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hey friends welcome back to the video so today well this channel is gonna be a whole bunch of weird stuff you know just like writing videos every Sunday so you should always be ready for Sundays but yeah just random channel like random videos so today we’re doing how shall we get Pearlie so I’m just gonna give you a whole bunch of tips tricks and tools I use to wake a brother because I wake up at like 5:30 every morning because I like having some time so I that’s what I do so I’ll share my tips and tricks with all of you so stick correct it’s blast the first tip is to stretch in the morning coordinate so for me I find stretching in the night it’s easiest cuz I’m Catholic so I see like my prayers as I’m stretching and I feel like that’s a way for me to wind down and get ready for bed it makes it easier to fall asleep which means I can wake up earlier you see or you could stretch in the morning so you wake up whatever time you want wake up out of bed stretch and then you’re ready to start your day without having to feel groggy so it’s really up to you with me when I wake up and stretch or lack yourself and go to bed by stretching so I feel like well I know it works both ways it’s a second tip is to have a purpose so like maybe your purpose is just I want like up earlier that’s that’s an okay purpose but for me it’s cuz I want to make my own breakfast I don’t want to have I’m gonna healthy like bread and toast or something oh and have eggs I wanna have fruit I wanna make make something good I have a kind of toast delicious so I wake up I had time to make it there time to relax got my phone for a bit that’s my purpose your purpose might be I want to wake up I want a shower in the morning I’m gonna work out in the morning I just want to want to relax in the morning I want to have more time to myself so it’s all up to you what your purpose is but I feel if you have like a strong purpose while I wasn’t just waking up earlier it’s easier because you feel more ready to wake up more confident in victory so jump on a bed I know like that sounds kind of weird but if you just don’t lift yourself Lacs don’t let yourself roll out of bed get out of it for your covers back up GA simple its quick it just lets your body adjust to that shock and then you’re ready so jump don’t roll don’t dilly-dally out of bed you go tip number four is to keep your clothes beside your bed so I know it’s winter time it’s cold nobody likes getting out of their warm bed into a cold room so tip number four is to keep your clothes beside your bed so for me my bed is really high so I just keep my clothes on the floor maybe you’ve got like a low shelf or something could put your clothes there but as long as you couldn’t reach them without getting out of your bed it’s good cuz I just roll grab it put them on underneath cuz like I’ve had I sleep naked or without like a lot of like just a t-shirt so I’ll just throw my pants on you know go ready to go and I can just get outta bed jumping into bed without being cold so I won’t want to go back to bed whore myself up it also helps not to feel groggy because if you just get out of bed your body’s with Justin like but I previously said before so tip number five is to wake up earlier hit snooze and then we could again so what I mean is like wake up at six thirty six and then turn off your life and then have another alarm for 6:30 out of bed you go I used to do this back in like elementary school cuz I feel like it would help me I guess I don’t know cuz I’d be like kind of send me awake so then getting out of bed at 6:30 be super easy you know rather than just getting out of bed for my deep sleep so that’s what I feel works oh yeah if you want to hit snooze like if you want to feel a little groggy err then it works but if you just want to find a bed you go you should probably stick to it another tip tip number six is it Bridget your alarm or your phone like whatever you’re using to wake you up right there what so say see my little lamp back there right by my Brown on the wall maybe that’s right put my phone so I have to actually get out of bed to get my phone turn off my light that really helps cuz it just forces you right out of it you could try to sleep through it trust me I have not a fun time it’s not a fun time let me tell you that cuz it’s just so aggravating so this is a really good tip if your nose really bad at we can get do this the further you put it away well the latter you have to put it because actually I still wake you up but I’m more motivated it will be so tip number seven is not to wake up and immediately put on the light so say you wait got out of bed turn your bedroom light on the like in your eyes you just close them you’re really groggy it’s not really good so for me I have my bedroom on my second floor so dark out of bed close on down the stairs and then I turn the lights off so by this time I’ve had a little bit to adjust to like see the world in the dark with my eyes open so that when I turn the light on a little bit of blinking but then I’m good if you were just wake up turn your light on it’s gonna hurt like real bad and you’re gonna close it maybe you’ll fall back asleep because trust me you can still sleep if you’re tired with playtop so I recommend not doing that giving yourself a little bit of time to adjust so I hope you enjoyed all the tips that was seven in total so really either one of those you could just like combine them you could do all of them it would really benefit you like really like you’d be able to wake up I would every time you would like but like you can’t hate on me if you can’t wake up if you’re going about like 1:00 in the morning all right you’re going to bed up one waking up at 5:00 I’m gonna be a little tough like really tough to wake up even you saying like all of the tips like having four hours of sleep is not a good way to start your day first of all all right so no hey I don’t know if you’re like attacking me cuz you can’t get in a bed and use all the tips really probably your own fault because I use them I wake up consecutively at 5:30 I don’t have any problems so yeah I don’t know what to tell you just make sure you’re gonna bet at a reasonable time so you can actually wake up when you watch it that also pink something that also really works against you if you’re trying to look up really and you have no sense oh yeah so I hope you enjoyed if you did leave a like subscribe I know enjoy your night and then I hope you wake up the next morning well I hope you wake up early okay that’s not a little VN I hope you wake up early the next morning

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