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first thing you have to do its prepare your solution you do this by grabbing a bottle of a spray bottle filling it up with water because you can just tap water just have to use a clean tap water and we just put a little bit of soap in it you can use baby shampoo we recommend the baby shampoo just a little bit of baby shampoo just in just enough which birdly so be very very little baby shampoo I like six seven drops a little more if we’re counting drops or you can use very very little dish detergent like dawn today we’re going to be installing paint on a flat glass to tint your home windows your office windows basically any window that it’s flat alright first thing we’re gonna do is get the film you have to see which side is the protector you do this my peeling a little bit of the edge of the film you should do this with my mouth very simple and there you have it I don’t know you can see from here there’s a protector we call this protector and here you have the film now in between these two you have the adhesive the balloon this is the part that has the bill so this is the part that has the glue and then once it’s in this window I’m going to be installing the film this way this is really important guys alright so first we’re gonna do this she big enough cover this window we’re gonna do this by using the cutter now you have to be really gentle and careful handling the film because you can’t you can use a little bit of water out what does just holds in place what we worked on it first we’re gonna cut it to the shape to the size of the glass once we have a cut very nice then we’re gonna install it now I must show you a trick that I learned it’s been very very helpful right here in the edge I want to start I mean I want to start cutting all around the edge right but it’s a little bit hard because you have to you have to get right to the edge and it’s a little bit hard to get to this edge you know because you kind of fold in the film a little too much so there’s some a trick to that you go right into the very corner and cut out a little piece now probably a little more they think about videos that you can go back and see what I’m talking about now it fits inside a little bitter well I still want to cut a little more we have it now it goes all the way to the edge same thing right here and same thing in all four corners there we go now that we did that it’s going to be a lot easier for us to cut the edges now I like to wear the film because I use my finger that’s a guide what I what I mean by that if you can see in the video I use the finger to get the film as close to the edge as possible so once I’m really close to the edge as you can tell you see my finger it’s a guy now sometimes if you can you can’t read a bridge all the way down so you might want to cut in another angle like right here once more to the side same thing I’m using my finger to flatten the mean to get films closest to the edge as possible so we have a very same thing right here using your finger or anything to get the film’s close to the edge as possible is key it’s key to get the best possible here we go now it’s really to check the edges now this edge looks very nice and now don’t don’t start moving the film sideways or upside down because then you’ll forget which way which way you cut it okay so it’s perfect so we’re gonna lay this film down here alright the next step is we want to clean the window this best as possible you do that by using this blade or you can use yeah basically use these kind of blades these blades work really good now don’t be too hard if you think you’ll scratch the glass but if you do it just generally you won’t damage the glass or anything now we’re removing all debris everything you know all the glue you know soda whatever you know windows get splash with almost anything then it sticks to the window and if you don’t do this fair weather telling you install the film then you probably get a little dust or whatever look I have some be right here from a speaker that but it was removed by the blade really teasing me now something I want to talk to you guys about I should have mentioned they said the at the beginning of video you want to use soapy water if you can use baby shampoo and you know just normal water it’ll be great just just a little bit baby shampoo just enough you know so everything can slide and everything will be really comfortable all right so it’s really clean to the edges it’s not hard it’s not hard it’s just detail work so all right now that we have everything clean now your home or office you want to protect everything around it because you know what our orders flashes to know a little around there you’re changing these put a tip right here in the office just to show you this video all right you’re gonna want to use a squeegee this is a very good squeegee you wanna clean the window very very good you might want to repeat this step twice just to be sure oh well cleaning I noticed there’s a little bit of a history right here probably from another sticker that he had alright remove that and just clean one more time and then we’re gonna install our tent if you have any questions just leave comments below and now I’ll I’ll answer them as soon as possible all right very good for you for Philip now we’re gonna get the window that we installed I mean that would cut let’s see which this week alright so we’re gonna get this window just like this and remember once you peel the protector you don’t have to let it touch anything get all towels get anything that has dust or lint away from it because when you remove this it produces some recall that static static and it’s noise static tends to pool dust and in in length for set so you know you cannot prevent that by you know we’re in the film on this side because you know these things and we filled anyway collect at all one side of my hand in the other in my teeth now touch it in students as possible and wet it right away once you win both sides make sure it doesn’t fit anything else you know kind of just Center it sensor as much as possible and wet it again you’re going to want to use blue squeegee now make sure that it’s in place because you know it tends to move a little slightly Allen or to the side once you have new place is we either water out there there I wonder if these steps one more time just to make sure you got all the water out now water means bows now the last step it’s to kind of dry as much water as possible the edges you’ve been to need paper towels now you can use you know those kitchen towels those are the best like bounty don’t use toilet paper please it’s really never use that all right so you got want to use this squeegee and put some paper around it you just work yourself around the window now this edge gets wet really quick so you want to move the paper all right as you can see he keeps losing water

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