How To Use Sub4Sub (Not Clickbait, Seriously) (December 2018) (Working)

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How To Use Sub4Sub (Not Clickbait, Seriously) (December 2018) (Working) Video

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How To Use Sub4Sub (Not Clickbait, Seriously) (December 2018) (Working) Video Transcript

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hey guys today I thought I’d try some sub4sub stuff so this is for my other account gamers epic the useless one that I made from the place where P do and so I’ve had to go through 20 of these basically what this website is is you make an account then you just go to these random people’s videos so they gave you this looks like an ariana grande video says con weird but then you click like and subscribe then it’ll open up a new tab and then like it subscribe confirm and I’ll give you another one and you keep doing that how to do that about 20 times and I’ve no clue what’s gonna happen right now but let’s just see what I I don’t know what this is they just tells you did you yeah I guess where it says activated oh just a me I’m gonna gain 10 subscribers in 12 hours Oh cuz I like 20 videos has subscribed to 20 channels activate one so I guess you just do this and then you get 10 subscribers if you like 20 videos and subscribe to 20 channels it might not happen right away and I also use another site but I don’t think it worked I choose subscribers before oh I am gaining subscribers I just got like 5 subscribers wow this person this random person subscribed this is a spam account let’s see I don’t think it is No so not let’s be someone else is using the website kind of looks like it cuz it look like a really small channel and we have 25 subscribers but somehow they have like 75 views on this video and they don’t have any comments yep and they have 25 likes that’d be it and 20 25 subscribers and 25 likes so I’m guessing what this site does is like you make an account whatever and then like you subscribe and you like it and like that could just be seen here because yes exact same amount of likes and subscribers cuz 25 people went on and saw this channel and they like to in subscribe and this is only the subscriber thingies there’s not a lot anymore like there used to be total sub for sub app so so again have saw and there’s none oh there is this like just apps that will analyze your subscribers and stuff or live sub counts but there’s no sub for sub apps anymore because honestly I used to use them this one I tried to register for subbing now calm but it’s just not working I guess try to go there well work sure this singing how do I do this free own one yes this is my thing you sign in success alright how did I do this viral $12 so you can you could buy views and said that it was legal I swear I saw that it said oh the best legal way no you’re buying subscribers and buying views like for 10 comments that’ll cost $6 I’d actually like to buy this and see what happens maybe I’ll do that in another video I don’t know I don’t know this stuff is weird just like as you can see there’s like only this stuff I’ll get more subscribers what’s this there’s probably like you have to buy it apparently these are people that use it Chad wild clay uses it no I doubt that he does you helps me many ways one is there yeah that does not sound like something you would say because I know he’s American and like not broken English I’m nothing racist I’m just saying I have no clue what this three atif or YouTube users agree if there’s a brand I love I tend to tell everyone about it I don’t what is this Jen see there is no I believe there is no Jen see what’s this free up to ten hundred K views is probably a virus I probably should not be clicking on it but I will generate views and reviews of the form below youtube video URL oh so i have to put in a video okay let’s go was the Will Smith video then we face this this has nine lakes already yeah and twelve views it’s working at least it’s working I have 14 subscribers now I’m getting pretty famous so then my video URL was this target country connect with all of them I can only click one um what’s the most obscure country in here there’s not like obscure one but Australia wait it says early right yeah it really doesn’t exist let’s try that wait you can just like do any amount of use hell yeah I’m gonna do a hundred thousand generate come on make me famous make me famous verifying hash extract I’m probably never you d like offers for something see yeah that this is like one of those roblox like free robux ID CSS fail to connect then say like you need to do an offer something see these are all big fake comments this looks a lot like one of those free robux sites come on give me the views give me the views give me the verification see anti-bot verification that’s kind of funny because this site is like kind of a bot so how do you do this there is no Oh see ya it’s the offer thing neat lets you do you like McDonald’s I probably should not be clicking on this stuff but I’m going to you know I don’t um there I’m over 35 I use it 10 times whatever the email address um I copy and paste it oh no that’s the video url she there’s my email continue and come on come on give me give me my subscribers or views first name um emerged this game was epic okay let’s say my channel address whoa whoa Boston oh my dress um okay I’ll tell you my drive here we go okay where’s my address next zip code I just put the zip code in their address all right come on give me my views primary phone number boy good team hey I’m Bert why doesn’t even know all this stuff for like a freaking McDonald’s gift card we’re gonna say 1922 come on give me big subscribers what’s this thing do you most Americans think don’t know I don’t know are you proud owner of a cat and dog I definitely have when you could hear them literally all my videos the kind of content you see come personal finance what is your relationship status it’s complicated how many children are living in your household I’m not sure if they’re living about three how is that I probably say one or younger I certify do you um know I am just getting by do you have a prepaid no a Jotham struggle no no no I don’t care I don’t care gimme gimme subscribers tyreq TV did you see that oh yes yes sure sure go ahead go ahead Travis Travis Travis mr. tarzo was your car Sam I don’t even know that is what model yours your car other are you interested in maybe I don’t know I don’t know Oh money money subscribers subscribers fame fame subscribers gimme some Oh arthritis yes subscribers subscribers heart disease gaining subscribers give me subscribers this thing this thing anxiety very much give me subscriber just give me subscribers you mean subscribers I just agreed to something about constipation I don’t know though yes I confirm this looks very fishy but I’m gonna confirm because I want subscribers and views great work to gamers checking no I don’t want freakin notifications come on dude abuse me yay but I must complete one silver deal see this is what these scams do they keep getting you to do deals and that you’re never gonna get your 100 thousand views whatever so I tried this anyways so most one looks the least fishy enter the win – wow look at this person no it’s not trying to send me notifications and look it already knows all this oh here we go there’s MIMO select gender there’s boy there’s only two genders no they don’t have another option yes hopefully I’m not agreeing to get my life boy let go why’d I have to like do all this sober choice yes yes go go give me subscribers I want a hundred thousand subscribers views somewhere I agreed to what I don’t know if this is yes 50% sure go go go go go go I don’t care I don’t care give me subscribers gave me the views you’ll continue you mean the views longer that’s views yes stole those dollars along with the views this is amazing um no can I continue now yes yes yes even to be used to be used um no this one sure come on come on yes yes yes yes yes come on come on no I don’t want to find out no I don’t want to apply just give me a hundred thousand Oh Oh a hundred thousand a hundred dollars but no thanks this is gonna give me more along with the free views give me the views movie the views they’re probably sitting on my information right now yes and this for Texas come on come on hundred dollars oh she’s just you know no no I don’t want that no I don’t read or spokes come on come on B’s we use VG as she is being this offer yes yes yes I’m getting again money and views though I’m eligible a million dollars all my members and my numbers one one one one one one two three Pelosi beat France right now yes yes yes oh wait why I did that I did that fine quick thing no I don’t want freakin notification stop asking me Brianna tree come on corn money money yes it’s just Oh Fran tree huh gamers up against it’s just it’s just yes all this stuff Oh date of birth I need to put that in a January first the 1918 come on come on yes continue yes I confirm clean my cache along with my own hundred thousand views okay yeah I’m done with these yeah I you’re not gonna get anything from these scams don’t listen to them they’re wasting your time but there was that one thing oh yeah this was a site that work so I’m not sure if this is loud I guess it is cuz like you’re the one that’s doing it and you know suddenly gonna automatically by subscribers thingy but this works so bales calm but the rest of them are scams so just a quick update it’s been a couple of days and now I only have 12 subscribers before I’d like 20 something but that’s so better than the original amount I had I originally only had two so what’s happening with this is people will try subscribe in the like my videos so then they get subscribers but then once they subscribe to me to get their subscribers they’ll unsubscribe because they have their subscribers so that’s why my subscriber count went down so much because they don’t want to be subscribed to ton of RAM channels but they want people to be subscribed to then and I know that’s how it works cuz that’s what I used to do when I used sub4sub apps I don’t exist anymore and I just know that people do this cuz that’s just like common sense it’s kind of hard to understand like comment and subscribe and I will see you right next video

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