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can you use python on mac

did you had to use Python through your MacBook terminal let’s go heckles walking back to a tech company I stay ok to people who love technology and today I’m gonna teach you how to use Python so easily and through your MacBook terminal but let’s transition to our MacBook and now make sure subscribe it’s our first time here I’m about to reach 500 subscribers so subscribe right now to help us reach the goal and you can also enter in our 1k iPhone giveaway so subscribe right now but I prefer to do let’s go so now everything works correctly stake the whole length of the video please welcome to my computer and I’m gonna show you how to you can use Python just through your terminal so first you need to install Python if you have not installed yet so go to Python top organizations org and you can install Python but many Mac books come with Python 2 already so you’re gonna just type in Python and check so you can see I have Python 2.7 point 10 already or for just one I used Python 3 and check have you ever installed Python 3 so you type in Python 3 and you can see I haven’t installed Python 3 so if you don’t know what’s the difference so python 3 and Python C let’s just do different different releases and they have a little bit difference between the language they are using so make sure that you just have before you program but so if you’ve never install and you don’t have anything and start honest so you got a download from the Python top org website so go to downloads and download for Mac OS 10 so click this big button and you will get this package so this is just called Python so this package Python 3 point seven point one Mac OS 10 you just run through the whole installation process and you will be installed with Python to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of our technology 2 squares like this one so subscribe right now but without further me talking I hope you understood today’s content saying you got someone who coming subscribe

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