar but replaces the giant with more spells you wish to defend with supporting unit then tank for them of a minor and kill off any defensive units of your opponent’s using your free spell alternatively you can simply play as a minor poison deck throw consistent – onto the tower supportive poison when necessary and then get a solid defense off once your opponent decides to attack the greatest thing with this archetype is that it can even be used as spell cycle we’re free spells you can counter almost anything to your opponent tries to build up a push with this allows you to get very good value onto the tower and with just a few giant on – swings you could take a tower through this small repetition the deck seems to work well because of the specially selected support cards that go in it they all support both minors and Giants extremely well both when combo and when separate like no twitch and minions are good DPS pushing behind units like a giant and both had great DPS when tanked by a minor – when you add all these things together you get a deadly push it brings a life possibly the best counter-attacking deck in the game you defend with these somewhat spell resistant bahai dps units then pushing with your wing conditions while your opponent is on lower elixir than you and boom that’s a crazy push for them to try and get a positive trade from having to win conditions gives you the ability to use them in a more versatile fashion playing – and defend bandits or Giants to defend Expos isn’t an issue in this combo because you can push through your other one condition if it goes wrong the versatility allows you to get an edge on decks like Expo bridge spam because you have an offensive threat that can be used on defense to afford a counter attack the added versatility also counts when you look at macro strategy for this archetype when attempting to get damaged you must think whether you want to build a push from the back and have your opponent defend or whether you wish your opponent to invest the card and push in instantly once they’re on though elixir this archetype gives you the ability to do both once more we can push in heavily with a giant beat-down push adding in a minor for that additional tanking or we can play all of our high DPS and frightening cards at the river once they invest the triple-layer attack of this archetype means that it’s so difficult for your opponent to defend especially if they’re down to 1 or 2 elixir when you punish with a giant you often have some of the best support available up in these decks Knight which are mega meaning are very good at versatile supporting units I can often be used to threaten your opponent with Zelo and elixir punishing with just a minor can be done – as these decks will often run something like gods or minions the high HP of the minor with the quick movement and high DPS of the support means that your opponent must spend or potentially lose that tower which is the literal point of a punish play if you were to actually invest these decks often run some of the best supporting units – Musketeers and night witches are often seen in giant minor decks and are very potent behind a big meat shield such as giant one of my favorite place to make with this archetype is to bait your opponent into defending a lane if you put a giant and minions into one lane your opponent might get ready to defend with something heavy like a mega knight in a nice ways – which you can actually switch lanes and go of a minor in God’s with significant damage this is somewhat like bait as you’re making your opponent use their counters and then punishing once you’ve done so successfully this deck archetype really relies on figuring out your match and what your best way to get damage will be it’s good to test this at the start of a game with a really small push like a lone miner this will make your opponent want to defend and counter push with every unit and already you can probably figure out what deck they’re running within 30 seconds of a new game now you can figure out which wing condition will serve you the best either the giant or the minor and start building your pushes around that a potential problematic laughs this archetype can be the fact that it has free spells however you have to make these work for you sometimes you can be stuck with a free spell hand and a bad defensive unit like miner if your opponent decides to push in now well good luck because you’ve messed your psyche a lot what you really need to be doing is spending these at any opportunity you can find even poisoning something stupid like spear goblins isn’t the worst as long as it’s adjusting your cycle obviously this isn’t ideal so try to always add spells to whenever you push in once more even if you just hit spear gobs or something this can offset your opponent’s defense and will also make sure that your poison isn’t stuck in hand for when you have to defend giant minor decks have a very consistent pattern as to what type of cards they run obviously they’ll have to giant a minor for the reasons we discussed previously they have free spells to allow for more chipping they realities and to offset your opponent’s defense when you need some crucial damage you will usually run a cheap DPS card in the form of a swarm that’s heavily spell resistant this helps you clear up their smaller pushes like loan hog riders and can then counter-attack with a minor for a devastating push if your opponent can’t afford to defend it you’ll have a high-value DPS Union which is usually something like a musketeer or a mega minion this is so that you can control the pace of the game very well but can also be used on offense of a giant it’s very nice support your final card will be a high DPS card this is something like a mini Pekka or even potentially in Knight week you have to rely on these to take out the tanks of your opponent and if they stay alive you can push in and make your opponent’s spend oh I have to take a ton of damage overall that’s what I have for giant and minor decks this was done due to popular demand in the comments so thank you guys for leaving comments on most videos telling me what you think I should attempt to explain the theory behind if you’d like to leave me any idea for a video then check the top link in the description where you’ll be taken to a Google forum and you can give me ideas most of my videos come from there and you will be shouted out if your idea is selected I’ve actually enjoyed playing giant miner for a while it combines a few of my favorite cards such as no twitching guards and I ask them to replay an extremely versatile setup whilst being incredibly effective I forgot how much I loved seeing and night which build up that’s mine a giant before scripting this video once more lads thank you for watching if you enjoyed the content today and be sure to leave a comment and subscribe but apart from that pee you

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