How To Use The Coldest Water Assets To Help You Promote

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How To Use The Coldest Water Assets To Help You Promote Video

the coldest water bottle

How To Use The Coldest Water Assets To Help You Promote Video Transcript

the coldest water bottle

what’s up you guys welcome to the coldest water ambassador team we believe in not only creating the best products but having the best team behind them so our ambassadors are motivated like no other and play a critical part in our growth by helping spread the word out about our movement so in this quick tutorial I’m gonna show you guys how to utilize the dashboard to its highest potential I want to show you guys how to use the asset the coldest water assets all you need to do is go to programs hit the coldest water program and first you’re gonna see your referral link now you can use this referral link on Instagram anywhere on the web and as long as you drive traffic to it you’ll get 15% of that sale which is pretty cool so say you sell one gallon a one gallon water bottle you’ll get 15 dollars in commission for selling that bottle so I think the easiest way especially a few about huge influence we tried to make it easy for you guys and we created these assets all different types of assets in here you can use any one of them we’re also going to be creating more assets as time progresses that you can you basically can simply click copy on any given asset most of these are like mini reviews that we actually grab straight from the website so for example this one is like I like the cold pack very much I really get cold therapy to the places that I need it and it stays in place so say you want to use this review and share it on social media well all you need to do is click copy and then you go to Facebook and you just paste it so it’ll it’s gonna post that exact comment and then it’ll also show like a little mini preview of that link so what’s cool about this is your custom referral link is automatically built into this link so say we share it and then say I click on it you’ll see that in the Explorer bar your reference link kind of hidden in it almost but it’s right there and if someone goes from Facebook into this link into your link and they make a purchase you’re gonna get 15% of that sale even if they migrate from this page and say they go to ice packs or a mattress or pillow and buy product a cookies already built into their Explorer so no matter what even if they migrate from that page you’ll still get credit for the sale I just want to note that if you do sell a mattress this is one of the highest Commission’s you’ll forget because we have mattresses that range from 719 if ever twin to a California king that’s 1225 someone actually sold a mattress the other day and ain’t got a couple hundred bucks just for you know sharing it on social media it was nuts and if you have a large following it’s really easy to scale your sales so we do see some sales coming in every single day from different ambassadors and I’ll price share some of those as time goes on just to show what they’re doing and how they’re successful but yeah that’s pretty much it if you go back here so we have all these assets one way is copying it right there but you also have these little icons that you can click so so you click it and usually it’ll link to the Associated product so that last one we shared it was an ice pack this one’s a water bottle so keep that in mind and you’ll see how the water bottle image comes here so you can type whatever comment you want to you can also so say hey I just bought this bottle I just bought this bottle and it really is the coldest it really is it coldest check it out if you haven’t bought a product we do give our ambassadors products as they make sales but you can always support the company to buy behind a product but yeah hey just by the spot huh and it really is the coolest also by the way I think if you just put reviews we need to try to sell something it’s way better than directly selling being like hey buy this bottle like this one we’re actually just giving a review and they don’t even know it’s a referral link so you should post to Facebook and for example I’ll show up over here let’s just try to get hey I just bought it and it really is a colas so people like to see the benefits and how it could help in their life like why would it make their life more easier so yeah that link like I said you can you can share this link on Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn or by email you’re also able to embed the code into websites which is pretty powerful so say if you’re a blogger you can embed it onto your website we also have banners if you go to the coldest water ambassadors assets link this is still in the program saying we have a lot of different banners so if you do want a website you can embed these code straight into your website various different formats you can organize them by filter type so banners text links feeds videos social posts most of our social post is actually under the text links so if you want to find a Facebook post go under text links and you’ll see it will just filter just the text links which is kind of cool but if you have a website you can click banners and we do offer 10% off if they use this promo code but if they click on this embedded code it automatically has your reference code built into it which is really nice so they have no idea that you’re getting in a fit like an ambassador commission so that’s it for today if you guys do make any sales you can simply check your progress on conversions and there’s actually some people made some sales and they spent this past week so but yeah that’s it you can also check reporting which also shows more analytics on your sales how many clicks conversions etc which is really cool and you can also filter by date week month and year so that’s it for today thank you guys for watching best of luck on the sales if you guys have any questions feel free to message me on even by email I’m here to help and thanks for watching bye

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