How To Wrap Presents Using Less Wrapping Paper

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How To Wrap Presents Using Less Wrapping Paper Video

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hi there I would like to show you how to wrap a gift when you think you don’t have enough paper so I have this book that I bought for my boys for Christmas and I have this piece of wrapping paper that is too small if you wanted to wrap it the traditional way you could almost do it that way but it’s tight it’s a little rough around the edges but I’m going to show you a very fun way to wrap a present wrapping it at a diagonal so I’m going to place my book in kind of the middle of the page of paper and you want to be able to pull your corners up and at least get kind of to the top of the corner so I have that on all of the pieces then the process is quite simple you’re just going to take a piece of tape and you’re going to wrap one corner around like this and you’re going to tape it in the corner then you’re going to move around you’re not going to go side to side you’re going to move around the present and I’m just going to tuck this piece in with my finger here and I’m gonna pull up here and I want this crease to kind of line up as much as I can with the edge because I don’t want it to go I don’t want to do this and fold it way too far in just in enough so that it’s you get a nice little seam up the side seal it there a piece of tape there and there you can see there’s this nice little crease right there and then I’m gonna flip around and I’m gonna do the same thing with this corner I’m gonna push it in my finger here don’t worry too much about this little piece here it will just fold in on its own and you’re just gonna grab it and you’re gonna pull it across then I push it in a little bit more pull it like this and make a nice crease there tape it there I often will put a little piece of tape here as well just to keep it down and then the last one is always a little bit trickier because you kind of have to work with both sides so you kind of do one first and get the seam or the crease done and then the other one and then you’re gonna pull it up and around like this this is tape there and again I usually put a couple little pieces of tape here and again right here and maybe one right here as well and there you go a piece of wrapping paper that seemed to be too small to wrap the book and it was a successful wrap

how to wrap a present youtube

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