How To Use Illustrator Brushes To Make A Neat Icon

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How To Use Illustrator Brushes To Make A Neat Icon Video

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How To Use Illustrator Brushes To Make A Neat Icon Video Transcript

how to make a brush stroke in illustrator

today we’re going to use illustrator brushes masks and other techniques to make this neat icon design so let’s jump right into it so make sure that you’ve got the stroke selected only in the color palette located in the bottom left of your screen and then press P for the pen tool hold down shift and then click to make a perfectly straight line like so increase the stroke weight and then apply the same stroke style that I’m going to use on my line here outline the stroke to turn it into a vector shape and ensure that you’re using a deep black for your design now by holding down the option key and then clicking and dragging create a duplication below rotate this by 180 degrees and place it exactly below the first one for the second shape we need to apply a dark grey color and not a white this is going to benefit us later when we apply a mask to our design bring down a guide and if you don’t have the rulers open press command or control R and then we need to make this selection of the two shapes as a level as possible with the guide so once ready duplicate the selection below perfectly and then press command or control D to repeat the process a few more times over so we’re nearly ready to make the illustrator brush for the icon design but first press M for the rectangle tool and then create a shape over the selection like so select everything and then right or ctrl click the selection to generate a clipping mask now we do this just because it tidies up the edges so the selection isn’t jagged to actually revert the selection back into individual vector shapes we can use a trim function in the Pathfinder window the clipping mask that we just used basically compiled the shapes together and this reverts them back we’re now ready to make the brush for our design so head into the brushes window and then click the top right fly down menu to create a new brush you need to do this while Hsu shapes are selected we’re going to use a pattern brush today and the default settings should be just fine for your design now the brush is ready to make the actual icon design so go ahead and press L to the ellipse tool and then create a stroke circle by holding down shift with the circle selected click the brush that we’ve just made in the brushes window illustrator is going to apply the brush stroke to the shape and then scale down the circle until the middle either has no hole or a very small one the next step is essential to follow along with so do follow along carefully press C for the scissors tool and then click the write Anchor Point and also the top one this is going to cut a 90-degree section from our circle now reflect this section on a horizontal plane in the reflect menu and then rotate it by 90 degrees select every part of the icon design and rotate it by 90 degrees so now the cutouts action should be in the top left using the alt/option key and duplicate the design and then nudge it over so it’s exactly in the same position that you can see on the screen now okay now rotate the original section by 180 degrees and then bring this part right here to the very front of all layers we now have the icon design and you can adjust the placement perfectly by nudging it to the right but finally we need to add some color which does require that we perform some specific moves but firstly if you try to resize your design it’s gonna do some funky things and that’s because it’s did a stroke so go ahead and expand your design like so now move the icon off to the side somewhere and copy with command or ctrl C now create a gradient rectangle with the rectangle tool and head into the transparency window with a rectangle selected make a mask in the transparency window and then click the right-hand box and press command or control V to paste the icon design in position it properly and then Evert the mask to actually move the entire design around click the left screen in transparency window which will allow you to do that so there is today’s tutorial on how to make an icon design using illustrator brushes as well as other techniques if you want to continue learning skills and bettering yourself as a designer subscribe to my channel for weekly graphic design content like and share my content on social media and of course have a great day and it’s the next time design your future today peace

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